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Affectionate Couple

7 Ways To Show Love Without Words

Saying "I love you" is an excellent way to show someone you care about them. But sometimes words are not enough. Here, seven YourTango ProConnect experts explain how to show your love without using words.

the wolfman

Is "The Wolfman" A Date Movie?

The Wolfman, directed by Joe Johnson, harks back to a gentler era of horror. A time when a scary monster (perhaps a man wrestling an inner demon), an ominous score and a few frights via surprise were enough to turn a trip to the drive-in into a surefire voyage to second base. But it's possible that this latest iteration, a Benicio del Toro flick, isn't really the best choice for a Valentine's Day movie date.

my husband suggested I quit my job

My Husband Suggested I Quit The Job I Love

At the behest of his wife, my husband has been pursuing a different employer as his current position, while solid and benefit laden, offers no room for advancement and little job satisfaction. It is one of those jobs that his father's generation would have envied. In fact, his father is pretty incensed that he would like to leave. Problem is, my hubby hates it and he'll be there a million years before he ever gets a promotion because no one leaves. It's a graveyard and he knows it.

texting while out drinking

Texts From Last Night Provides Schadenfreude Fun

Just as dangerous as drunk dialing, we get the feeling that drunk texting is even more pervasive. Why? Because—in much the same way that hiding behind a computer screen makes anonymous commenters feel undeservedly emboldened—texting instead of talking is way less scary, especially when you're subconsciously aware of the fact that the item you're texting will come back to bite you in the booty. Have you fallen prey to the lure of the drunk text? Even if you have, we're sure you can still appreciate the texts featured in Texts From Last Night.

give a gift that shows your love

How To Give A Gift That Shows Your Love

Gift giving: one of the most difficult parts of a relationship. How do you know what your sweetie will like? And even if you're pretty sure they'll like it, will the gift show your love, or just your ability to swipe a credit card? We asked our ProConnect experts how to give a gift that really shows your love.

top 10 anti-romance songs

The Top 10 Anti-Romance Songs

Pop music is generally known for glorifying love and romance, although at some of its proudest moments it's actually smashing them to pieces. If you're sick of hearing about the wonders of romance, if you believe that love only leads to pain, if you wish that Congress would enact legislation against Valentine's Day, this is the playlist for you. Here are ten songs celebrating letting go of losers and leaving love to the fairy tales.