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Man Test: 3 Things To Look For

We'll preface this by saying: This is not hard science. And it's not based on a research study, either. Rather, we've soaked up this advice in casual conversations during visits with friends (informal polling, one might say). Women told us about the silent observations they make in early-stage dating. Yes, we know, sneaky. But actions speak volumes and men are likely doing the same exact thing.

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5 Sexy Spring Styles For Him And Her

Spring has finally sprung, and the urge to shop for new clothes is almost as strong as the need to find a way to pay for them. Luckily, you don't have to spend a lot to look great this season. The biggest looks combine versatility with all-American style, and you only need five must-haves to update your wardrobe. Armed with these lists of essentials for him and her (and where to get them), you can even sneak your look into fall without spending a fortune.

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10 Ways To Connect With Your Inner French Woman

Have you ever looked at a French woman and wondered, what makes her so sexy? Author Jamie Cat Callan is American, but grew up with a French grandmother. She realized that French women had some thing that us Americans don’t have. So she went to France to learn how they achieve that seemingly effortless mix of charm and seduction. Below is a short excerpt from her book, "French Women Don’t Sleep Alone: Pleasurable Secrets To Finding Love."

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Would You Date A Plastic Surgeon?

On Tonight's Millionaire Matchmaker Patti tries to set up a plastic surgeon, who claims that out of all the woman he's dated, "there's never been a face that didn't need something." Imagine having to date this guy! Dr. Robert Nettles is a 34-year-old "cosmetic facial surgeon," and he's super picky. "I think it would be very difficult for a woman to date someone like me, because I know what's wrong with their face and I know what I can do about it," he said. Clip above.

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Octo-Mom Has A New Gig

Octo-Mom seems to have found a solution as to how she's going to support her 14 growing children. The single mom, Nadya Suleman, who recently gave birth to eight babies (and astonished America), has agreed to star in a new reality show, reports Kim Serafin for In Touch (article not available online).

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Is Attraction Just Genetic Compatibility?

While it's been documented that scent most certainly plays a role in sexual attraction, Cornell University scientists studied the mating patterns of fruit flies and discovered the females are biologically primed to procreate with males of different strains, which is something they seem to instinctively pick up on once in the presence of a male. While we doubt lady fruit flies flit away like uninterested homosapien women, researchers noted a difference in behavior when around males of the same general family, and ones of more removed genes. This is the fruit fly's way, they say, of mixing and matching genes in an effort to produce healthier baby flies. While, of course, they don't want to say a fruit fly's mating patterns match a human's for godsakes, but this just another example in nature of how attraction is largely dictated by whom you'd produce the most unique children. Unique, in this instance, meaning as far off from inbred as possible.

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The Best First-Date Advice Book You'll Ever Read

Ever gone on a date with a guy, expected to hear from him but, for reasons you don't understand, he never calls you back? We're guessing the answer is yes. Author, matchmaker and dating coach Rachel Greenwald knows a thing or two about this subject. She asked 1,000 men why they didn't call women back, and the results are in her book, conveniently titled, "Why He Didn't Call You Back: 1,000 Guys Reveal What They REALLY Thought About You After Your Date." The book contains actionable advice about how to ace a first date.

Love Bytes: What's That Smell?

Love Bytes: What's That Smell?

Love Bytes: three must click sex, dating and relationship links. Women notice stinkiness. Men don't. Did we really need a study to tell us this? [Dear Sugar] How discard your old sex toys, without trashing the planet. [Em and Lo] Is it really lying if in your heart you feel like an astronaut? [Shine] Meeting people can feel like an advertising campaign. You accentuate the good and minimize the bad. So, stretching the truth is a tough balance. You want to have a good enough story to engage someone, but if you make it too good, they will be disappointed when it turns out to not be true. Setting the bar low might work-when you start dating you turn out better than advertised. But if you set the bar too low in the beginning, then that love interest may not want to follow up and get to know more about you.