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Are You A Modern Goddess?

So say it loud and say it proud. "I am a modern goddess." Pronouncing this repeatedly, ideally from the top of a mountain, will point you in the direction of ultimate fulfillment.

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He Gives Love A Bad Name

The poor guy wants to make you his Juliet, but rather than climb down for a kiss, his serenade makes you want to punch him in the mouth to keep him from talking.

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No (Dialing) Regrets

Okay, this is just hilarious, and downright clever. Now that it's become clear that having the ability to contact anyone, anywhere and at anytime with the push of a teeny tiny "Send" button on our cell phones can lead to a few, ahem, embarrassing encounters and red-faced blunders, Apple has come up with an app...just for that. Its purpose is to keep us from dialing the numbers of exes, or even crushes, who we know, in the light of day, we should not be calling.

Attraction At First Eye Contact?

Attraction At First Eye Contact?

Can one possibly tell within the first ten seconds of meeting if there's a mutual attraction? The journal Archives of Sexual Behavior seems to think so, even pinpointing the exact time to a tenth of a second. Not surprisingly, men are ridiculously easy to read. Researchers say that on the first meeting if he breaks your gaze at the four second mark, he's just sort of "eh' about you. Yet if the initial eye contact extends to the 8.2 second mark than he's into you. Women on the other hand, notoriously confusing in nature, will give equal eye contact to men they're into and ones they aren't, say scientists. This information was culled from 115 students, secretly being filmed, meeting actors and actresses for the first time. While the cameras filmed the meeting, scientists analyzed the tapes and later quizzed the students on whom they were most physically attracted. In conclusion, they theorize men use eye contact as a form of mating, while women—who, let's be honest, aren't really the aggressors anyway—shy away from overt eye contact to subconsciously avoid unwanted attention.

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Plan B Now Available For 17-Year-Olds

Plan B—known as the "morning after pill"—is to be taken 72-hours after unprotected sex in hopes of warding off an unwanted pregnancy. Regardless of the fact scientific evidence proved the pill perfectly safe for 17-year-olds, before yesterday's ruling the drug was only available behind pharmacy counters to women 18 and up. Judge Edward R. Korman of the federal district court in New York didn't understand why this was, and even went so far as to speculate that members of the FDA were "bowing" to the conservative leanings of the Bush administration and knowingly appointed anti-abortion members to the review panel. He accused the FDA of dragging their feet and avoiding lifting restrictions even after their team of scientists gave the pill the thumbs up for use in minors.

Love Bytes: The Recession As Birth Control

Love Bytes: The Recession As Birth Control

Love Bytes: three must click sex, dating and relationship links. Raising kids is expensive on two salaries, and even more expensive on one. [Sirens] Are you a nympho? Or do you just like getting it on? [Ask Dan And Jennifer] Women who truly enjoy sex often get labeled as nymphomaniacs, or "nymphos" for short. Just because a woman likes sex and enjoys having it, does that make her a "nympho?" What if she’s recently lost weight or had a big life change and has started to see herself in a more sexual way? Dennis Quaid and Julianne Moore have been cast to play a certain real-life White House couple in HBO's upcoming movie A Special Kind Of Relationship. Can you guess who the couple is? [Huffington Post]

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Wife Handcuffs Husband During Dispute

Police arrived to screaming and an unexpected site at a Fairfield, C.T. home where they had been called to hose down a domestic dispute. A woman had handcuffed herself to her husband while he slept in their bed, reports Jason Szep for Reuters.