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To Ogle or Not To Ogle

The hot-button question at our office today, from a newly-married guy: Was he allowed to look at other women in his wife's presence? "Nooooo," one woman squealed. "Ab-so-lu-tely not!" "And you don't need to crane your neck for her to notice," cautioned another. "We can detect if your very retinas shift slightly right or left." (It's true: one friend I know says the best way to determine if her date's gay or straight is watching to see if he takes microglances at her cleavage.)

Mr. Mom Lives!

Yes, you read that correctly. American men today are indeed taking a more active role in household chores, especially when both members of the house work full-time. The report from the Council on Contemporary Families, a national network of familial experts and researchers, states: "Men share more family work if their female partners are employed more hours, earn more money, and have spent more years in education." Not surprisingly, the report references a “general association between sharing housework and healthier marriages.” The more equal the division of labor, the less likely a couple is to divorce.

Taking Aim

Moscow State Circus husband-and-wife team Anton and Nataliya Popazov are currently in the throes of a divorce. Nobody likes a split. (Boo, divorce!) Yet the couple must fulfill the remaining eight months of their contract with the circus. What, you may ask, do they perform? For one, Nataliya shoots—and will continue to shoot—an apple off of Anton's head with a crossbow. Yikes. As Anton told The Times of London, "I still trust her because Nataliya is very professional. It's not every man's cup of tea to have his ex-partner firing arrows at him every day, but the show must go on." We hope he offers her a healthy settlement…

Australia's Female-Friendly Porn

Australia's Female-Friendly Porn

The rate of porn consumption is up Down Under, and according to a government study, women are Australia's biggest growth sector. While the average Australian porn connoisseur is a 35-year-old male in a monogamous relationship, hot on his heels are the 17% of female Aussies—up from 10% just over a decade ago—who regularly dabble in the stuff. And that's changing what's on offer. The Australian authors of the new book The Porn Report, a 190-page probe into the use of X-rated materials Down Under, got down to the nitty-gritty: "We looked at 50 of the best-selling DVDS and videos and what was interesting was how many of them—16—were marketed to women or couples," co-author Alan McKee told the Courier Mail in Unveiling the Myths of Porn, adding that two new varieties of porn, in particular, are on the rise.

No Sex? The Rx

You may have read Genevieve’s recent “sexless marriage” post; cnn.com has run a pretty thorough companion piece worth mentioning. The basis for their “Surprising Reasons You’re Not Having Sex” article is this stat: “Women today have less time for sex than their 1950s counterparts. And it's estimated that 40 million Americans have what experts call a sexless marriage (having sex less than 10 times a year).” Okay, that does not sound good. Check out the article for common problems, such as body-image issues (duh), to not-so-common, like you’re bedroom’s way too boring (huh).

In Touch With His Feminine Side

The truth is, some men are all about being pretty - it's the metrosexual movement that's swept much of the nation. Jeans that accent his - ahem - assets, Swedish moisturizers and expensive pedicures? Not just for you anymore. While some women are repulsed by it, many are excited that their man is taking care of himself in the best way for her. What's your take?

Road Warriors

An interesting stat popped out at us in a not-so- interesting New York Times article on the overhaul of big-rigs, aka 18-wheelers: They're being redesigned with couples in mind. Yes. Turns out, husband-and-wife trucking teams are a growing trend, and the market is responding with stylish interiors, designer touches, and more living space. Says the piece: "To lure more drivers behind the wheel, companies are seeking women, couples and retirees. They are also trying to improve life on the road with truck cabs that provide more comfort and style.

Is Single Virtually Lonely?

A lot of the single people are so busy or distracted that they can’t focus on a pursuing a new relationship at the moment. Still surrounded by family, friends and possibly an overwhelming career, yes. But lonely, they definitely are not. I can’t help but wonder, if Facebook sees our single status equating to loneliness, does the rest of the world see it the same way?

The New Newlywed Game

Husband: Don’t yell at me. Wife: Ok, sorry. This was the only (barely) heated exchange shown between the winning newlywed couple during last night’s premiere of Here Comes the Newlyweds on ABC. The context? They were completing the immunity challenge that would take them one step closer to winning a “nest egg” of more than $100,000. In this case, the challenge put blindfolded men behind the wheel of a van, and women in the passenger seat directing them around obstacles.