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Do You Overlap When Transitioning Boyfriends?

When I asked an old friend why she hadn't just broken up with her live-in boyfriend instead of beginning a messy affair with a married neighbor, she snapped, "Don't be stupid—nobody leaves a relationship without having another one in place." Oh, please, I corrected her. Of course they do. People fall out of love or get angry and leave without a safety net all the time. But as I thought back, I realized that for as long as I knew her, she never had. Even when she pretty much hated the one she was with, she stuck it out until she'd lined up his replacement. I could never understand why. My friend is beautiful, successful and very smart; surely being single for a little while wouldn't end her world.

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Obama Girls Dating? Not Without Secret Service

Dating is hard for teenage girls. Dealing with overprotective parents, boys who only want one thing and burgeoning sexual desires can prove difficult. Now imagine that your father is president. There's a big upside: living in the White House, flying in private planes and getting the royal treatment wherever you go. Great, right? The D.C. version of Gossip Girl, even. But with one little addition: men with guns. All the time. For Malia and Sasha Obama, dating would have been hard enough in normal world, but while the perks of daddy being Prez are great and all, the downside will be a constant posse of Secret Service agents. Even on dates. According to the Daily News, although M and S are not yet teens (ages 10 and 7, respectively), President Obama has already addressed what their dating lives will be like when the girls are getting ready for first kisses, under the shirt explorations, and, "everything but," high school hookups.

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Busy Woman's Wish List: A Man Wife

Many a busy woman with a jam-packed schedule has daydreamed about having a nice, cozy man-wife, with bulging biceps, at home. After all, who wouldn't want to come home to a home-cooked meal hot off the over, a neatly made bed and a stack of freshly scented laundry....that's already been pristinely ironed and folded. In Annie Sanders' new book, Busy Woman Seeks Wife, one woman gets just this.

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Abortions Rise With The Recession

Babies are expensive. And in the midst of what is turning out to be our worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, fewer people are choosing to have them. Thus, it should come as no surprise that abortions are on the rise.

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Airline Starts Matchmaking Service

If you're like us, a first date after a few flirty (insert dating website of your choice) e-mails means afternoon coffee in a well-lit cafe with lots and lots of people around. We don't even want to trap ourselves into dinner and drinks. And absolutely nothing, and we mean nothing, without a clear cut exit. Well, don't tell that to the people who have signed up for Air New Zealand's matchmaking service. These singletons plan on meeting a viable partner online and in some cases sitting next to them on a plane for hours and hours before they've even met face to face.

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Are You In Love? A Brain Scan Can Tell

On May 18, neuroscientist Lucy Brown appeared on the Today show revealing her new brain scan that can decipher whether someone is in love with their spouse. To test this, she scanned the brain of A.J. Jacobs, an editor-at-large at Esquire. Three different brain systems were scanned that measured lust, romance and attachment, and it is the combination of these feelings, Brown asserts, that form love. For each scan Jacobs looked at different pictures of his wife in order to measure his different feelings for her. According to Brown, we feel lust for those we're attracted to, which can be anyone, and is the basis of reproduction. Romance is what draws us into a relationship with a specific person and when love is first felt. Attachment is how committed a person is to raising a family with their spouse. When scanning Jacobs, it was found that he still had a strong attraction to his wife, but felt very little romance toward her. His feelings of attachment mirorred his feelings of lust. These results illustrate that the first intense feelings of love and romance had dissolved but that he still was attracted to her and felt a strong desire to raise their family together. Read: Decoding Love: Forget Romance, Embrace Science


The Pros And Cons Of Procreating After 65

Elizabeth Adeney, a 66-year-old divorced businesswoman who is approximately eight-months pregnant, will soon be the oldest woman to give birth in UK history. What are the pros and cons of embarking on motherhood so late in life?

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What Do Guys Think About Dating? Ask Them.

Dating gurus and real-life married couple, Matt Titus and Tamsen Fadal, are hosting a free, month-long dating boot camp in New York City. The first event includes YourTango's own Tomfoolery blogger, Thomas Miller. He joins other men Tuesday night to discuss dating from the male perspective.