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Will The Real Housewives Of DC Make Obama Blush?

Will The Real Housewives Of DC Make Obama Blush?

Perhaps they'll hit up Rita Jenrette, ex-wife of former politico John Jenrette. Jenrett and his then wife were caught having sex behind a pillar on the steps of the Capitol Building back when he was a Congressman. Read: 10 Places To Have Sex Before You Die

Intimacy Lite

Bridging The Gap Between Casual Sex And Commitment

I had to read their post a few times for it to fully sink in, and I suggest you do too if you suspect you’re in an intimacy lite situation. My intimacy lite story is probably a pretty typical one and it goes like this: I meet a boy. We have amazing chemistry, brain hormones go wild, love-at-first sight ensues, and is then harshly interrupted by reality.

couple argument

5 Steps To Getting Over The First-Fight Hurdle

Sometimes we get lucky. A new relationship moves along swimmingly, without glitch. It's stress-free, guilt-free and conflict-free to boot. We may even start to gloat about the flat, ever calm quality of the relationship waters. But if six months has passed in your relationship without even the slightest hint of a mild tiff you may have to ask yourself: Are you afraid of the first-fight hurdle?

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Avoid These Online Dating Blunders

Although there's still a certain inexplicable stigma attached to it, I am a huge proponent of online dating. I met my long-term boyfriend that way and the majority of weddings I've been to over the past couple years have been for couples who've met via the internet. So whenever I hear a friend whine about how they never meet anyone, I give them the online spiel. Heck, Nerve.com should be paying me a commission because I've talked so many people into joining. But as awesome as online dating is for expanding your dating pool, there are also some negatives. The biggest being that it can bring out the worst in people. And by people, I mean you.

Polish Monk Pens Sex Book

Polish Monk Pens Sex Book

Knotz recently wrote Sex As You Don't Know It: For Married Couples Who Love God. Nevermind that Knotz doesn't, you know, technically score—he thinks that's a moot point. Afterall, he says sex is always between you, your husband/wife AND God—and Knotz knows an awful lot about the third person in the bedroom. He runs a website called A Chance To Meet, where he answers sex questions from couples who are grappling with figuring out how to screw in a holy manner. Which, we guess sometimes boils down to sexual positions for married couples.

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7 Things Jon & Kate Can Teach Us About Love

Over the past few months, the tabloids have knocked themselves out trying to come up with new and elaborate details about the deteriorating marriage of Jon and Kate Gosselin, stars of TLC's top-rated reality show, Jon & Kate Plus 8. Stories have included a "confirmation" from 23-year-old schoolteacher/homewrecker Deanna Hummel's brother/roommate that she's brought Jon back to their place for loud sex; allegations from various "sources" that Kate has been carrying on her own affair with bodyguard Steve Neild; and even assessments from body language experts about how Jon's demeanor on camera shows he's a "broken man" (as if we really needed an expert to tell us this). One story we haven't seen, however, is about the rich, valuable lessons we can take away from this whole Jon & Kate debacle. And yes, we know there are many— because if our grandmothers, nursery school teachers, and that weird inspirational office art in the conference room have taught us anything over the years, it's that we can always learn from our mistakes— no matter how disasterous they are. And so, without further ado, YourTango presents What We Can Learn About Love From Jon & Kate.

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Pet Jealousy And How To Deal With It

Puppy. Kitten. Bunny. Just the names we give to pets have connotations of cute, adorable, fluffy, and cuddly. Generally, everyone adores pets, and animal-haters are often categorized with the like of terrorists and murderers. After all, who could ever hate on Lassie?

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Tell Us About Yourself. Win A Starbucks Gift Card!

Dearest YourTango users, we've been seeing one another for awhile now. We love your comments, your blog posts and your honest questions and answers. Now, we'd like to get to know you even better. No, not in the biblical sense—in the survey sense!