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YourTango this week from fresher than a newborn. From post-preganancy sex to intelligent dating, there was something for everyone. But in case you were too busy checking that bun in the oven, here's what you missed.

Tips To Get Men More Into Foreplay

Tips To Get Men More Into Foreplay

Women have probably internally wondered for centuries why men devour sex like a two-bite appetizer instead of savoring it like a five-course meal. Let's be honest, more times than not a metaphorical bill has arrived before most women have even had a chance to finish buttering their bread. Do they think we don't want foreplay? Are they just super-selfish? Lazy? Take us for granted? Secretly inexperienced? Dr. Brian Parker's explanations and tips to get your fella more interested in foreplay.

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How To Be A Good Wedding Guest Without Going Broke

Give your friends a gift that doesn't have an obvious monetary value. In other words, resist the urge to write them a check in the amount of $54.25 even if it shows you're down to your last dollar. Instead, seek out registry items that pack a good punch. A miniature crystal vase doesn't carry as much weight as say, an oversized overnight bag. Luggage is a great gift for guests on a budget and if you can find it on sale, even better.

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White Lies In Relationships

You told your boyfriend about the lunch you had with your colleague, but forgot to mention it was with a hottie man who works on another floor. He told his age, kind of, but round off to the nearest zero. They're tiny little stretches of the truth, meant to do no harm. Instead white lies are spouted instead to spare your partner's feelings and be polite. But are these fibs doing harm to your relationship?

6 Places To Never Hit On Someone

6 Places To Never Hit On Someone

Askmen.com recently published a cute, albeit, standard little ditty about hitting on chicks at your high school reunion. The writer thought celebrating the passing years since high school graduation was a perfect opportunity to play catch up and score with all the ladies you wanted to but (because you were a pimple-infested, dork-virgin) never did. Fair enough, but this had us thinking: What places should you absolutely under no circumstances (well... never say never...) try to get laid? Are some places off limits? We sorta think so. 1.) A funeral. 2.) The gym. 3.) Job interview. 4.) Your therapist's office. 5.) On the plane. 6.) The emergency room.

Why Is Biology Against Us?

Why Is Biology Against Us?

Many women today embrace the notion of being an independent woman. Women everywhere are saying "screw you" to society’s once norm idea of being a spinster if you aren't married in your 20s, and instead aren't walking down the aisle until they are good and ready.

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Dating, Adventurist Style

Tired of the same old dinner-and-a-movie dating dance? If you're more of an outdoorsy type by nature why wait until later in the dating cycle to see if the person you're pairing up with shares the same passion for nature? Start off instead with an adventure date—hiking on the trails, kayaking down the river or sailing away into the sunset. Do so and you could be ginormous steps ahead in the compatibility game.

How To Tell A Virgin

How To Tell If He's A Virgin

As his hands were wrapped around my wrists, John looked me in the eyes and said “if you keep being a real cool girl, maybe something special could happen between us.” Those words will forever be burned in my brain. They were so cringe-worthy and so embarrassing, that I probably would have laughed had I not been worried about being date raped.