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What's An Ox Got To Do With It?

A new year in China brings a new ruling zodiac animal. From January 26, 2009–February 13, 2010, Chinese superstition says the Ox will be guiding us. The plodding stability that an Ox year brings will be quite a different change of pace from the aggressive, wealth-driven and charming Rat, who dominated 2008. Tarot.com reports that an Oxen-ruled year can challenge those with little patience, as change happens slowly but surely. There's an increased emphasis on reinforcing foundation and tightening of belts, and "Substance is always favored over style in the Year of the Ox."

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What Sex And Cancer Have In Common

Last week, a penile fracture was featured during prime time television, so it comes as no surprise that your man may already be scared to death about doing the deed. If you can't drag him into bed now–and you can thank Dr. McSteamy, or better yet, Little Grey–this news certainly won't redeem your sex life: recent research from Nottingham University shows that men might have even more cause for concern when it comes to safety and sex, or at least sex drive. A retrospective study of the sex and masturbation habits of 800 men has linked frequent sexual activity to increased risk of developing cancer.

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4 Types Of Infidelity & How Affairs Help Marriage

Unless you're inclined towards polyamory, extramarital relations are generally frowned upon. Monogamy is accepted and expected; infidelity is harmful. Right? Not so fast. Thinking about cheating—and even stepping our on your sweetie—can potentially help your relationship. There are four basic types of affairs: object affairs, sexual affairs, emotional affairs and full-blown secondary relationships. The last type of cheating can improve your existing relationship, even as it illuminates painful truths.

Do Below The Belt Fractures Exist?

Do Below The Belt Fractures Exist?

Penis fractures do in fact happen. While it's true the penis has no bones, it's actually the spongy areas on both sides that get injured. However, in order to get even anywhere close to doing this, the penis has to be bent pretty severely to one side. It's very important for a man to seek medical attention promptly if he finds himself with a fractured penis. During surgery, doctors stitch up torn areas and make sure the urethra isn't damaged.

Fishy Infidelity May Cause More Babies

Fishy Infidelity May Cause More Babies

A recent study surfaced analyzing the sperm of 29 different strains of cichlid fish. The ladies of the breed are notorious philanderers and carouse the sea often mating with several males at at time. As a response, the sperm have become quicker, and thus dubbed super-sperm. While this can't be noted in human beings scientists think this may be a way species biologically evolve in order to impregnate the most females. So, they think, infidelity may cause more babies in the long run.

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Guns, Nudity and Italian Grandmothers

If you're lucky, the first time meeting your significant other's relatives generates a droll little tale about mispronouncing his mother's name or spilling red wine on Aunt Sue—minor embarrassments that fuel anecdotes to share with future children. But, what if you find you are marrying into Appalachian forest people? What if your future father-in-law cops a feel during the introductory hug? What if you find yourself hanging out naked with your in-laws? Families are insane, no doubt, but marvelous in-laws happen when the insane fits.

Want To Keep Your Job? Work it!

Want To Keep Your Job? Work it!

Reading this at work? You'd better be batting your eyelashes and showing some more skin, ladies. It's a man-eat-man workforce out there– if you're not actively working to keep your job (and you might start by doing some real work!) you could be next in line to lose it. According to a recent study done in the U.K., six out of ten workers worry they'll be losing their jobs in 2009, which means they're doing whatever it takes to keep 'em. Workers aren't just sucking up to their bosses, anymore–they're flirting with them!

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The French Discover Another Great Sex Secret

Sarkozy's exercise regimen improved his sex life—and it can better yours, too! The froggy prez has been on a serious exercise regimen, and in the past 10 months has dropped nine pounds and two pants sizes. But there's a not-so-evident benefit as well: improved sex life. Sarkozy's trainer, Julie Imperiali, revealed the secret to her performance-enhancing routine: focus on the perineum. Keeping the perineum in shape is helpful for women as well—ever heard of Kegel exercises?