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Does Casual Sex Screw Up Emotional Intimacy?

Does Casual Sex Screw Up Emotional Intimacy?

NPR.com published an article a few days ago titled, "Sex Without Intimacy: No Dating, No Relationships." We're all supposed to analyze whether or not stable, long-term, monogamous relationships are on the way out due to our casual college-like view of sex into adulthood.

Reasons For Breaking Up

Why He Dumped You: 5 Potential Reasons

No longer content to just smile and start over, women want answers from the men who waved them goodbye. Luckily, one male writer was brave enough to offer up a few suggestions as to why guys dump girls they dig. We're not saying we agree with them, but listen up ladies. You'll need to know how to deal if on the receiving end of one of these excuses.

Kate Hudon and A-Rod

A List Links: Faux-Breakups And Unlikey Hook-Ups

Doug Reinhardt is ready to take Paris Hilton back. [TMZ] She told him she loved him and had made a mistake by breaking up with him. She was texting him all night and then showed up at his house at 4 AM this morning, banging on his door. Apparently Doug succumbed to her charm.

Women pointing outward

Best of YourTango: Blogs, Questions And More

Look at that pretty little face! Yes, we're talking to you! That's because this week YourTango was all about you. From our advice on why technological compadibilty is important to your blogs are sex education and your questions seek advice, there was only one thing on our minds this week: You! But, just in case you were too busy developing an narcissist complex than would put Narcissus to shame, here's this week's best.

So You're 28, Time To Get Married?

So You're 28, Time To Get Married?

Today we stumbled upon a Huffington Post article about how being single and 28 can make you relationship itchy. Oh, excuse us. Single, 28 and a woman. Anyway, the writer says 28 was a "massive turning point" for her. That year she found herself single at weddings and bridal showers, and laments feeling lonely when she didn't have anyone to share a dance with.

The Hangover

Do Bachelor Parties Make Men Do Bad Things?

A bachelor party, contrary to popular belief, is not a celebration of marriage. In fact, it's the opportunity to refute its very principles. A kick-ass bachelor proves a man, "still has it," is still studly and most importantly, is still on the market, at least in theory.

sexy jobs

5 Jobs That Make Us Hot

While watching Top Chef Masters on Bravo last night, we thought it was important to note the surprising appeal of Hubert Keller. And, we're not typically gaga for older men, but there was just something about Keller's ease in the kitchen that made our hearts beat a little faster. And we're pretty sure it was just the professional cooking job that did it to us. However, it got us to thinking: what other professions make us go weak in the knees?