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britney spears joint custody

3 Tips For Dealing With Your Kids' New Stepmom

Kevin Federline, Britney Spears' baby-daddy, is in talks to star in a new reality show starring himself, his new, live-in girlfriend Victoria Prince, and possibly his and Brit's two kids, Jayden James and Sean Preston, according to MTV News. Normally there's be nothing remarkable about this—D-list celebrities signing their lives away for money and dubious notoriety is nothing new. The interesting part of this story is that Kevin Federline lives with another woman. And since he has full custody of his two children, the new girlfriend sees the kids more than Britney does. What do you do when your ex-husband's new girlfriend sees your kids more than you do?

solar eclipse

Love And Death And The Solar Eclipse

Today, Asia was treated to the longest solar eclipse of the 21st century. And in most cases, people were excited about it. Indian scientists observed the eclipse from fighter jets. In Japan, spectators flocked to the southwest islands, where the moon blocked the earth's view of the sun for over six and a half minutes. And in China, the government took the eclipse as an opportunity to educate the masses about science and dispel superstitions.

woman reading

A Can't-Miss Rule Book For Singles

In case you missed it last summer, the famed writer of television-series celebrity, Liz Tuccillo, who wrote saucy episodes of Sex and the City is back on shelves. The reprint of her debut fiction novel, How To Be Single, reads as a smart, funny guidebook for unattached women.

Sad couple embracing

Are Apologies Enough After Domestic Abuse?

After being accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend and world famous pop star Rihanna, Chris Brown pleaded guilty to felony assault charges. While the assault occurred back in February, not much was heard from Brown, apparently on the request of his lawyers, until now. Hollywood Life reported that the R&B singer issued a video apology where he accepted responsibility, expressed remorse and promised to take steps to ensure he does not repeat his abuse. Read: The Real Reason For Chris Brown's Apology It can be argued whether Brown's apology was sincere or whether it was just a ploy to win back fans, but the bigger question remains as to just how far does an apology go in a domestic violence situation. Rihanna had the means and capability of leaving Brown after he assaulted her, but many women who suffer from domestic abuse do not have the same power.

man earning more money than woman

Men Like To Earn More Than Their Wives

The study "The Impact of Relative Earnings Among Dual-Earner Couples on Career Satisfaction and Family Satisfaction" reveals that men feel better about their careers if they make more money then their wives. Wives also feel better about their careers depending on money, but feel worse about their home lives. This isn't true with men. Money doesn't effect how men view themselves at home.

650 lb virgin

650 Pound Virgin Loses Weight—And Finds Love?

All teenage boys want to get laid: there are books that gaily depict their wanton need, as well as an entire genre of movies devoted to the subject. It seems that TLC decided to jump on the bandwagon with "650-Pound Virgin"—the story of David Smith, a (once) 650-pound outcast—that premiered on Sunday night. It was a shocking piece of television, but not for the reason you might think.


Man Digs Up Woman For Sex

It's not easy being a 23-year-old virgin. Especially when you're a shy man who is into fairy tales. So explains Nicholas Grunke's defense attorney, Suzanne Edwards. You see, Grunke has been accused of trying to dig up the body of a dead woman in order to have sex with her.

couple with blindfold

Dating In The Dark: The First Episode

Here's how the first episode of Dating in the Dark went down. Three single men. Three single women. They meet for the first time in the dark, all sitting at a conference table. Each single makes first impressions of his or her dating options based on voices, accents (there were a few foreign, Australia and England, in the mix) and question responses.