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What Women Secretly Think About During Sex

Women try to stay focused during sex. We really do! Some nights our minds wander to more mundane things in life; other nights we get a little existential. Can you really blame us for not being fully present every second? We're busy women with work, friends, a softball league, and seven seasons of The West Wing to watch! After the jump, 30 things women think about during sex ... you know, other than how your big boy is rocking our world right now.

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Why Your 20-Something Boyfriend Wants A Baby

Twentysomething guys are often thought of to be party- and booty-obsessed overgrown babies, but a new study reveals that most of them actually covet fatherhood! Biological clocks, stability and good, old-fashioned love are some of the reasons motivating men to have kids.

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5 Countries Where Skinny Isn't Sexy

Thanks to fashion magazines, fast food and size-0 actresses, American women live in a crazy funhouse mirror -- the more the obesity rate rises, it seems, the tinier and more unrealistic our idealized standards of beauty become. But is it that way all over the world? Globally, for most women, what determines beauty comes from more meaningful influences than Cosmo. We asked her to tell us about five countries who don't idealize the Keira Knightley physique -- though they each have their own set of body issues.

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What Makes Men Nervous In Bed?

Men are proud of their sexual exploits. That’s why we brag about them like idiots. However, during the actual act, some guys are much more uptight than they let on—sometimes uptight enough that they fail to really enjoy the experience. Here’s a look at some common reasons for male self-consciousness during sex, and what you can do to boost a nervous guy’s ego.

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6 TV Guys We'd Like To Date

OK, so the guys aren't lining up around the block, and perhaps you find yourself at home—in front of the television. Rest assured, there are plenty of single guys on TV to sink your teeth into. So grab the remote, settle in, and find a great guy that will never cancel on you (um, unless the network steps in…). Sunday: Patrick Jane, The Mentalist (CBS, 9 PM). Played by Simon Baker, Jane is a weird, quirky never-plays-by-the-rules kind of guy who serves as a consultant to California Bureau of Investigation. He's like Monk—but extremely attractive. Monday: Damon Salvatore, Vampire Diaries (The CW, 9PM). Everyone seems to want to date his brother, but we're more interested in the dark, brooding (and sometimes evil) older sibling. Vampires Make Better Boyfriends

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Is Cheating Inevitable?

John Edwards. Justin Timberlake. Tiger Woods. With new stories of infidelity popping up every day, is it any wonder we sometimes feel as if we're only biding our time—stomachs clenched—until we catch our partner in the act? After all, it's inevitable. Right?

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These Celebrity Exes Are Worse Than Yours

We’ve all done a few things we aren’t proud of in the midst of a heinous breakup. Breakups bring out the very worst in people, but that tendency seems to exist to an extreme degree in celebrities. It seems as if their relationships always ends less with tears than with potential jail time. Tiger Woods’s wife’s coming at him with a golf club (allegedly) is just the latest in a string of incidents in which seemingly normal celebrities have turned into downright psychotic exes.

Top 10 Love Songs Of 2009

Top 10 Love Songs Of 2009

The top ten love songs that made us swoon this year. From Kanye to Kings Of Leon, check out our list of the 2009's top tunes about love.

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Why She Kicked You To The Curb

So, she dumped you. Sorry! Sometimes women do that sort of thing. Now, you want to know why? Your buddies say: "Who cares!" You want to know anyway. There are many reasons she may have thrown your heart out with the trash, but more likely than not it's one of the top 10 most common reasons that women dump men. Was it something you said? Was it something you did? Was it all that eating Cheetos in bed? After the jump, find out why she dumped you, but, trust us, the answer isn't always pretty.