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couple worried about finances

From Dual Income To No Income

When couples get hitched they agree, often in front of large audiences, to support each other through the thick and thin. It's well understood that there will be times when one of the partners in the union will need a bit of propping up. But what happens when both partners need a boost?


Your Virginity Is Worth $20,000 And A Film Role

Guess what. Contrary to everything the church, the Bush administraton and Jessica Simpson have told you, your virginity is not priceless. No, dear hearts. There is a price that can be put on it and that price is $20,000. Plus a film role. Plus 90% of the highest bid when your virginity is auctioned off to the masses. Or so says an Australian filmmaker.

Guy Thinking About Sex

Is Sex The Real Reason He Didn't Call Back?

I went out with a guy a few weeks ago. We had a really good time (I think?). We had a few drinks, then he drove me all the way home, even though I told him I could walk. The convo was great, we had a lot in common and I thought he was a cutie patootie. I don't want to be all annoying girl in "He's Just Not That Into You," but I really don't understand why he never called? Aren't all those things signs that he's interested?

Man at desk

Date A Jobless Man? 50 Percent Of Women Say No

The good old recession has apparently lifted the stigma associated with dating someone who is unemployed. Men and women alike are losing jobs meaning many more jobless date-seekers are roaming the streets. It seems that the dwindling legions of the employed population aren't holding it against their former brethren when it comes to engaging in romantic relations. Well, at least men are much more willing to ignore one's employment status when seeking a date. Zoosk, the world's largest social dating community, conducted a poll in which 1009 of its single users responded to questions about how the realities of the recession have affected their opinion on who they would or would not date. 78% of those polled said they would date someone who is currently not working. However, the breakdown between men and women was staggering. While most men, 92%, said they would date an unemployed woman, only 52% of women would get involved with a man without a job.

priest tempted by woman

Will Miami Priest Leave Church To Marry Lover?

Stubborn love can drive a wedge between a man's competing passions, forcing him to make torturous decisions. As the old adage goes, you can't have your cake and eat it too. In this case, you can't marry the woman you long for and remain a priest in the Roman Catholic church. That's the thorny predicament in which Miami-based celebrity priest, Father Alberto Cutie , finds himself as YourTango told you on March 7.

Man caught cheating

Can Cheating Ever Be Justified?

Much has been written in the media this week about men cheating on their wives. We have the tale of two Jo(h)ns: John Edwards, whose scorned wife, Elizabeth Edwards, appeared on Oprah yesterday to promote her new book, Resilence, in which she addresses her husband's much publicized affair, and Jon Gosselin, costar of the hit TLC reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8, whose rumored affair has become tabloid fodder. The former is a tale as old as journalism itself: a man in power cheats on a wife who, from the outside, seemed a supporting and loving spouse undeserving of her husband's unfaithfulness. The latter is another familiar tale: a man under an enormous amount of pressure is regularly and publicly emasculated and treated like dirt by his wife and seemingly seeks solace with another woman. In both cases, the men are vilified—but is it possible that maybe, just maybe, at least one of the women had it coming?

the pill

Bulimia, Balding & 6 Other Secrets About The Pill

This is what we've known from the get-go: that the pill is good for people who want to avoid babies and menstrual cramps. This is what we've learned in the years since: that the pill is not so good for people who are scared of developing blood clots and dying of a stroke. But this is what you might be surprised to hear: that the pill can play a role in everything from how we lose our hair to what we choose to eat. Below, a list of eight facts you might never have come across about the pill, courtesy of LiveScience and our own YourTango archives.

advice helen gurley brown

Get Love And Sex Advice From A Superstar

In honor of "Bad Girls Go Everywhere," a new biography of Helen Gurley Brown, by Jennifer Scanlon, YourTango is bringing together legendary editors Helen Gurley Brown and Bonnie Fuller—and you get to ask them questions.

May Is National Masturbation Month

May Is National Masturbation Month

National Masturbation Month was founded in 1995 by San Francisco sex toy store Good Vibrations. The owners decided to dedicate May to the art of masturbating after former U.S. Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders was fired (by an uncharacteristically prudish Bill Clinton) for suggesting at a 1994 United Nations conference that masturbation should be taught. In respect of the month, The Center For Sex and Culture also hosts a sticky event each May called the Masturbate-a-thon. The Masturbate-a-thon is exactly as it sounds—people masturbating and competing with on another for a series of prizes. This year's talent (the event was held on May 4th in San Fransisco) included a man who shot his load five-feet-four inches and a guy who played his skin flute for 9 hours and 58 minutes before the finale. Almost ten hours of stroking it. No way!