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Rob Schneider in Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo
It's probably hard to be in love with Rob Schneider period, gigolo or not.

10 Reasons It's Hard To Be in Love With A Gigolo

It's always hard to get back into the dating game when a relationship ends badly. Lea Michele's last relationship ended in the most tragic way possible when Cory Monteith overdosed and died last year. I can't imagine what that feels like, but we're happy to see that she took some time to heal, and now she seems happy with her current boyfriend, Matthew Paetz.


6 Coupons For Relationships You Won't Believe Exist

My coupon use is pretty much nonexistent. Outside of using the occasional discount code for Seamless, because of course, I really can't be bothered to spend an afternoon clipping coupons. But based on what I've gathered, coupons are usually something you use to get discounts on food and products. I know Groupon offers discounts on services like laser hair removal, massages, and other sort of spa services, but I thought that's where discounts in the world came to end. I was wrong. I hate being wrong.

condom talk

Let's Talk About The Real Reasons People Stop Using Condoms

A recent study from Trojan Brand Condoms that examined condom attitudes and behaviors among American adults found that 50 percent of women say they cannot fully enjoy themselves during sex without a condom. And that makes perfect sense — with worries about pregnancy, STDs (which are still on the rise) who's focused on getting off? But of 80 percent of people who said condoms were important during sex — 41 percent said they did NOT use a condom last time they got busy. So, we don't enjoy sex without condoms but we do it anyway?

beauty queen

11 Extreme Things We've Done In The Name Of Beauty

Most of us women are familiar with the old saying "pain is beauty", but that doesn't even account for the time, money and (typically as a result of trying — and not succeeding at various products and procedures) frustration that are typically par for the cosmetic enhancement course. As lovely as it is being a woman, let's face it, we really did not wake up like this … we just didn't! (But thank you dearly Beyonce for the ego boost. Love you).