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confused child scratching top of head

Wacky Childhood Misconceptions About Sex

Below, check out this roundup of childhood sexual misconceptions, helpfully ranked on a scale of Sexual Confusion. And thank your lucky stars for public school and HBO, because if we hadn't eventually learned about sex, we'd all be pregnant, in prison, or incredibly frustrated by the search for the elusive navel G-spot.

kind of guy

What Kind Of Guy Would You Be?

Confession: Sometimes I wonder what kind of girl I would be. Not in a pre-op, "call me Rhyanah" way—more like a "If I was a woman, I’d totally buy that dress" sorta thing. Everyone has those thoughts sometimes, right? What kind of guy would you be?

online dating

The Easiest Online Dating Site Ever?

So you want to try online dating, but don't want to trouble yourself with answering questions like "What's the song that's running through your head most often these days" and "Who's the celebrity you resemble most"? Not to worry, your solution is here. It's called Gelato (http://ge.la.to/) and it allows you to put yourself out there without having to answer a single question with originality or flare.

bad at dating

Dating Dunce? 15 Signs You're Bad At Dating

I'm bad at commitment. Heck, I can barely spell it. However, I do know I'm good at dating. I've never said I love you, but last week I gave three guys my number. Don't come to me looking for solutions to your relationship dilemma, but if you wanna know how to hook up on any given holiday, I'm your girl. So, if you're single and you're not sure you really know how to mingle, check out this tough love test to see if you're better at sewing buttons than your seed.

gandhi love advice

4 Love Lessons From Gandhi

In honor of the 140th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi's birth, we've culled together 4 ways to practice, in your love life, what he preached throughout his life. As Indians take a national holiday to celebrate the anniversary of the politician and spiritual leader's birth, we examine several quotes for which he's best known. Turns out, they serve as good relationship advice, too.

sex depression

Depressed: Forget Pills. Try Sex?

A recent study of 295 women between the ages of 20 and 65, both pre and post menopausal, proved that those most dissatisfied with their sex lives are also significantly less content in general.

Best Of YourTango!

Best of YourTango—Baby It's Cold Outside

Can you believe that it is October? Neither can we. The temperature has dropped. Leaves are changing. Winter clothes are now lining our closets. And everybody seems to have caught a cold. Don't worry if you are lying in bed this weekend, YourTango has rounded up the most interesting posts for your reading pleasure: Sexual healers, Christian women looking for a beating, and more!

Talk So He Will Listen

How To Talk So He Will Listen

One of the most common complaints I hear from women is that men don't listen. Be it at work where their good ideas are ignored or at home when their spouse totally forgets what she told him. Why can't men listen? They can, if you follow these five steps.

speed dating study

Want Love? Take Initiative. Here's Why.

Researchers for Finkel & Eastwick watched a group of men and women speed date. They think men may be more selective if women did more pursuing, and similarly women were pickier when the men did the chasing. What can we learn from this? To be assertive in our love lives. Stop waiting for them to happen to us.