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An Insecure Man

Men Have Insecurities, Just Like Women

You'll never see a dude turn to another dude and ask, "Do I look fat in these pants?" But that doesn't mean men are invulnerable to insecurities, no matter how much we'd like to think so. Women are upfront about their fears, doubts, and self-esteem. I used to think it was just compulsive gabbiness, a quirk of the fairer sex. But, in fact, it is an admirable coping mechanism that's even a little bit courageous. That said, I'll sack up and admit that I've spent a lot of my life feeling like a fatty, a chubasaurus, half-man and half-marshmallow.

child divorce

How To Minimize Kids' Anxiety During A Divorce

How can you minimize the anxiety and fear your children will experience from your divorce? Watch your words! As a parenting educator having worked with so many well-meaning, loving parents for so many years, I believe it's a divorced parent's single biggest responsibility.

One-Night Stand

A One-Night Stand Can Actually Be Great

As a single lady who has lived in a big city for years, and now moved to a new one, I've had my fare share of one-night stands. I'd never call myself someone who makes a romantic life out of having a lot of random sex. In fact, my heart stands more on the traditional side where I look for sex after the relationship connection, knowing I usually wind up hurt in casual flings and that I actually disdain the thought of adding another one-nighter to my "list."

Post-Date Etiquette

After A First Date: To Call Or Not To Call?

And you thought the pre-date anxiety was the hardest part? Think again. Any serial dater knows the most infuriating time in the early stages of a relationship is the 24–48 hours that follow the first date. When's he going to call? Should you call him? What's an appropriate amount of time to wait? Here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

money relationships

6 Steps To A Financially Successful Relationship

Money is a reliable source of tension in relationships, in both married couples and those not yet experiencing wedded bliss. According to one writer, "while talking about money can be often be more difficult and emotionally charged than talking about sex, religion or politics, a simple conversation about money can save you a lot of tension and resentments throughout married life." Here, six steps to a relationship free from money stress.

Love and Mercury in Retrograde

Best Of YourTango—When Love Goes Retrograde

Mercury is in retrograde from now until the end of the month. And that means the stars have cosmically set you up for disaster and disappointment (at least that's what "they" say), which will be brought about by misunderstandings, technological snafus and flawed communication. We feel your pain at YourTango. This week, in order to help you out, we covered the secrets behind male/female communication, struggles with inter-generational romance, cheating spouses (should you tell?), and how to deal with his football addiction. We hope it gets you through the month, enjoy!

Certain Ages More Likely To Cheat

Certain Ages More Likely To Cheat

IllicitEncounters.co.uk a dating site in the UK says they notice an upswing in users right before a milestone birthday. Thirty-nine is the most popular date for people to sign up for IllicitEncounters.co.uk.

A Badly Dressed Man

How To Make Over A Badly Dressed Man

I once dated a guy who clothed himself almost exclusively in band t-shirts, pleated trousers, and an ever-present fanny pack. (And no, he wasn't a German tourist.) I remember thinking when we met that I'd finally cast eyes upon the archetypal rock critic. That he actually was a rock critic made the experience all the richer. Because he was smart, funny and cute-ish, I chose to overlook his sartorial missteps and we quickly fell in love. But despite my best efforts—including renaming the fanny pack his "colostomy bag"—I never could convince him to spiff up.