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4 Reasons To Give The Geeky Guy A Shot

4 Reasons To Give The Geeky Guy A Shot

Geeky men are the best kept secret in the dating world. We've hoarded this info for years, but since spring is here and the weather is finally lightening, we're feeling generous and will pass along this kernel of wisdom to you, dear readers. Time to grow up and realize the soft-spoken, slightly disheveled, not overly hip guy seated in the corner over there, would actually make a much, much better boyfriend. 1.) He won't take you for granted. 2.) A massive ego is less likely. 3.) No worries about revealing your geeky side. 4.) Use him as your style canvas.

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3 Untraditional Ways To Get In The Mood

Lately we've heard so much advice on how to spice things up that it's starting to seem like a big blur. So, we tried to come up with some totally original, even off-the-wall suggestions for turning up you and your partner's libido.


Spring Cleaning Your Love Life

Now that the snow is no longer falling and our bare legs are finally reappearing, we can embark on that ages-old tradition enjoyed by hygenic people the world over: spring cleaning. For most of us, this includes mopping up mud from the entryway, throwing out those raggety old long johns, donating servicable but unwanted jackets to the Goodwill, and recycling about fifty pounds of winter catalogs and magazines. After all this, however, there might be one additional task left to do in order feel truly decluttered: tossing that sorry-assed boyfriend of yours to the curb.

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3 Matchmakers Dole Out Advice

While scouring the web for the latest in dating advice we were lured into CNN's roundup of dating do's and don'ts informed by three matchmakers. In reading through the article we discovered that quite possibly, according to this list, we rank among the worst daters of the land. Here's why.

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4 Post-Breakup Dating Faux-Pas To Avoid

While some women have trouble with breasts that droop or low-hanging butt cheeks, my heart has always been my least-resilient body part. Like Chet Baker once crooned, I fall in love too easily. And once it ends—especially when it’s not my idea—I tend to have a little trouble getting back up on that passion pony. The worst time was after a six-year relationship went kibosh (translation: he dumped me). I didn’t so much as kiss another man for two years. I know. It still makes me shudder.

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Tips On Interracial Dating

While we know our society is ripe with stereotypes, and it would be naive and unrealistic to think its inhabitants don't carry those around. Rather, we just hope for a day when a blogger like Funky Brown Chick won't have to write a list titled How To Date A Black Woman to quiet all those who incessantly ask her. 1.) Ask her out. 2.) Don't pretend you're black. 3.) Be truthful. 4.) Be open-minded. 5.) See her as a woman first.

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5 Benefits To Being A Late Bloomer

The overnight British singing sensation Susan Boyle has given a whole new spin on the term late bloomer. After admitting to never having been kissed, as a 47-year-old woman, the folks over at Smitten asked their readers how many of them were late-bloomers. A late bloomer does not have to mean you are a 40-year old virgin or have never been kissed at age 47. It might mean that you had your first kiss a few years later than your friends seemed to, that your first relationship wasn't until after college, or that you just didn't really grow into your looks until a later age.

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Is Love On Second Life More Genuine?

Wishbringer and Stravinsky have met face-to-face only three times. They live on separate continents. Their real names are not Heart Wishbringer and Joe Stravinsky; but Rhonda Lillie and Paul Hawkins. And like 43,000 other couples, their initial meeting and marriage both occurred in the virtual online universe of Second Life. Newsweek is suggesting that their love might be more genuine than the kind that starts out face-to-face. We're not so sure.

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New Hope For Women With Sexual Dysfunction

Researchers at the Medical College of Georgia report that another closer look should be given to three drugs that are used to treat male impotence to see if small modifications could be made to render the treatments effective in women who experience sexual dysfunction.