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5 First Date Tips For The Ladies

5 First Date Tips For The Ladies

OK. Let's get this disclaimer out of the way. We hate rules. We hate them, we hate, we hate them. And when it comes to dating rules? We loathe them. Who are we to tell you how to act when sitting face to face with someone you'd like to see naked? This is your ballgame, sweetheart. Throw your first pitch as you see fit. But we have few low-maintenance rules to adhere to. Don't sleep with him. Offer to pay for something. Don't trash talk other women. Don't pretend your date is a therapist. Say you have to get up early tomorrow.


Vermont Legislature Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

Hot on the heels of last week's Iowa Supreme Court ruling that a ban on gay marriage there was unconstitutional, Vermont has also legalized same-sex marriage. The New England State, which in 2000 became the first in the country to adopt civil unions for gay couples, came to the decision today when the Vermont Legislature successfully overrode Governor Jim Douglas's veto of a bill allowing gay couples to marry. With this decision, Vermont becomes the first state to legalize gay marriage through a legislative action, rather than a court ruling, and the fourth state overall to legalize same-sex marriages. The other states, in addition to Iowa, are Massachusetts and Connecticut.

sex and the city sequel

Sex And The City II Plot Predictions

They pretty much covered it all over six seasons of sex, dating and baby mama drama. What's left for four not-so-single ladies to do now that marriage, infidelity and more baby drama have all been accounted for?

sad friend

I Never Liked Him In The First Place

While watching your buddy cry her eyes out over some unworthy jerk isn't nearly as painful as getting the heave-ho yourself, it's still difficult. Most of us want to help our BFFs through breakups, but what do you say? Or, more importantly, what shouldn't you say?

A Temporary Cure For Quick Shooters

A Temporary Cure For Quick Shooters

Researchers from all over are doing their best to improve everyone's sex lives, and one of its major offenders—premature ejaculation—has met its match. In spray form. A scientific study involving 300 European men, all suffering from a ghastly less than a minute romp in the hay, were divided into placebo and actual groups to see if the newest concoction of PSD502 spray does in fact increase lasting time. This magical spritz contains lidocaine and prilocaine, which are elements traditionally used for dermal anesthesia and numbing the skin before getting a tattoo or laser hair removal. Participants were asked to spray their nether regions five minutes before sex and abstain from masturbating or any other kind of genital stimulation for 24 hours before each sexual encounter. The men who got the spray increased their romp time to an average of 3.8 minutes, while ironically, the placebo group finally broke a minute. Hm. Might be worth looking into what was in that "placebo" bottle.

Love Bytes: Yes, You're Being Used

Love Bytes: Yes, You're Being Used

Love Bytes: three must click sex, dating and relationship links. This woman pays her boyfriend's bills, he lies about his spending, and for some reason she doesn't know what to do. Seriously, what's there to be confused about? [Smitten] He's an apprentice in school right now, so he's on government loans until he goes back to work. The funds are not enough to cover his bills, so I have been paying the rent in full, his insurance and truck payments, his phone and credit card bills, and giving him other spending money--all on top of my own bills. I absolutely don't mind helping him in his time of need. The problem is, ever since he started school he has started telling me lies. We liked it better when erectile dysfunction advertising wasn't interactive. [Buzzfeed] Eliot Spitzer expresses remorse for causing "excruciating pain" to his wife, tells Today Show "there are no excuses" for his former involvement with prostitutes. [Huffington Post]

blogger marries commenter

Wedded Bliss: Blogger To Marry Commenter

All the blogosphere was abuzz to discover that the rumors were true. A long-time commenter proposed to his favorite, bookmarked blogger; and, blogger accepted, reports Jan Hoffman for the New York Times. But don't be fooled. This was no casual, one-time-comment romance. It began some four years ago with a smattering of flirtatious e-mails on the part of a loyal reader and commenter named Meade who began hinting, in the comments section, about setting up a date with his favorite blogger.