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10 Men Not To Date In 2010

Is it just us or was 2009 filled with screwy dates with men you'd never want to, well... Anyway. Right here, right now, it's time to throw down and end this vicious cycle of bad dates. Now that a new decade has dawned, here are 10 fellas I'm going to downgrade from black book to blacklist—and never allow to grace my single life again.

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Can A Relationship Get Cozy Too Quickly?

Recently, my boyfriend expressed some fear that we had moved too fast. While it's only been four months, it feels like way more. Not quite a lifetime, but certainly a few years. We had clicked almost instantly, and while I was less than a year out of a nearly five-year relationship and he was, um, not quite divorced (a whole other topic), it seemed too good to pass up. I felt ready to be totally vulnerable and open to someone new, no matter where that might lead me. It has been (mostly) awesome.

Porn Surfing

Porn Use Around The World

A pair of recent studies tracking the porn-consuming habits of populations around the world generated some numbers that depending on your point of view, are either shocking or yawningly obvious.

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5 Ways To Enjoy Your Post-Breakup Misery

If there's one thing that redeems the whole terrible process of breaking up with someone, it's the potentially fun recovery period afterward. Don't get us wrong: Breakups are a sad, sorry business, and even the cleanest ones entail some kind of annoying consequence or follow-up, like adjusting to an empty bed or having to return that awesome space heater he left at your apartment. The key to making the most of your breakup is engaging in life-affirming activities: little things that will empower you start over and set out into the great unknown (singlehood - eek!) with courage and resilience. Resist binge-drinking, rebound guys or ex sex, and consider these fun post-breakup activities instead:

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How Men Should Show Appreciation For Our Breasts

Boobies, tatas, jugs, melons, bubbies (if you're a "Real Housewife" from New Jersey), there are so many nicknames, and about as many ways to show your appreciation for our girlie golden globes. But every lady has got a story about some boob hound who did her knockers wrong! So, dudes, because I can't look in those sweet eyes of yours and lie, I'm going to uncover titties for you, well, with some straight talk.

Neenah Pickett

52 Weeks, 30+ Dates, 1 Blog, 0 Husbands

The New Year is off to a bittersweet start for Neenah Pickett. The New Jersey media consultant, 43, spent all of 2009 searching for love and not finding it. Still, Pickett emerged with hope and pride intact. At her Web site 52 Weeks 2 Find Him, she chronicled her dozens of dates and introduction to online dating and social networking sites—her message being that finding the love of your life should take work. "I did not put any effort into dating and went on two first dates in 14 years," she said of her past approach. "I thought, 'If I give all my effort like I do in my career and other areas of my life, will that make a difference?'"

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The 5 Most Disturbing Things We Do For Beauty

Yesterday, The New York Times printed a small piece on edible beauty products, highlighting such odd concoctions as Nutra Resveratrol Anti-Ageing Water and, even more disturbing, a coffee in Singapore that contains collagen, and which is meant to improve the skin. In Japan, they even add collagen to yogurt drinks, dried fruits and other foods. It seems like a weird way to go in order to simultaneously satisfy your beauty and your caffeine fix. Then again, we've seen worse.