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5 Jobs That Make Us Hot

While watching Top Chef Masters on Bravo last night, we thought it was important to note the surprising appeal of Hubert Keller. And, we're not typically gaga for older men, but there was just something about Keller's ease in the kitchen that made our hearts beat a little faster. And we're pretty sure it was just the professional cooking job that did it to us. However, it got us to thinking: what other professions make us go weak in the knees?

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Man Sues Dating Site

There's little else that feels as bad as unrequited love. It's a theme that has been present in some of the most prolific love stories (or tragedies, one might say). One man from Brooklyn recently filed suit against Match.com, an Internet dating website, claiming it is leading on its members, reports New York's Daily News.

4 Guys To Rid From Your Dating Diet

4 Guys To Rid From Your Dating Diet

Poor dating habits are no different than crummy diet choices. Sometimes it takes as much will power to shelve the Go Nowhere men as it does the Go Straight To Your Thighs food. Here's a list of dating diet no-nos to clean out of your pantry immediately. The hot and cold guy. The late night binger. The drunky. The messy drifter.

Is Being A Lesbian The "Hip" Thing To Do?

Is Being A Lesbian The "Hip" Thing To Do?

Oh, just another Friday night in San Francisco … wearing the cashmere "it" scarf at the start of summer, pairing wine with sopressata sausage,and debating being set up with one of the city's new power lesbians.Yes, you heard that right. I ate pork and debated dating women on the same night.

TV's 7 Most Dysfunctional Couples

TV's 7 Most Dysfunctional Couples

Sure, the characters in television shows are generally gorgeous, intelligent, and seem to lead lives well out of their financial means. Nevertheless, even these blessed fictional beauties have problems when it comes to relationships. Commitment phobes, sex addicts, and the emotionally unhealthy run rampant on today's most popular television programs. Take a look at these couples and feel better about your own relationship. You're welcome.

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Female Masturbation. Man's Ultimate Fantasy?

There are two types of women in the world: women who are totally comfortable with masturbation and those who are ashamed of the act. I realize there are more than two types of women in the world, so forgive my rhetorical cheat. It's for a good cause. I don't know why some women are weird about pleasuring themselves. I am not, in fact, a woman. But to those who are embarrassed about it, please, think about rubbing one out for your boyfriend or husband tonight. He will love it. There are few spectacles as captivating as a woman getting herself off. It is pure sex on toast. Watching your girl squirm, growl, and hit the right buttons while you whisper dirty little secrets and improper commands is so hot, it makes my guts ache. It's vulnerable, and intimate, and epically eye-crossing.


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The Trouble With Dating An Older Man

I could list a litany of reasons why we’re an amazing couple (and alienate a large portion of readers while I’m at it), but the ultimate factor in the success of our relationship is not communication, trust, or any other idealized attribute. What it comes down to is something quite practical: similar expectations.