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Say what? These CEOs need a reminder that all love is equal.

Mozilla Fail: 5 Most Ridiculous Anti-Gay Comments From CEOs

It was just a matter of days after Brendan Eich stepped into his fancy new position as Mozilla CEO before OKCupid announced to their members that they were blocking Mozilla because of the homophobic values of the new CEO. Here are a few other CEOs, owners and presidents of high profile companies who have said some pretty ridiculous anti-gay comments.

As the song goes, all you need is love.

Honey Maid's Response To Hate: The Best Thing You'll See All Day

When Honey Maid created an ad depicting gay couples with their children, among other families, for their "This is Wholesome" campaign, they did not anticipate the backlash that they were about to receive. But unlike the companies that have found themselves in similar situations, Honey Maid neither ran for the hills nor offered a public apology. Instead, the came up with the best response imaginable.

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These bras support women in more ways than one!

This New Lingerie Brand Is All About Female Empowerment

We don't think we’re reaching too far to say that, for most women, lingerie (and underwear in general) is a rather intimate subject, and is of the utmost importance when it comes to how our clothes end up fitting our bodies. We definitely take our underwear pretty seriously, but it's also largely true that we've never particularly thought of it as a method for social change.

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Did you go to private or public school? The answer could impact your love life.

Are You Sexually Adventurous? It May Depend On Your Education

Are private school students getting more bang for their buck? People who went to private schools differ from people who went to public schools in the sexually adventurous department, according to a new survey conducted by the British sex toy company Lovehoney.