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sex after divorce

3 Tips for a Post-Divorce Sex Life Makeover

Sex after divorce can be intimidating: a new partner can mean a new bed, a new body, and new — well — techniques. Usually, though, the hardest part is just becoming psychologically ready to date again. After that, you're likely to find that the old riding a bike analogy applies to other leisure activities as well. That being said, there's a lot you can work on all by yourself to improve your sex life.

single black women

Black Women More Likely To Be Single

Many black women are quick to point out that there are no good single black men out here. It turns out, they might actually be right, which also may explain why more black women remain unmarried than white women. Forty-two-percent of black women have never been married, compared to 21% of white woman, according to national statistics. That’s double, chicks!

swimsuit model destroy men

Swimsuit Models Destroy Men's Brains

Studies found that sexy images not only shift the way men perceive women, they also found that constant viewing of these pics shut down areas of the brain linked to empathy for other peoples' emotions. Great.

men are like cell phones

Men Are Like Cell Phones

Sex is kinda like a cell phone. You can live without it, but in the end, would you really want to? Like our cell phones, we all end up taking what we can get in a pinch. We may not be happy with the phone (or person) we choose, but sometimes anything can be better than nothing.

oral sex blow job

Oral Sex Enhancers: Necessary Or Not?

Sixty Nine Wet Head is basically Listerine PocketPaks redesigned for sex: translucent strips that at first seem like plastic, but dissolve when placed on your tongue. The Listerine version is supposed to kill germs. The sex version promises "one little strip on your tongue will turn your mouth into a juicy wet haven. With a mouth so moist you'll have your partner spinning from your newfound talent." We get the idea, but does it work? And do you really need it?

love dating commitment

A Guy Says "Chill Out About Love, Ladies!"

Don't rush love! One man's opinion on why you should wait to commit. "As I see it, there should be no discussion of a relationship, or exclusivity, within the first three months of dating. Those three months should be a drama and ultimatum-free zone. No jealousy or commitment. Just a period of savoring; the gritty, totally worth it hard work can come later. Save it, potentially, for the rest of your life."

hiv antibodies oral sex

Oral Sex The Key To HIV Antibodies?

A recent study by Klara Hasselrot of Stockholm's Karolinska Institutet says giving head to HIV positive men may inadvertently boost one's own immune system to the virus. She's hypothesizing that antibodies are formed in the saliva of HIV negative folks with HIV positive partners. ll men recruited were in a long-term relationship with an HIV Positive partner. Their semen was tested for IgA1 antibodies -- which have been identified as protecters in some Kenyan sex workers. All men had high levels of IgA1, which scientists think develop once the HIV virus meets saliva. Instead of multiplying and turning into AIDS, it has a neutralizing effect. This IgA1 antibody also seems to last the test of time too and thrive when exposed to a high level of the virus. In other words, the saliva just worked double time if exposed to a higher viral load of HIV.

best mistress pageant

"Best Mistress" Pageant Goes Awry (Shockingly)

Business was going bad for a Chinese tycoon who decided, in December, to hold a "best mistress" pageant in order to cut costs and eliminate four of his five existing mistresses. Russian news agency Novosti reports that each mistress knew about the others. An allowance and free rent presumably helped to ease their jealousy, but the pageant—for which a modeling expert was brought in to help judge—pushed one mistress over the edge, literally.