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iphone sex apps ban

Apple Bans 5,000 Sexy Apps

Apple recently banned 5,000 i-Phone apps deemed inappropriate. Among them? Online retailers selling bathing suits and a silly app called Wobble i-Boobs.

5 Shockingly Good Dating Tips From "The Bachelor"

5 Shockingly Good Dating Tips From "The Bachelor"

The women told all, Rozlyn denied everything, and who knows how many production assistants burnt their fingers lighting a hundred, thousand tea lights. Much to our surprise, however, the show yielded some heartfelt, real-world dating tips that could help all of us find love. (Or at least a very, very special connection!) Remember these dating tips the next time you spot that special bachelor or bachelorette.

red lips

Flirting Tips From A Female Pickup Artist

If you've been to bars in major metropolitan cities, chances are you've come into contact with a "pickup artist": a dude who is trying to get your number by following a script. Whether he learned about pickup artistry from Neil Strauss's book The Game or that VH1 show, The Pickup Artist, the guy macking on you is focused on one goal — getting women, including you, into bed. But the opposite is not true in a "pickup artist school" for women: in fact, London's Flirt Diva Academy focuses mainly on flirting.

why am I still single? blame parents

Unlucky In Love? Blame Mom And Dad.

If, like us, you're always looking for somebody else to blame for your loneliness and breadstick addiction, it's a good news day for you. Two new studies show that not only are parents responsible for how you look, they may have a hand in whether or not you ever find true love.

voodoo doll with pins

10 Outrageous Ways To Get Revenge On An Ex

They say revenge is a dish best served cold. Thankfully, these ten jilted lovers ignored that old adage, otherwise we wouldn't have such a fun, ridiculous and hot list. Love can make you do a lot of crazy things, but the loss of love put these folks over the edge, online, and in some case…on fire!

stack of dishes

7 Ways To Push Her Buttons

You love your S.O. You really do. But, sometimes, you wonder how it is that you've made it this far without turning to homicide. Deep down, he's a good person and, well, obviously he completes you. But you just hate it when he throws his dirty clothes on the floor—right next to the hamper—no matter how many times you ask him not to. And the coffee table is a mishmash of his dirty dishes. And dude. It's not as funny as he thinks it is when he "plays the drums" on your thunder thighs. Stay strong, readers. Remain calm. You're not the only ones experiencing bouts of agitation with the man you love. Below, 7 more things men do that get on women's nerves. Unsurprisingly, a lot of these complaints involve housecleaning. Stay strong, readers. Remain calm. You're not the only ones experiencing extreme agita on a daily basis. After the jump, 7 more things men do that get on our nerves.