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New Study Says Foreplay Is Overrated For Women

A recent study published in the January issue of the Journal of Sexual Medicine claims foreplay doesn't contribute as much to a woman's orgasm as actual penetration. The study followed 2, 360 Czech women and asked how consistently they orgasmed and the circumstances leading up to it. How long was the foreplay? How long was the intercourse? And how out of the blue was it for them to be orgasming at all? Women who report average intercourse length of 1 to 10 minutes, 50% had an orgasm most of the time and 28% had them in a minority of cases or never. For women who report 11 to 20 minutes, the numbers are 62% and 22%, and for the women who boink more than 20 minutes they're 72% and 13%.

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Harvard's Sex Blogger On Sex And The Spotlight

College Candy's interview with Harvard's sex blogger. Lena Chen is the author of SexandtheIvy.com, a blog about sex and dating at Harvard University. She started blogging back in 2006, sparking immediate controversy on campus and off. Lena received lots of attention for her saucy ways and has since been featured as a commentator on college sexuality in The New York Times, Newsweek, The Boston Globe, Salon, and Playboy Radio. She currently blogs at TheChicktionary.com.

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Worst Divorce Ever

Divorce is never pretty, but some people have it extra bad. Just in time for the holiday of love Lemondrop and Asylum have collected stories of relationships gone wrong. Below, the most outrageous outtakes. Can you top these stories? Includes: The Deadbeat Dingbat, The Violent Vehicular Villain, The Psycho Snakeman, The Family Man.

Happy Valentine's Day From iPhone

Happy Valentine's Day From iPhone

iPhone has some seriously cool stuff for this year's Valentine's Day that's more cool/clever, than contrived/cliche. The Candy Valentine application allows you to send a graphic of a candy heart with a personal inscripted message. You get a limited amount of characters, but four lines to pen any phrase you want. Apple even gives you 17 colors to choose from and a wide selection of candy backgrounds. iDesire for either an iPhone or iTouch, is sort of like a technological version of Naughty Bedroom Dice. The user shakes (yes, shakes) the device and waits for the two arrows to land on a PG body part (lips, cheek, ears, neck, navel, leg) and an action (kiss, touch, lick, pinch, etc.). LoveQuotes includes a library of romantic, poetic quotes where you can shake (shake that iPhone again!) and get a fresh t.s. eliot or William Blake sweet nothing to send to your new squeeze.

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Single Women Are Better Texters

According to a new study, single ladies are better texters. Researchers at the Indiana University analyzed flirty text messages sent between singletons at a screening of the Italian version of TRL and found that the women's messages were more creative. But once you're in a relationship, text messages might not be the way to go, no matter how good they are. A recent survey reveals that 70 percent of women and 53 percent of men would rather receive a love letter than an electronic message d'amour.

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45 Percent of Americans "Pencil In" Sex

Two new sex surveys revealed their findings this week—giving us a glimpse of what goes on the between the sheets of our fellow Americans.Consumer Reports interviewed 1,000 people between ages 18 and 75 about the frequency of and satisfaction with their sex lives. Working Mother conducted a separate survey of 500 readers—and presumed working moms—about the amount and quality of their time in the sack.

When A Kiss Is More Than Just A Kiss

When A Kiss Is More Than Just A Kiss

During a recent study at Lafayette College, researchers studied the cortisol and oxytocin levels in 15 heterosexual, kissing couples. While both sexes saw a drop in corisol while kissing, it appeared that only men experienced a raise in oxytocin. Women, forever desiring more, more, more, needed "a romantic atmosphere of dimmed lights and mood music" to notice any cortisol upswing. Researches also think kissing my boost the body's immune system, since you mix and match so many different strains of saliva.