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dating site kicks off fat members

Dating Site Drops Fat Members: PR Stunt?

Five-thousand members on BeautifulPeople.com woke up one morning to find their accounts were inactivated due to their holiday weight gain. We registered on the site to see if the members are really as stunning as the site claims they are. The results were surprising.

conveyor belt of love

Get A Man Straight Off The Conveyor Belt

Just last week, we wrote about the possible benefits of mobile dating, the most attractive of which is plain and simple convenience. But at the warp speed at which technology moves, this is suddenly not convenient enough for us anymore. Why get your man off an iPhone app or the Internet when you can more easily get him off a conveyor belt?

Loving Couple

What Does It Mean To Be In Love?

Love: it’s something that we all crave. We are wired to not just want it but to need it for survival. The English language only has one word assigned to convey multiple meanings of love. We use “I love you” with family, friends, and with the person we are in a relationship with. That one phrase holds many different meanings depending on who you say it to.

women whispering

Dating Myths Single Women Continue To Fall For

Over on Huffington Post, dating and relationship coach Jag Carrao has written a very interesting dating-related article called "5 Lies Women Tell Themselves." Carrao says the the dating myths women tell themselves "may feel comfy, but [are] insulating us from sometimes unpleasant realities, they undermine our ability to make rational decisions based on complete information, thus sabotaging our long-term romantic goals." So, are you sabotaging your dating experiences? Might these "lies" actually be true? After the jump, let's take a look at the five myths Carrao says women tell themselves and see.

Divorcing Couple

4 New Ways To Approach Divorce

Tis the season for divorce. For many Americans a new start in the new year means ending an old relationship, this makes January a very busy month for divorce courts and lawyers. From practical tips for low-income petitioners to wacky/tacky marriage disolvers here is a look at some of the options out there to get on the path to a new start.

elizabeth gilbert new book committed

'Eat, Pray, Love' Author Takes On Marriage

When Elizabeth Gilbert's foreign-born lover was threatened with permanent exile from the United States, she vowed to marry him so that he could attain U.S. citizenship, and so that they could spend the rest of their lives together. But first, she had to come to terms with the institution of marriage itself, an arrangement that had failed her in the past, leaving her loath to ever marry again. Over the course of writing "Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace With Marriage," the author of "Eat, Pray, Love" finds that there are many reasons to fly in the face of present-day, negative divorce statistics and commit...and none of them have to do with shared health benefits, joint tax returns or life insurance payout.

When Is The Most Convenient Time To Break Up?

When Is The Most Convenient Time To Break Up?

Is there a proper protocol to "planning" a breakup? Or should all breakups be just like Band Aids—rip it off quickly and painfully and it's all over? I think you should just get breakups over with—really, anything else makes you look like a liar. Getting dumped by Bachelor #1 would have been painful no matter what, but planning it ahead of time under the auspices of a motor boat ride just felt totally insincere. With Bachelor #2, I was pissed off that I'd paid money to travel to see him, and that we'd just had sex before he dumped me. But at least he made his feelings clear and got it over quickly.