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4 Tricks To Instantly Connect With Anyone

It'd be great if dating and flirting were easy, things you could approach with excitement and nonchalance—unfortunately that's not always the case. Here are four tricks for making a great first impression whether you're cruising the pick-up scene at a bar or on a first date.

Pulling Out

Should You Try The Pull-Out Method?

Not to get all TMI on you—we're all friends here, though, aren't we?—but my husband and I are thinking about changing up our birth control to the ol' pull-out method. Actually, correction: I'm thinking about it and he's biding his time, not saying too much, hoping I come to my senses before my prescription for the Pill runs out. Think I'm crazy?

what women want on a first date

4 Things Women Love To Hear On A First Date

You can't score the soul mate or paycheck without that first meet-and-greet. While some glide through this necessary evil with straight-A finesse, others bumble along a path of C-worthy mediocrity producing mixed results. Enter our first-date study guide for men.

man with monster mask covering face

How To Translate Your Monster Crush Into Real Life

According to Esquire, women aren't attracted to vampires in movies and on television because they're hot—we're attracted to them because we all secretly want to have sex with gay dudes. Sorry, Robert Pattinson, turns out you just remind us of a sparkly, prancing dandy. And vampire Eric, apparently we think you would make a great addition to our next sleepover. But if we're only into vampires because we want to bone dudes playing for the other team, what about other monsters? What does it mean to be attracted to them?

Busy Dating

5 Dating Tips For Busy People

Whether you are a grad student, a busy executive or a divorced mom, it seems as each year goes by more responsibilities are piled on and the faster time flies. You are starting to wonder whether you will ever find love, and your mom doesn't seem to help matters by reminding you that your biological clock is tiiiiccking. Before you cringe at the thought of fitting in another item on your already over-booked schedule, here is a list that you might find handy when it comes to finding time for dating.

Bad Sex

5 Reasons A Man Is Bad In Bed

We're not going to lie. Women are a fickle sort. When it comes to sex, some women like this, some women like that, and some women don't know what the hell they want. One thing we are sure of, though, is if you're bad in bed—at least, in our opinion. Maybe it's us. Maybe it's you. But if the sparks aren't flying when we're banging uglies, it could be because we think you don't have what it takes in the bedroom. What's up with that? Find out the top five reasons we think you don't cut it, after the jump.