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iranian matchmaker couple

Matchmaker In Iran Helps Couples Meet

As I was flipping channels, I landed on a real-life love story of sorts. It was a segment about young Iranians who were finding their spouses with the help of a hip-looking, bearded matchmaker clad in a turban and robe.

father's age affects intelligence

A Father's Age May Affect His Offspring

According to a recent study by scientists at the University of Queensland, a Hugh Hefner-aged father may actually be detrimental to the child's cognitive abilities. Out of a pool of 33, 000 children it was found that those with the oldest fathers consistently scored lower on intelligence tests. Unfortunately, no exact age was pinpointed as too old. Rather, the scientists just witnessed a general decline with more mature dads—66 being the oldest father in the study. While, yes, the reasons behind a low IQ score could most certainly be blamed on a myriad of factors, researcher Professor John McGrath said the results were "startling" and goes so far as to say the age of the father is as important as the age of the mother. While we always thought of sperm as evergreen, new research proves that older men "accumulate more mutations" in their swimmers as they age.

happy marriage

The Secret To A Happy Marriage?

Sex. And the absence of a healthy sex life can lead to its dissolve. Bettina Arndt, an Australian sex therapist of 35 years, noticed an ongoing trend. The married couples lining her waiting room were mainly complaining of the same marital gripe – the disappearance of sex. She then set about doing research to figure out what was happening, reports the Brisbane Times.

health benefits of sex

Sex Does A Body Good

Even more research has surfaced claiming that sex is really, really good for you. And not just emotionally good, but like, should be included up there on the list with diet, exercise, and daily vitamin good. Drs. Michael Roizen and Mehmet Oz graced Good Morning America today to promote their new book, You Being Beautiful and made some pretty jaw-dropping claims about the health benefits associated with sex-happy people. For starters, they say men who have sex three times a week decrease their chances of a stroke by a whopping 50%, while ladies who get constant lovin' can rest assured they'll probably live longer than their less sexed counterparts. In fact, speaking of women, Dr. Roizen goes so far as to say that humans are the most "sexual species" due to the female's unflagging sex drive. It turns out our desire to get laid even when reproducing is biologically impossible is an animal kingdom wonder.

man woman fight

Don't Let The Toilet Seat Ruin Your Relationship

Sometimes the toilet seat up is just the toilet seat up. But other times, that vertical piece of porcelain in the powder room is nothing short of a death wish, proof that your man never really loved you or respected you, and justifiable cause for exiling him to the land where couches replace beds and where sex is a single-person sport. At least that's how it feels. As April's issue of Psychology Today explains in an article entitled "You're Driving Me Crazy," petty annoyances can easily "coalesce into a vast, submerged force when they take on a different meaning in your mind – when you add them up as evidence of a character flaw or moral defect." But they don't have to.

couple kissing

5 Kissing Mistakes To Avoid

Is kissing an art, one that can be perfected with practice? According to this LLL post, yes, indeed it is, and there are five mistakes all kissing Casanovas should avoid making, lest they be cast into one of five undesirable, bad-kisser categories. Okay, fair enough. But this does bring up one big question....

Details Emerge About Eliot Spitzer's Hookergate

Details Emerge About Eliot Spitzer's Hookergate

The New York Daily News' Rush and Molloy gossip column somehow found a previous Eliot Spitzer charge, Annie, and shook her down for intimate details of the affair. It turns out Spitzer was rough and aggressive during sex. wanted a scenario where I was supposed to say I had just been to a self-defense class. He was supposed to respond, 'Let's see if you learned anything. He would be aggressive. I would have to defend myself. When he arrived, he took off his jacket but kept on his shirt and tie. His demeanor was nice, but I don't remember any kissing or tenderness. He wanted to get on with the role-play," Annie told the paper. He also kept his socks on.

Female Viagra Is Questioned

Female Viagra Is Questioned

Intrinsa, the drug that was once lauded as the "female viagra" may not be the miracle fix everyone thought. While never available in the United States, the patch was licensed by the European Medicines Evaluation Agency in July 2006. Procter and Gamble swore that those suffering from hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) could be cured by applying this testosterone-heavy belly patch. The subjects given Intrinsa were said to rack up two additional sexual encounters each month, more frequent orgasms and even a higher self-esteem. However, the medical journal Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin is questioning all of these results, saying their clinical trials were flawed.For starters, the journal isn't even 100% sure subjects given trial doses of the drug even suffered from HSDD. Many, they say, reported having sex three times a month (which wouldn't necessarily qualify as a low sex drive) and were given "short, invalidated questionnaires" which may have misdiagnosed them. And while, yes, those given the drug reported an increase in sex drive many in the placebo group also reported feeling a little friskier than usual as well.