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25 Ways To Say "I Love You" Without Words

25 Ways To Say "I Love You" Without Words

The Frisky recently posted a list of ways to say "I love you" without using the "L" word. Our favorites are number 2: Stock your fridge with his favorite beer; number 3: Carve his name into a tree; and number 14: Let him see you cry. Check out the full list here. In addition to the above we'd like to add our own.

WebMD Explores Falling In Love

WebMD Explores Falling In Love

When we start to crush, why do our appetites vanish? And why is four hours of sleep just fine? Limerence, coined in the 1970s by Dorothy Tennov is the rose-colored lenses part of a relationship, where dopamine skyrockets, similar to being on cocaine. study in Italy also proved that being in love raises women's testosterone levels and lowers a man's. If we're lucky, our crush then flattens into a nice, comfortable groove of commitment. While not as exciting as the roller coaster first stage, the feeling of comfortable companionship is also dominated by hormones. While bonding oxytocin, the brains trusting maternal hormone, is released. Oxytocin makes us crave spooning, breakfast bed, and maybe even marriage, pets and children.

couple in bed morning breath

Morning Breath: A Turn-On?

Anyone who's been in love, lust or a variation of the sort knows about becoming attached to a scent. Tommy Hilfiger cologne, Old Spice deodorant with a hint of sweat, and Trident gum all come to mind. The funky side of this olfactory attraction is when the reminding scent happens to be an unpleasant one. Armpits, for example, are not famously sweet smelling. Yet, nestling into a man's nook and inhaling a mix of his natural body odor (likely with a trace of deodorant) can be oddly comforting, erotic or both. The same goes for morning breath.

i hate valentine's day

Bitter Valentine's Day Hater, We Feel Your Pain

Does the sight of roses make you wish you were a cutter? (Those thorns have to be good for something.) Do you wish cupid would aim his arrow directly at his brain? Do wistfully wonder why chocolate isn't as poisonous to humans as it is to dogs? We get it: you hate Valentine's Day. But we don't hate you, dear cynic, so we've compiled a list that should warm your black, black heart.

no foreplay

New Study Says Foreplay Is Overrated For Women

A recent study published in the January issue of the Journal of Sexual Medicine claims foreplay doesn't contribute as much to a woman's orgasm as actual penetration. The study followed 2, 360 Czech women and asked how consistently they orgasmed and the circumstances leading up to it. How long was the foreplay? How long was the intercourse? And how out of the blue was it for them to be orgasming at all? Women who report average intercourse length of 1 to 10 minutes, 50% had an orgasm most of the time and 28% had them in a minority of cases or never. For women who report 11 to 20 minutes, the numbers are 62% and 22%, and for the women who boink more than 20 minutes they're 72% and 13%.

lena chen harvard sex blog

Harvard's Sex Blogger On Sex And The Spotlight

College Candy's interview with Harvard's sex blogger. Lena Chen is the author of SexandtheIvy.com, a blog about sex and dating at Harvard University. She started blogging back in 2006, sparking immediate controversy on campus and off. Lena received lots of attention for her saucy ways and has since been featured as a commentator on college sexuality in The New York Times, Newsweek, The Boston Globe, Salon, and Playboy Radio. She currently blogs at TheChicktionary.com.

bad divorce stories

Worst Divorce Ever

Divorce is never pretty, but some people have it extra bad. Just in time for the holiday of love Lemondrop and Asylum have collected stories of relationships gone wrong. Below, the most outrageous outtakes. Can you top these stories? Includes: The Deadbeat Dingbat, The Violent Vehicular Villain, The Psycho Snakeman, The Family Man.