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Hold Up, Are Political Views No Longer Important In Dating?

It may not be a presidential election year, but that doesn't stop politics form being a hot topic. Similar to religion, politics is the type of thing you avoid completely, if you want to play it safe, or just let it all out, if you're looking to get into a serious debate or, even worse, a fist fight. I had always been under the impression, based on myself and most people I know, that politics was an extremely important factor in whether or not someone could be deemed datable or not.

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What A Big-Bellied Man Can Teach You In The Bedroom

A recent study commissioned by the release of the film Bad Neighbors, found that when it comes down to women choosing Seth Rogan or Zac Efron, it's actually guys like Rogan who win the ladies. Three in four British women would rather get their love on with a dude who has some fluff, and 96 percent of women "predict a date with an abs-obsessed bloke to be positively dreary." Well, yeah, is it ever fun to go out with someone who doesn't order dessert?

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My Man-Dependent Mother Is 65 And Still On the Prowl

My mother has always been a beautiful woman. When she was young, she resembled Grace Kelly in 'Rear Window'. She had long, blonde hair that she rolled on beer cans to achieve large, Farrah Fawcett curls; stunning blue eyes the color of the Caribbean Ocean and an hourglass figure with the perfect ratio of sand in the top and bottom.

My Marriage Ended And My God, The Loneliness Is Nearly Killing Me
In the end, we're always kind of alone, aren't we?

My Marriage Ended And My God, The Loneliness Is Nearly Killing Me

I'd be a fool and a liar to sit here and write that I haven't found the bright spots in separating from my wife. And she'd probably tell you the same thing. So much of our own marriage became work at the end. And when the only love affair going down in your life requires shoveling way more coal into the engine than it gives off heat, well yeah, it may be time for a change. So that's what happened. We changed things up. We split.


'He's Still Here': A 9/11 Wife On Love's Endless Bond

Bonnie McEneaney, an author, former business executive and mother of four, lost her husband on Sept. 11, 2001 after he experienced premonitions that his life would end in a terrorist attack on New York City. Ten years later, Bonnie opens up on how the tragedy strengthened her spiritual bond with her deceased husband and what all women can learn about love based on the signs she's received from beyond.

Whore 2 credits Jessica Sager actress Suzanne
These are the credits and the other Jessica Sager who appears in "Whore 2" as "Susan."

I'm In A Movie Called "Whore 2" And It Landed Me A Boyfriend

Have you ever Googled yourself? I'll admit that I'm self-absorbed enough to do it occasionally, usually while job hunting (just in case). And the first time I Googled the name "Jessica Sager," I came upon something horrifying. Apparently, there is a Jessica Sager in a movie. That would be cool, right? Except the movie is called Whore 2, and it even has an IMDB page. There is a Jessica Sager in a movie called Whore 2.