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10 YourTango Users Who Rock

The YourTango community offers invaluable contributions to the site. Thanks to Mercury Nashville/Universal Music Group for supplying ten copies of Holly Williams' new CD Here With Me for ten YourTango users. Whether writing compelling Community Blog posts, offering thoughtful questions and answers in AskYourTango or crafting clever comments, these users—much like Williams' vocals—rock.

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Green Card Marriage: 60% Of Women Would Do It

It's a plot as old as the movies themselves: girl meets boy, boy needs to be married for some reason or another, girl agrees to marry boy as a business-only arrangement, wackiness (and maybe a bit of love) ensues. Indeed, it's a crowd-pleasing formula. Who doesn't like to see power dynamics turned on their ear and love blossom from unexpected arrangements? But one can't help but wonder when watching such movies, how many of us would do the same thing if faced with similar circumstances?

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3 Secrets To Exuding Sexy

Sexiness is not about your dress size. It has nothing to do with your zip code, either. And don't even tilt your head a tad at your hair color, length of bangs or shoes in the mirror. Nope. Your sexual appeal, writes Lori Gottlieb in the July issue of Self magazine, has everything to do with the vibe you're giving off. So brush away any dust that's settled on your sensual side with these, our favorite three tips from Gottlieb and her West Coast pals. Isn't it time you get back in touch with the fox in you?

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Why We Need To Rethink Romance

Ross Douthat wrote an interesting Op-Ed piece in the The New York Times titled 'The Way We Love Now' which analyzes the state of love, marriage and romantic contentment in 2009. Douthat wonders if we as a society have morphed into a culture of bed-hopping, cheating hearts and sexless, impossibly unsatisfied curmudgeons.

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Which 'True Blood' Couple Are You?

The vampire series is more than just sex and blood—it also reveals the human side of love. True Blood presents obvious metaphors for gays, minorities and anyone who has been hated for being different. The storyline present countless examples of people struggling with love and highlights the baggage that can abound when two people start a new relationship. For most, taking the intimate steps of revealing oneself and being vulnerable can be hard and often frightening


Does Marriage Make You Fat?

Just in case you needed another reason not to get married, scientists at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) have come up with a big one: marriage makes you fat. And not just a little bit. According to their research, married people are twice as likely to become obese as those who are merely dating.

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Average Is The New Hot

Think you know what type of figure men find most desirable? The answer, according to Australian researchers at the University of South Wales, may surprise you. According to a recent study in the journal Behavioral Ecology, men go for average female figures over shapely centerfolds, escorts and models, reports New Scientist.

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Sex, Drugs And Emotional Intimacy?

Journalist Jesse Kornbluth recently penned a rather sappy love letter to hallucinogens on the blog The Good Men Project. In it, Kornbluth thanks marijuana, LSD, peyote, and mescaline for allowing him to focus on the women in bed next to him.