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Do You Have Hollywood Sex?

Sometimes sex feel like it does in the movies: hot, coordinated and culminating in simultaneous, mind-blowing orgasms. Other times, it's not quite so pretty. The up-against-the-wall sex scene between Kelly Preston and Tom Cruise's characters in Jerry Maguire comes to mind. In real life, his arm muscles might get tired from holding her up, or she might not be able to climax with her legs wrapped around him so tightly, right?

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Vaginas With Teeth And Other Sex Myths That Bite

According to SmarterSex.com, some people are also under the misconception that brushing your teeth after oral sex can prevents STD's. While we love a fresh mouth more than anyone, brushing can actually cause microscopic tears to form in your mouth, thus making bacteria transmission easier. If ever there was a reason to start flossing, this is it.

Ways To Let Go Of An Emotional Love Affair

Ways To Let Go Of An Emotional Love Affair

Therese Brochard, an author and blogger who focuses on overcoming depression, recently submitted a piece to Huffington Post titled, 12 Ways To Recover From An Emotional Affair. While Brochard's intention was to help happily married folks get over their crushes, we found the tips would work on just about any unrequited infatuation. After all, we all know the cruel trick our psyche plays once we realize the object of our affection doesn't feel the same way: we just fall harder. So while we're huge proponents of following our heart, here's a crash course in outsmarting the romance novel in your head with our favorite five of Brochard's tips. 1.) Schedule your obsessing. 2.) Replace your crush with something else. 3.) Admit you're lonely. 4.) It's all in your head. 5.) Write it out.

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New Eco-Friendly Sex Toys

It's finally springtime and so naturally, a randy young lady's thoughts turn to sexytime. But whether you're fantasizing about a longtime partner, a captivating new prospect or even your own bad self, it's important to remember your mother . . . Mother Nature, that is.

Deadline For Dating

52 Weeks To Find A Husband

While 52 weeks may seem like a long time, Neena has been single all her life and despite the fact that she "doesn't consider herself a desperate single," at 43, the odds are stacked against her. Fans of professional matchmaker Rachel Greenwald may remember the sting of this statistic: There are 28 million single women over the age of 35, but only 18 million single men over 35.

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Author: "We Were Never Virgins"

Author Jessica Valenti appeared on The Today Show, this morning to discuss her book The Purity Myth. Railing against things such as purity balls and abstinence-only sex education programs, Valenti argues women are being given unrealistic expectations when it comes to sex.

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Birth Control Pills May Stunt Muscle Growth

According to a recent study by Texas A&M University in College Station, birth control pills may be the culprit behind a body that refuses to get toned. Researchers recruited 73 women, all between the ages of 18-31, and had them do identical workouts and eat the same amount of muscle-building protein for ten weeks. At the end of the session they compared and contrasted, and found that ladies who popped oral contraceptives had 60% less new muscle mass generated than those who didn't. Uh oh. But why? According to researchers, these ladies had lower levels of anabolic hormones in their blood (they influence muscle growth) and higher levels or cortisol (the stress hormone), which decrease muscles and encourage flab.