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email break up

Is It OK To Break Up Via Email? We Say Yes.

Today we stumbled across an article that claimed over half of 2,000 people surveyed for DateTheUK had dumped a significant other via some sort of electronic device. In this instance, "electronically" meant updating a Facebook relationship status (ouch), sending out an ominous tweet or shooting a "hey, let's just be friends" e-mail. This left only 46 percent who were traditional enough (or perhaps just not Internet savvy) to break ties in person or over the phone. Actual phone, not text, that is.

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Twitter Top 10: Who To Follow For Marriage Advice

We've already introduced you to so many fabulous and knowledgeable Twitter folks. There were the ones dispensing dating advice. ... The guys who are tweeting about love (and, okay, a fair amount of sex). ... The actual sexperts. And the advice columnists. So where can we go from here? How about directly down the aisle? Today, we present to you 10 YourTango-approved tweeps tweeting about marriage.


Oral Sex + Stabbing = Pregnancy?

Woman with no vagina gets pregnant? A story of dubious legitimacy about a teenager without a vagina who became pregnant after swallowing semen and then getting knifed in the gut is making the rounds on the internet, after being scrounged up in a decades-old British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Is the internet finding fact or spreading rumors?

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6 Things To Remember Before Dissing Your Ex

Last Friday, Kate Major confirmed Hailey Glassman's claim that Jon Gosselin has a small package. In an interview with Life & Style magazine, Kate said, "I'm surprised he's so 'cocky' because down there he's definitely not." Supposedly, the former rivals are now pals, having laughed together over Jon's genital shortcomings. We're not convinced that Hailey and Kate 2.0 are the winners here. Jon might be "hung like a 9-year-old boy," as Hailey so eloquently put it, but she and Ms. Major were the ones who took that three-inch wonder for a ride. Before you trash-talk a former flame, remember that the people you've dated reflects on you and your ability to pick a partner. That being said, here are our tips for (not) dissing your ex:

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Talking Sex With Family: How Much Is Too Much?

As the headlines are filled with news of Joe Simpson allegedly calling out John Mayer for his "sexual napalm" comments regarding daughter Jessica while Angelina Jolie is photographed reunited with her long-estranged dad Jon Voight, we've been pondering family bonds and boundaries. When it comes to talking sex with family, how close is too close? What should you share with your family and what should remain between you and your partner?

body language

Nonverbal Cues That Your Date Is Into You

These days, small talk isn't enough to determine if someone is into you, but you can rely on more innate signs based on a person's body language. Sure, a big, wide smile is a good starting point, but there are other telltale signs that can also tip you off as to whether your date is into you.

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What Men Think When You Bring Up An Ex

There are certain things you just shouldn't do on a first date, like attend a three-hour self-help seminar, enter a burrito-eating contest or get a tattoo with your date's name on it. Another item to add to the list? Talking about your ex. As far as dating etiquette goes, chatting about your former flame ranks pretty high on the list of no-nos. In fact, doing so flies in the face of good manners, which, in a nutshell, require you to act in a respectful way toward others so that they, in turn, respect you.

iphone sex apps ban

Apple Bans 5,000 Sexy Apps

Apple recently banned 5,000 i-Phone apps deemed inappropriate. Among them? Online retailers selling bathing suits and a silly app called Wobble i-Boobs.

5 Shockingly Good Dating Tips From "The Bachelor"

5 Shockingly Good Dating Tips From "The Bachelor"

The women told all, Rozlyn denied everything, and who knows how many production assistants burnt their fingers lighting a hundred, thousand tea lights. Much to our surprise, however, the show yielded some heartfelt, real-world dating tips that could help all of us find love. (Or at least a very, very special connection!) Remember these dating tips the next time you spot that special bachelor or bachelorette.

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Flirting Tips From A Female Pickup Artist

If you've been to bars in major metropolitan cities, chances are you've come into contact with a "pickup artist": a dude who is trying to get your number by following a script. Whether he learned about pickup artistry from Neil Strauss's book The Game or that VH1 show, The Pickup Artist, the guy macking on you is focused on one goal — getting women, including you, into bed. But the opposite is not true in a "pickup artist school" for women: in fact, London's Flirt Diva Academy focuses mainly on flirting.