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Jerry Orbach with wife Elaine Orbach dancing

Who Knew Actor Jerry Orbach Was Such A Romantic?

Over the course of their 25-year relationship, Jerry Orbach (of "Law and Order" fame) wrote love poems to his wife Elaine. Now they're compiled in a new book, titled "Remember How I Love You: Love Letters From an Extraordinary Marriage."

couple thanksgiving

3 Ways To Spend Thanksgiving For Two

But what if, by some wayward circumstance, you and your significant other find yourselves just a lonely duo this holiday season? Here are three simple and fun ways to still partake in thespirit of Turkey Day.

Edward Cullen

7 Book Characters Hotter Than Edward Cullen

Like it or not, Edward Cullen is the fictional hottie du jour. Never before have women been so enamored by a sparkly, lovesick centenarian torn between protecting his girlfriend and eating her for dinner. Despite Edward's edgy persona and "angelic" good looks, we're not convinced that he's the literary dreamboat that thousands of Twilight and New Moon fans have made him out to be. Before Edward Cullen swooped into our libraries and bookstores, we had other male literary characters to dazzle us.

banana cream pie recipe

Dating A Married Guy? Try Regret Pie

What do you do if you feel like your stomach is eating itself because of the torment of dating a married man? Make yourself a Sky-High Banana Cream Pie, says Heather Whaley, author of "Eat Your Feelings: Recipes for Self-Loathing." Whaley is an advocate of taking the time to comfort yourself—especially when no one else will—with food. Feeling guilty? Sad? Unrequited? Read on.

men girly habit

4 'Girly' Trends Men Should Embrace

To ease the minds and prides of males everywhere, here are four trends and habits that may look effeminate at face value, but really do no damage to you in the eyes of the fairer sex.