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Natalie Dylan's Virginity Bidding At Five Million

Natalie Dylan's Virginity Bidding At Five Million

Natalie Dylan, the classy, Sacramento State women's studies major virgin who deprived several boyfriends of sex so she could auction off her virginity, will soon get a big pay day. Some Australian businessman has bid $5 million for a night with Natalie at the Las Vegas brothel The Bunny Lounge. This pricey prostitution will likely pay for her master's degree and a whole lot more.

the bachelor

What A Single Dad Wants

Besides the fact that never has a racial minority appeared as the Bachelor or Bachelorette on ABC's long-running reality show, we continued to be surprised by contestant Jason Mesnick's choices on last night's episode.Things that would make us sweat (not in a good way)—like being prepared to move cross-country for someone you've known for 48 hours—seem to make this guy smile. Here, a list of things this Seattle-based single dad likes in a lady.

gingerbread cookie cutter

Spankin' New Sex Drawer Necessity

Women don't come with directions and men seldom ask for them, so it should come as no surprise that sex therapist Dr. Laura Berman spent part of her recent Oprah appearance demonstrating how map-making may enhance a couple's love-making, as part of a five-step approach to better sex. Here is an exercise you may want to try at home if you or your partner a) feel sexually unsatisfied or b) cringe and/or laugh upon hearing the word "penis."

realistic sex toy

Perhaps The Most Realistic Sex Toy To Date

Those with a penis who made it to the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo were in for a tight, lubed up treat. The Real Touch Interactive sex device. This new football-sized contraption works by strapping it on, plugging into your computer, and pressing "play" to the 30-minute porn that comes with the device. The action corresponds with motion cues sent over a U.S.B. from your computer. The Real Touch electronically simulates the mouth, vagina and anus of the porn star on your screen. Athough it isn't on the market yet, it's tentatively priced at $150, with one 30-minute video, some lube and free shipping.

Couple Married In Taco Bell

Couple Married In Taco Bell

To save money and "stress," a couple of lovebirds in Illinois decided to marry in their local Taco Bell. The unique location was "appropriate" for the couple's "offbeat relationship," according to the groom, Paul Brooks, 30. Not only did the pair already share a last name, Paul and his Australian-born bride Caragh Brooks, 21, lived on different continents when they met on an online dating site and began a nine-month long distance courtship, according to the Daily Mail.

Fall In Or Out Of Love By Taking A Pill

Fall In Or Out Of Love By Taking A Pill

What if you could fall in love at will—and make him love you back? We've heard the "love is a drug" theory before, but researcher Larry Young believes love can be explained by a specific pattern of events in the brain—so specific, in fact, that scientists may be able to replicate it. It starts with the chemical oxytocin, a hormone that helps mothers bond with their new babies—Young thinks that this neurotransmitter and other chemicals are responsible for romantic love, and that scientists will one day discover how it all works.

orgasmic childbirth

Orgasmic Childbirth

New mothers rarely boast that giving birth is as satisfying as the quickie that left them with forty extra pounds, stretch marks and–of course –a bundle of joy. However, Orgasmic Birth, Debra Pascali-Bonaro’s new documentary (completely unrelated to sadomasochism, by the way) is quickly closing the public’s perception of a nine-month gap between pleasure and pain. The film follows 11 pregnant women in their exploration of various labor options, and ultimately asserts that childbirth can be as sexually stimulating as the child’s conception–and even result in orgasm.