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Female Viagra Is Questioned

Female Viagra Is Questioned

Intrinsa, the drug that was once lauded as the "female viagra" may not be the miracle fix everyone thought. While never available in the United States, the patch was licensed by the European Medicines Evaluation Agency in July 2006. Procter and Gamble swore that those suffering from hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) could be cured by applying this testosterone-heavy belly patch. The subjects given Intrinsa were said to rack up two additional sexual encounters each month, more frequent orgasms and even a higher self-esteem. However, the medical journal Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin is questioning all of these results, saying their clinical trials were flawed.For starters, the journal isn't even 100% sure subjects given trial doses of the drug even suffered from HSDD. Many, they say, reported having sex three times a month (which wouldn't necessarily qualify as a low sex drive) and were given "short, invalidated questionnaires" which may have misdiagnosed them. And while, yes, those given the drug reported an increase in sex drive many in the placebo group also reported feeling a little friskier than usual as well.

Is Dating Harder For Smart People?

Is Dating Harder For Smart People?

Dr. Alex Benzer is a Harvard and Cambridge educated certified hypnotherapist who thinks "smart people" (his definition: the top 5% of the population) have a harder time dating than the rest of us dim guys. He even goes so far as to say: "the smarter you are, the more clueless you will be, and the more problems you're going to have in your dating life." He thinks smarty pants people have spent more time on achievements than relationships, are bored by the common folk and so used to acquiring kudos for their "mental jewelry" that garnering sexual interest at a bar is a foreign, scary and often unsuccessful concept.

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Why Your Sex Life Is A No-Brainer

You're too smart for love. Finding friends that are smart enough to tackle your impressive noggin is a feat. Finding similar qualities in a date seem altogether impossible.

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Marriage Woes: As Harmful As They Are Hurtful

A crumbling marriage triggers signs of depression in both men and women. But it offers up a double whammy to women who, unlike men, may also experience high blood pressure, obesity and high blood sugar as a result of the marital strain, increasing their risk for heart disease, find University of Utah researchers.


Give Geeks A Chance

You've been compared to Angelina Jolie. He's more of a Steve Carell. Should you take him up on his lunch-date offer? Do looks matter and should we date for personality rather than attraction?

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Rotten Eggs. What A...Turn-On?

Look out, Viagra! Your long stint of unrivaled success may come up against a new competitor in a few years. What's behind this new threat to the mighty blue pill? The malodorous (some may say nauseating) gas, hydrogen sulfide.

Musicians Hear Emotion In Sound

Musicians Hear Emotion In Sound

According to a recent study by Northwestern researchers, musicians hear the emotion in sounds more than non-musicians. This means a flat and pissed off, "nothing's wrong, thanks" will have a harder time passing the trained guitar strummer's ears than say, an aloof blogger, who may just take you on face value and continue thinking of alternate words for "relationship." An interdisciplinary Northwestern research team rounded up a group of musicians and non-musicians and had them watch a nature film with the sounds of a child's distressed cry in the background. Both parties were measured by scalp electrodes, and the musicians were much better at discerning "the complex" emotional part of the child's cry while also immediately ignoring other sounds that didn't matter. This was not the case in non-musicians. "Quickly and accurately identifying emotion in sound is a skill that translates across all arenas, whether in the predator-infested jungle or in the classroom, boardroom or bedroom," says Dana Strait, primary author of the study.

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Dating A Single Dad: What It's Really Like

For months I watched women swoon over "The Bachelor," Jason Mesnick, a divorced single father, and I just couldn’t understand why. As a single twentysomething, I am the center of my world, and I like it that way. While I certainly want kids, I don’t want them right now. And I’ve always imagined that when the time comes, my partner and I will experience all of the firsts of parenthood together. But as I am constantly reminded, life doesn’t always work out the way I imagine it will.