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Just Have Him Pull Out To Avoid Getting Pregnant?

The study, by sex researcher Rachel K. Jones, indicates that "if the male partner withdraws before ejaculation every time a couple has vaginal intercourse, about 4 % of the couples will become pregnant over the course of a year." With an 18% failure rate, the pull-out method comes pretty close to matching up with that of the condom’s 17% failure rate.

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Love Getting Spanked? Don't Be Ashamed

My first spanking was at my 16th birthday party. My guy friends tackled me on the kitchen floor and took turns giving me 16 spanks. And maybe one for good luck. I don't remember. Once freed, I was livid. I was mortified. And I was totally turned on.

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History Students Get Laid Most Often

A new British study by the Oxford University student newspaper Cherwell says those who study history get the most action, with politics, English literature, philosophy and economic students also doing very well in the bedroom as well. Granted the survey was only out of 850 students, so you can hardly scratch your head at all the business and art majors at your university who seemed to enjoy a revolving door of partners. In fact, the study offers no reason why those majors seem to be sex magnets while others lag behind. But we're guessing liberal arts degree-seekers may just be more convivial than say a computer science or math major? However, the same study also revealed that British students who got laid more than once a month were less likely to do well in school.

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How To Date Like The Bachelorette

1. Keep all your guys in one place. While The Bachelorette gets to live all by her lonesome in a big, beautiful mansion, her men sleep side by side on bunk beds in the Bachelor Barracks. This strategic move was made a few seasons ago in an effort to separate the "stinky" from the selected few. One by one, the men are invited to move into the mansion with Jillian but only after she's memorized their name and has extended them a special rose. This smart maneuver teaches us that distance does make the heart grow fonder, especially when it comes to dating multiple men. The last thing a girl needs when she's got more than one guy on her mind is a pop quiz around every corner.

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His Wandering Eye. What Does It Mean?

One of the classic complaints women have about men is the never-subtle wandering eye. Whether it's checking out the cute waitress, staring at the girl at the bar or even just the too-long glances at friends, men constantly seem to be checking out the females within eyesight. Most of these men whose eyes linger lustily don't actually want to make a move, but they do enjoy seeing a nice-looking woman (remember how visual men are?). Regardless, women never seem to enjoy watching their partner watch another pretty lady.

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Gay Talese Pens New Book On 50-Yr. Marriage

Oh, what times they must have been. In the '70s writer Gay Talese was in throes of research, working on a novel. This wasn't just any reporter's notepad, though. His research involved scouting out massage parlors and trailing orgies with a crew of New York City couples.

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Why Women Cheat

According to a new study cited in The New York Times, infidelity is on the rise. The study also concluded that young women are closing the gap on what has largely been thought of as bad behavior for men—apparently, nearly as many women are cheating on their partners and spouses. This did not surprise me in the slightest—a large number of women I know in my age group have cheated on boyfriends. So why do women cheat? What are the circumstances that led to their infidelity? And how did they feel about it in the aftermath? After the jump, 13 anonymous confessions from women who have cheated.

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Should Women Take Over The World?

For whatever reason, Brooker decided to write an essay about how he thinks women should take over for the next decade. "A 10-year prohibition on all forms of male power," he writes. Lock men up in a room "with some lego" and have the fairer sex fix all the bobble-headed mistakes these brutish lads have made. Men are nothing more than a false "swagger" he says who have"bollocksed the planet up." Bollocksed! And if you think Barack Obama—the left-leaning savior—is exempt from this, you're dead wrong. You see, Obama made the grave mistake of being born a man. So therefor he's doomed and just as bollocks-y as one of the guys from Oasis. "Oh, you. Pretty, silly you. We've got you brainwashed. See, that's what our incessant, ruinous swaggering was all about: pretending to be more complex and dangerous than we actually are. In truth your suspicions are correct: we're very, very simple. We're lazy and we like blowjobs. That's all there is to us. Literally: that's it. From Sir John Betjeman to Barack Obama, from Copernicus to Liam Gallagher. The core software we run on could fit in the memory of a digital watch circa 1985 without even scraping the sides."