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Best Of YourTango—The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Best Of YourTango—The Man, The Myth, The Legend

R.I.P. Patrick Swayze, you will be missed by all of us at YourTango. Both onscreen and off, you inspired us. What else did we cover? Kanye's bad behavior. A hotel that offers a pregnancy rebate. Love lessons from The Office. And the curious question of not wanting him to go down. There. If you know what we mean. After the jump, this week's best video, articles and more from YourTango.

Kate Gosselin's Hair

What Guys Think About Our Hair

Throughout this entire media circus a lot of attention has been paid to Kate Gosselin's spiky, asymmetrical haircut. Would Kate do better in the love department with a better haircut?

Men At Work

9 Sex Tips From Construction Workers

Our office building is currently getting not one, but two new store fronts. So, everyday, I've got to walk past roughly a dozen sweaty studs handling their equipment. Am I the luckiest girl in the world or what?! Plus, despite how often they see me, they always manage to find new ways to describe my bang-ability on the daily. And I love them for it. (Although, I have yet to nail a handyman. Sigh.) But I have picked up a few sexy tips just from having all those dirty men around. I'm going to tell you what I know, but please help me pray that the Mexican restaurant and coffee shop stay under construction for a while longer ...

astrology clock

Relationship Advice: When Mercury Goes Retrograde

Whether played out for all to see, or happening within the mundane minutes of your own life, for three weeks this month the stars have fated all of mankind to a period of delays, miscommunication and complications that will leave you with altered perceptions of what's going on and a general feeling that life is traveling in circles. After the jump, some pointers for navigating this difficult time period no matter what love stage you are currently in.

middle age dating

Dating Over 50 Vs. Being Killed By A Terrorist

Way back in the mid-1980s, Newsweek published a story that had single women quaking in their power suits. Drawing on the work of three Ivy League researchers, the story suggested that women over forty had a greater chance of being killed by a terrorist than of finding a husband. Later, of course, the story and its claims were found to be completely flawed and Newsweek, after the twentieth anniversary of the piece, even retracted it. Nonetheless, the image of the middle-aged, unloved divorcee persists—and it's partly accurate (men have a greater chance of remarriage after age 50 than women of the same age), but it's also not quite as bleak as the 1980s hysteria and some ensuing coverage makes it out to be.

does size matter?

Wait. Size Matters, After All?

One-third of women surveyed in a new study said they are more likely to climax if the man had a longer than average "member," which we suppose makes sense. Further analysis of the results proved that penis size and duration of sexytime all played important factors. But suspiciously absent from the list? Foreplay!