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When A Kiss Is More Than Just A Kiss

When A Kiss Is More Than Just A Kiss

During a recent study at Lafayette College, researchers studied the cortisol and oxytocin levels in 15 heterosexual, kissing couples. While both sexes saw a drop in corisol while kissing, it appeared that only men experienced a raise in oxytocin. Women, forever desiring more, more, more, needed "a romantic atmosphere of dimmed lights and mood music" to notice any cortisol upswing. Researches also think kissing my boost the body's immune system, since you mix and match so many different strains of saliva.

woman smell rose

Why Do Flowers Make Us Swoon?

What is it exactly about receiving a bouquet of flowers that's so heartwarming? For practical purposes, the already decaying plants will wither into an eyesore within a week of reception. Yet, research shows gifting flowers—moreso than things like candles or fruit baskets—to be a surefire way to improve someone's mood. So, which came first: the flowers or the mood-altering trance they hold on us?

he's just not that into you movie

We Just Weren't That Into This Movie

We went to go see that romantic comedy He's Just Not That Into You because a.) we have tons real life experience on the topic and b.) we were huge, huge fans of the book by former Sex and the City writers Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo. As much as it pains us to admit it, Greg's straight talk taught us a lot. Which is why we were hoping for an equally dark, punch-in-the-stomach movie to shatter all the unrealistic Hollywood happy ending cliches that screw with our heads. Instead we were disappointed by the ending, and wondered if men were more complicated than given credit for and if the women just needed some hobbies.

sexy valentine's gifts

3 Sexy Valentine's Day Gifts

If you love V-Day you started making plans weeks ago. If you don't care about Cupid's big day Saturday'll pass like any other weekend night (just don't try to go to a restaurant). But what if you're in the middle—you're not into the whole chocolates and roses thing, but you'd kinda like to do something special? How about making the day especially sexy? Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to try out a new position, enact your fantasy, or buy a new sex toy. Below are Love Buzz's three picks for a fun, sexy Valentine's day. They start pretty G-rated and end in out-of-control pleasure… literally.

man's help work

I Need A Man's Help! Is That Sexist?

Men fix cars, figure out credit card bills and hook up the TV. Is it sexist to want a guy for that? "When I was in college I bought my first car... Normally this was a task that I would have heaped on my dad’s shoulders; after all, Dads are the people you turn to in times of vehicular crisis. Mine wasn’t there, so I went at alone." Later her boyfriend helps her deal with debt collectors. Does it make you a bad woman or anti-feminist to want a man to do certain things for you?

New Reality Show 'The Cougar' Is Born

New Reality Show 'The Cougar' Is Born

Vivica A. Fox -- of Curb Your Enthusiasm and Kill Bill fame -- has cemented her career nosedive by accepting a gig as the host of the new reality TV show The Cougar. As if the show needs much of an explanation, The Cougar is about a middle-aged woman looking for love from 20 predictably, hard-bodied men in their 20s. The show is slated to air on TV Land in April for eight episodes. Then it will (no doubt) be canceled, disappear and serve as forgettable and ridiculous blip on pop culture's already over-saturated canvass of ridiculousness. Hasn't the public had it's fill of over-tanned, silicone-pumped, hair-extensioned 40-somethings grasping for the last remnants of their youth?

Zagat Dating (And Dumping) Survey Highlights

Zagat Dating (And Dumping) Survey Highlights

Seasoned daters tend to consult a Zagat for advice before a first date, so why not consult the go-to resource during other stages of the dating game? There's no good reason not to, especially in light of the recent Zagat Dating (And Dumping) Guides. Yes, the makers of the self-proclaimed food and travel bible do have all the answers now. Since Love Buzzers know wisdom when we see it–namely in Zagat's Dating (And Dumping) Survey results–we'll grace you with the highlights:

compatibility marriage desire

Is Lust More Important Than Emotional Stability?

We've written a lot about how marriage is a financial arrangement, that romance eventually fizzle, and how having kids can make your once-bottomless libido as dry as an unused diaper. So it would seem to be common knowledge that passion, while important in the beginning of a relationship, isn't what makes a marriage work. But according to a new study from researchers at the University of Iowa, since the 1930s traits like dependability and stability have become fallen in importance, while lust and love have risen. Have Hollywood myths and the fetishization of romance messed up our ideas about what we should look for in a mate?