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7 Hollywood Husband And Wife Oscar Winners

7 Hollywood Husband And Wife Oscar Winners

Hollywood is built around the glories of romance, and the Academy Awards have frequently rewarded charismatic on-screen couples. But celebrity couples haven't fared quite as well; only a few actors and directors who paired up off-screen have both won Oscar gold. This year, Kathryn Bigelow is up for a Best Director Oscar for The Hurt Locker; she'll go head-to-head against her ex-husband and Avatar director, James Cameron, who's already won the award for Titanic. Below, we'll take a look at the Hollywood husband-wife duos who have both brought home Academy Awards. 25 Romantic Films Oscar Missed MICHAEL DOUGLAS & CATHERINE ZETA-JONES

flight attendants

Japanese Sex Club Patrons Want WHAT?

America's golden age—that is, its sexy stewardess era—of aviation might be over, but Asian airlines still uphold a reputation for hiring beautiful female flight attendants. Over in Japan, Japan Airlines is struggling to curb the smuggling of flight attendant uniforms to the country's sex clubs. Since announcing bankruptcy in January, JAL has worked to prevent former employees (among others) from selling their uniforms to the black market, which drop major bank for outfits that come with a polaroid of their previous owner.


Love Test: The Trait Singles Want Most In A Date

They say it is better to give than to receive. When 'they' means real-live scientists, it must be true! A recent study gathered 150 women and 155 men and asked them to rank the attractiveness of various people's dating profiles. Profiles that revealed volunteer activities, altruism and all-around generosity were ranked as more attractive than neutral and non-generous-seeming people.

drinking is hurting your dating life

5 Signs Drinking Is Hurting Your Dating Life

If you rate your days on a scale of drunk to hungover, and a your memory holds a colorful (but brief) revolving door of hazy casual romantic dalliances, then it might (might) be time to add a few new hobbies to the mix. If you relate to one or more of the signs below, your romance with alcohol may be getting in the way with you finding a real flesh and blood relationship. Here, 5 signs drinking is hurting your dating life.

you will date these men

The Types Of Guys You'll Probably Date

Dating. It's the nightmare from which you never wake up. Why do we do it? Because it's the best way to find the guy we want to marry. And why do we want to get married? So we never have to date again. Find out the seven types of guys you're more than likely to end up dating along the way. Don't say we didn't warn you, girlfriend.

win an oscar for best supporting wife

Would You Win The Oscar For Best-Supporting Wife?

The 2010 Oscars are just around the corner. Given the touchy connection between acceptance speech mentions and marital bliss, we wonder: if there were an award for Best-Supporting Spouse, would you win? Here are three ways to successfully support a spouse, all the way to the Kodak Theatre stage.

reject someone nicely

How To Tell Him You're Just Not That Into Him

You know the scenario: you've inadvertently attracted an admirer, but you just don't share his feelings. What to do? In this week's episode of How I Met Your Mother, the gang explained the "bait-and-hook" theory to Ted, which says that everybody has at least one admirer they keep around but don't actually like. Out of reluctance to hurt someone's feelings, we end up sending the message that we can't date that person "right now," even though by "right now," we actually mean "ever." Eventually, though, the person's going to either confront you about his intentions, or, if he's already done so repeatedly, you'll get so annoyed at his efforts that you'll end up being a jerk. Either way, you can't string that person along forever, and oftentimes, avoiding his phone calls or fielding his attempts to hang out just isn't enough to get the point across. Awkward as it sounds, you need to have a little chat. Here are five ways to turn someone down without looking like the bad guy:

millionaire matchmaker dating tips

5 Dating Tips From The Millionaire Matchmaker

Jimmy D. swore up and down that he was ready for a real, deep woman (and for once, he wasn't talking about her cleavage). After a near-death experience (he was beaten and lost…an eyelid?) he was ready to find real love. Mateo swore up and down that the most important thing to him was his woman's religion; he wanted to raise a Christian family. What did both guys do at the mixer? The exact opposite of what they said!