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Don't Get Lost In His Eyes: The Mouth Says It All

Don't Get Lost In His Eyes: The Mouth Says It All

People often say that the eyes are the windows to the soul...the best way to tell how a person REALLY feels. But the mouth can be just as important a signifier when it comes to true feelings, and its messages are much harder to mask...

texting is dangerous

Why You Shouldn't Text Before The First Date

Now love interests are texting/IMing/emailing, and, good lord, Facebooking each other. There are so many opportunities to be misunderstood! If I've learned anything from sex scandals, it's that texting somebody you're hoping to sleep with can be dangerous.


Don't Settle For Pleasure-less Sex

If an orgasm is proving to be too elusive for your liking, it might be time to buckle down, call in sick, turn off the phone, and try your hand (or vibrator) at these "Big O" tips provided by Clare Cavanah, sex educator and co-founder of adult toy shop, Babeland.

new moon

Feeling Wise? Optimistic? Might Be The New Moon.

As of 7:02 am EST on December 16, the moon is in Sagittarius. New moons are often characterized as bringing forth new beginnings, and a new beginning in fire sign Sagittarius, known for its candid, honest nature, means (as astrologer Lynn Hayes writes) an "expansion of our sense of what is possible and what is correct."

New Year's Eve Kissing Couple

How To Finagle A New Year's Eve Kiss

Two-thirds of Americans think they'll be getting a New Year's smooch. But when you're essentially kiss-free all year, it may seem like a tall order to cascade into a party on New Year's Eve and exit with smeared lipstick. We, on the other hand, think a midnight lip lock is as doable as that requisite glass of champagne. Here's how.

are diamonds the best gift for a woman?

Diamonds: Do All Women Secretly Want Them?

On a recent episode of "Parks and Recreation," Tom (played by the genius Aziz Ansari) claims to know what women really want: diamonds. We wonder: is that true? Do all women have a sweet spot for cold, hard carbon?

woman man sex

What Women Secretly Think About During Sex

Women try to stay focused during sex. We really do! Some nights our minds wander to more mundane things in life; other nights we get a little existential. Can you really blame us for not being fully present every second? We're busy women with work, friends, a softball league, and seven seasons of The West Wing to watch! After the jump, 30 things women think about during sex ... you know, other than how your big boy is rocking our world right now.

men have biological clocks too

Why Your 20-Something Boyfriend Wants A Baby

Twentysomething guys are often thought of to be party- and booty-obsessed overgrown babies, but a new study reveals that most of them actually covet fatherhood! Biological clocks, stability and good, old-fashioned love are some of the reasons motivating men to have kids.