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hiv antibodies oral sex

Oral Sex The Key To HIV Antibodies?

A recent study by Klara Hasselrot of Stockholm's Karolinska Institutet says giving head to HIV positive men may inadvertently boost one's own immune system to the virus. She's hypothesizing that antibodies are formed in the saliva of HIV negative folks with HIV positive partners. ll men recruited were in a long-term relationship with an HIV Positive partner. Their semen was tested for IgA1 antibodies -- which have been identified as protecters in some Kenyan sex workers. All men had high levels of IgA1, which scientists think develop once the HIV virus meets saliva. Instead of multiplying and turning into AIDS, it has a neutralizing effect. This IgA1 antibody also seems to last the test of time too and thrive when exposed to a high level of the virus. In other words, the saliva just worked double time if exposed to a higher viral load of HIV.

best mistress pageant

"Best Mistress" Pageant Goes Awry (Shockingly)

Business was going bad for a Chinese tycoon who decided, in December, to hold a "best mistress" pageant in order to cut costs and eliminate four of his five existing mistresses. Russian news agency Novosti reports that each mistress knew about the others. An allowance and free rent presumably helped to ease their jealousy, but the pageant—for which a modeling expert was brought in to help judge—pushed one mistress over the edge, literally.

how to have good sex

A Guy's Perspective On What Makes Sex Good

Good sex: a man explains his preferences. "I have never met a woman who thought she was bad in bed. I have known plenty of women who can rattle off an impromptu, critical dissertation on the carnal failings of most men. 'He didn't get me off.' 'He treated my nipples like Xbox control sticks.' 'He came before his pants were off.' No, not all women are great in bed. Is the onus on dudes to break the bedsprings? I say no. It is both of our responsibilities to be the best lay possible."

Indian Boy Marries A Dog

Indian Boy Marries A Dog

On Monday in the Jajpur district, a toddler was wedded in holy matrimony with a caramel-colored lady pooch. The marriage ceremony was traditional. There was a feast and priests chanted Sankrit prayers and hymns. The whole nine yards. While we're sure dog and boy will care for each other in sickness and health, until death do they part and all that good stuff, the union wasn't a pairing of passion and true love. Shocking, we know. Rather the arranged marriage took place to help ward off "evil spirits and bad luck" in the "tribal dominated" Patarpur village. Apparently, it is considered a good omen to marry a dog. The boy's family hopes the act may in effect reverse a tooth defect ailing the kid. Children getting married to dogs is actually a pretty popular practice in order to ward off and protect them from evil spirits and ghosts.

signs he's gay

9 Signs He's Gay

When you’re really attracted to a man, it can be hard to tell if he’s attracted to you—especially if he doesn’t know if he’s gay. Even a sexpert like myself has been blindsided by a boyfriend’s (or two) sexuality. But just like cheaters, there are some tell-tale signs if he’s homosexual. So, look out for the red flags that show he should be waving a rainbow one…

friend boyfriend what would you do

Should You Tattle On A Friend's New Boyfriend?

Last night's episode of ABC's "What Would You Do?" featured a woman wants to marry her new boyfriend, a much younger man. The boyfriend tells her friends that he wants to get hitched for the green card, but he asks her them not to tell. What would you do in this situation?

Kanye West Was A Sex Addict, Or So He Says

Kanye West Was A Sex Addict, Or So He Says

Kanye West is always great for the good, ol' sound bite. In his most recent Details magazine interview, Kanye West delves into his youth and admits he thinks he was a sex addict. In fact, he says his voracious appetite for some lovin' is what fueled his music. Kanye says he simply transferred over his obsession for getting laid into making records and building his burgeoning fashion design empire. ow we know about sex addiction. As profiled in the New York Times a month or so ago, having a healthy bed-hopping libido of too many strange bodies and unidentified cell phone rings the following week doesn't necessarily qualify you, Kanye.


Nerds Take Their Love All The Way To Deep Space 9

Over the weekend, nine of the nerdiest couples in America descended upon the Detroit Science Center for Star Trek: The Exhibition. While there, they proclaimed their love, became formally engaged, and put their names in the hat to win an extravagant Star Trek-themed wedding at the exhibition site this coming June.