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does size matter?

Wait. Size Matters, After All?

One-third of women surveyed in a new study said they are more likely to climax if the man had a longer than average "member," which we suppose makes sense. Further analysis of the results proved that penis size and duration of sexytime all played important factors. But suspiciously absent from the list? Foreplay!

ghost Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayze's Most Romantic Movies

Patrick Swayze once said that he wanted to achieve the heights of Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, and Errol Flynn before he died. And in many people's opinions, the recently deceased actor/dancer did—fighting the bad guys as Flynn might in Red Dawn, dancing with the athleticism of Kelly in Dirty Dancing, and even serenading Jennifer Grey as Astaire might in the same movie. But, contrary to what Swayze might have thought of himself or how the entertainment world chose to package him, it will not be his physical presence alone that we remember him for. As much a romantic lead as a dancer, Swayze made us fall in love with him over and over again throughout the years in roles that didn't include a single two-step. Below, we've listed some of our favorite romantic Swayze films. Let us know if there are any we left off that you wish were included.

Crazy Girl

5 Reasons Men Love Crazy Women

Glamour blogger Shallon Lester brought to our attention a widespread problem plaguing our menfolk: guys seem to really dig crazy chicks. Yes Shallon, I have noticed this, too. But in the post, she gives only a few half-hearted explanations. Here are five theories on why guys seem to loooove crazy women.

closeup of unbuttoned jeans with a fastened belt

10 Things Not To Say To An Overweight Man

In all your concern about cellulite and bikini body, you may have lost sight of the fact that guys are also self-conscious about being overweight. Seriously-nearly 45 percent of men claim to be dissatisfied with their body for one reason or another. And considering there's an obesity epidemic going on, there's good reason for that. So, while you may think that guys can take a little extra teasing about love handles, bingo wings and hungry butt, don't be so quick to call him out on those extra pounds. Specifically, avoiding the following oversize offensives will help you keep from leaving a bad taste in his mouth.


Police Find Body Presumed To Be Missing Yale Bride

Sunday, September 13, 2009 was supposed to be the day that Annie Le married her college sweetheart, Jonathan Widawsky. Instead, it ended up being the day that her body (or what appeared to be it) was found stuffed into the wall of a lab building at Yale University, where she was a graduate student of pharmacology.

Do You Appreciate Unconventional Beauty?

Do You Appreciate Unconventional Beauty?

On more than one occasion I have grown attached to women who initially didn't really do it for me. After all, my idealistic sister and I were both raised to believe that the most important criterion for judging people is their character, not bone structure or body mass index. And we're not the only ones. While the celebrity culture we live in glorifies conformity and the pursuit of cosmetic perfection, humans are still capable of appreciating unique beauty.

An Insecure Man

Men Have Insecurities, Just Like Women

You'll never see a dude turn to another dude and ask, "Do I look fat in these pants?" But that doesn't mean men are invulnerable to insecurities, no matter how much we'd like to think so. Women are upfront about their fears, doubts, and self-esteem. I used to think it was just compulsive gabbiness, a quirk of the fairer sex. But, in fact, it is an admirable coping mechanism that's even a little bit courageous. That said, I'll sack up and admit that I've spent a lot of my life feeling like a fatty, a chubasaurus, half-man and half-marshmallow.

child divorce

How To Minimize Kids' Anxiety During A Divorce

How can you minimize the anxiety and fear your children will experience from your divorce? Watch your words! As a parenting educator having worked with so many well-meaning, loving parents for so many years, I believe it's a divorced parent's single biggest responsibility.