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2 Surprising Sperm Facts

Today we stumbled upon two studies touting how physical attractiveness plays a role in sperm and their swimming skills. According to scientists, evolution has caused "sperm loads" to thicken or thin depending on how much sex the male gets. Also, men may be able to control their the amount of seminal fluid they ejaculate depending on how attractive they find the female.

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6 Jobs That Could Wreck Your Relationship

If you're a fan of soap operas, specifically Falcon Crest or The Bold and the Beautiful, you may be familiar with long-haired lover-boy Lorenzo Lamas. Well, things aren't going to great for the soap star; in fact, the drama has spilled out of the daytime and into his real life. Back in 2002 Lorenzo was on his fourth wife (anyone know what number he's on now?), Playboy model Shauna Sand. They divorced after the unlucky hunk learned wifey was having an affair with Lorenzo's 18-year-old son, A.J., according to Star. How's that for life imitating art?

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4 Signs You're More Than Friends

You've been friends all for a long time. You tell each other everything, even who you're dating and how it's going. Then suddenly it happnens. The change when suddenly this comfortable, easy-going friendship takes on a new form and becomes a burgeoning romantic relationship. Here are four signs that you and your guy friend are turning into a romantic item.

Massachusetts Sues Federal Government

Massachusetts Sues Federal Government

Massachusetts is suing the federal government because they think the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional. Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley says this denies gay and lesbian couples federal income tax credits, employment and retirement benefits, health insurance coverage and Social Security payments

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Week's Best From YourTango: Legends Edition

YourTango this week was purely legendary. That's right, there's no wait for it with us because this stuff is too good to miss. From legendary Cosmo editors Bonnie Fuller and Helen Gurley Brown to New Kids on the Block, if it was big with love and relationships, we had it. And in case you were too busy mourning (or celebrating?) Michael Jackson, here's this week's best from YourTango.

How Often Do Your Neighbors Have Sex?

How Often Do Your Neighbors Have Sex?

Have you ever wondered what goes on in your neighbors' bedrooms? Well, we're here to tell you. No, we didn't go all Patriot Act on strangers. We just read the results of Trojan's recent sex survey. Turns out, if your neighbors are like 75 percent of Americans 18 or older, they have had sex within the past year. Which means, if Trojan's random sample of 1,000 people is indicative, a quarter of adult Americans have not had sex within the last 12 months. Of course, unsurprisingly, both the frequency of sex and reported satisfaction with it goes down with age. Sigh.

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Don't Want To Hook Up? Kelly Clarkson Can Help

Kelly Clarkson is known for a lot of things—winning the first season of American Idol; having multiple number one hits; starring in the dreadful From Justin to Kelly. However, according to her official website and Facebook page, Ms. Clarkson might become known for something else—rejection. Miss Independent recently launched the "I Do Not Hook Up hotline"—an aptly titled phone service that not only promotes the singer's latest single but also gives us all an easy out from any uncomfortable dating situation. The number, 973-409-3267, appears as harmless enough digits and could easily be a number from North Jersey.