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Two men kissing

Gay Porn Can Teach Men About Straight Sex

I've tried to get my boyfriends to watch guy-on-guy porn with me. They're game to watch pseudo-lesbians paw each other, but they draw the line at man love. But there's a lot a guy could learn about sex by watching two dudes go at it. So, I've decided to give guys the cheat sheet on what they could learn from gay porn.

housework chores

5 "Man Chores" That Will Get Him To Do Housework

According to Simon Oaks, author of Will Marry for Food, Sex and Laundry, men aren't wired for certain chores. He cites the (made-up) proverb: "Give a man a clean kitchen and he'll make a mess of the place after one meal. Teach a man to clean a kitchen and you'll probably have to clean up after him anyway." So how do you handle housework when one of you is a repeat pleaning offender? Oaks devotes a whole chapter of his book to this; here are a few highlights.

Traveling Together: Road Trip Dos and Don'ts

Traveling Together: Road Trip Dos and Don'ts

Road trips can be full of adventure and discovery, from figuring out where the nearest available bathroom is to finding the cheapest diner. As timesunion.com points out, a road trip can be the perfect way to bond with your partner, using those long uninterrupted hours to uncover the name of his imaginary childhood friend or finally getting him to spill about his secret dream to be on Dancing With The Stars.

hooking up with two girls

Hooking Up Even When You Know He Has A Girlfriend

I found myself in that precarious situation this past weekend. I was hangin' out when I was approached by a fine specimen of a man. He was tall, dressed really well and his smile made me melt. We totally hit it off and soon found ourselves making out in the bar like we were Freshmen at a frat party.

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Almost Half Of US Kids Born To Unwed Parents

Is it the official-looking license? Or is it the round, sparkling symbol of unending commitment? In either case, an increasing number of couples are foregoing marriage, staying together with a more open-door policy. Many of these same couples, what sociologists have labeled committed unmarrieds (CUs) readily have children, reports Lisa Davis for Newsweek.

cough medicine

How To Make A Baby (And Enjoy Trying)

From the time we enter adolescence, we're told how not to get pregnant. When we get a bit older, we're told what not to do if we are pregnant. But what should couples be doing if they aren't yet pregnant, but want to be? For starters, take cough medicine. So says Heidi Murkoff, author of What to Expect Before You're Expecting (and the entire series of What to Expect books). During an appearance on the CBS Early Show this week, Murkoff explained that there are a variety of unorthodox ways that couples can make baby-making easier.

bill cosby

What The Cosby Show Taught Us About Life And Love

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of The Cosby Show, we're going to squeeze out ways in which this iconic family seared itself in our memories. Granted, this took some creative brain wrangling. We were a bit younger than Rudy throughout the Cosby's eight-season tenure, which meant for most of it, we were too little to fully appreciate the New Wave, bohemian-leanings of Denise, Baby Boom-esque, working girl stylings of Sondra, and strong, feminist undertones of Clair. But this isn't to say the residue of the family didn't linger in our psyches. While we didn't learn much about sex (The Cosby's were arguably the most wholesome family this side of the Brady's) we did take away some was universal love rules instead.

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Do You Overlap When Transitioning Boyfriends?

When I asked an old friend why she hadn't just broken up with her live-in boyfriend instead of beginning a messy affair with a married neighbor, she snapped, "Don't be stupid—nobody leaves a relationship without having another one in place." Oh, please, I corrected her. Of course they do. People fall out of love or get angry and leave without a safety net all the time. But as I thought back, I realized that for as long as I knew her, she never had. Even when she pretty much hated the one she was with, she stuck it out until she'd lined up his replacement. I could never understand why. My friend is beautiful, successful and very smart; surely being single for a little while wouldn't end her world.

Malia sasha and michelle obama

Obama Girls Dating? Not Without Secret Service

Dating is hard for teenage girls. Dealing with overprotective parents, boys who only want one thing and burgeoning sexual desires can prove difficult. Now imagine that your father is president. There's a big upside: living in the White House, flying in private planes and getting the royal treatment wherever you go. Great, right? The D.C. version of Gossip Girl, even. But with one little addition: men with guns. All the time. For Malia and Sasha Obama, dating would have been hard enough in normal world, but while the perks of daddy being Prez are great and all, the downside will be a constant posse of Secret Service agents. Even on dates. According to the Daily News, although M and S are not yet teens (ages 10 and 7, respectively), President Obama has already addressed what their dating lives will be like when the girls are getting ready for first kisses, under the shirt explorations, and, "everything but," high school hookups.