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5 More Down And Dirty Divorce Tricks

5. Spending money wildly, as a form of "payback". Some spurned wives choose to take revenge by spending as much as they can on their husbands’ credit cards before the husbands realise what is going on. One client of mine with an Amex Centurion card received a credit card bill for £30,000 for jewellery purchased by his wife from Cartier.

Does A Marriage Ever Recover From Lack Of Sex?

Does A Marriage Ever Recover From Lack Of Sex?

The New York Times ran a Q and A with Georgia State sociology professor Denise A. Donnelly who is very successfully building a case that a sexless marriage may not only be a deciding factor for divorce, but a state that a marriage has little chance of ever recovering from. But big picture, it may not be lack of sex but unequal desire that causes problems. If both parties are pleased as punch being platonic bedmates, than fair enough. But more realistically, one wants sex and the other is resistant. Even more, after a partner's advances have been thwarted off one too many times, Donnelly says the marriage has little chance of recovering.

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Would You Marry A Man Sight Unseen?

Imagine falling for someone you've barely met let alone never seen? This is not the premise for a faceless Facebook application. It's the new Fox reality television show titled, "I Married a Stranger."

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4 Dating Red Flags Men Look For

Women are the traditional consumers of self-help books, but guys need advice too. And what better way to find out what goes on inside his head than to read dating advice written by and for men? (Some might say you could ask him, but where's the fun in that?) In this spirit we bring you this piece by men's lifestyle expert, Oliver "Ali" Nejad, who fills you in on four red flags men look for when they're on a date.

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Summer Fling Checklist

Summertime, and as Ella would say, the rhythm is easy. So keep an eye out and find yourself a fun companion to go and do with these three months. Here are eight date ideas to add to your summer fling checklist. Remember, summer flings are fleeting and you won't have an endless amount of time together. Do grab your calendar and start jotting down some date.

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Best of YourTango: Video, Blogs and More

YourTango this week was was more addictive than Flo Rida's latest single. From pro athletes dishing on love to what men really think about your handbag—if YourTango was candy, we'd be in sugar shock right now. But in case you were too busy satisfying your sweet tooth, here's this week's best. Feature: What Do Pro Athletes Know About Marriage? Long-distance relationships don't come between these high octane couples. Video: Women And Their Purses: The Male Take The guys of That's What He Said are at it again. Check out their new topic.

engagement chicken recipe

The Phenomenon Of Engagement Chicken

We swear to God. Some women treat a marriage proposal like it's an ancient rain dance or some witchcraft-type of ritual requiring a full moon, a lock of hair, linens from Tibet, three lit candles and a stack of self-help books. We've suffered through The Rules. The Bachelor. Countless lady magazine articles. He's Just Not That Into You. But now they're bringing chicken into this. And lemons. Why?! Get thee to the kitchen! Engagement Chicken is on the menu tonight, and if you follow this recipe, some are saying that diamond ring is good as yours, my friend.

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6 Never-Been-Done Destination Weddings

Italian soccer player Luca Ceccarelli and his fiancée, Irene Lanforti, made history when they were married under the very same balcony where legend has it the woman who served as inspiration for Shakespeare's Juliet revealed her love for her real-life Romeo so many centuries ago. The wedding marks the first to take place in this historic location.