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female power

Should Women Take Over The World?

For whatever reason, Brooker decided to write an essay about how he thinks women should take over for the next decade. "A 10-year prohibition on all forms of male power," he writes. Lock men up in a room "with some lego" and have the fairer sex fix all the bobble-headed mistakes these brutish lads have made. Men are nothing more than a false "swagger" he says who have"bollocksed the planet up." Bollocksed! And if you think Barack Obama—the left-leaning savior—is exempt from this, you're dead wrong. You see, Obama made the grave mistake of being born a man. So therefor he's doomed and just as bollocks-y as one of the guys from Oasis. "Oh, you. Pretty, silly you. We've got you brainwashed. See, that's what our incessant, ruinous swaggering was all about: pretending to be more complex and dangerous than we actually are. In truth your suspicions are correct: we're very, very simple. We're lazy and we like blowjobs. That's all there is to us. Literally: that's it. From Sir John Betjeman to Barack Obama, from Copernicus to Liam Gallagher. The core software we run on could fit in the memory of a digital watch circa 1985 without even scraping the sides."

Woman and man as couple

Do We Find Love Or Decide To Love?

When enmeshed in the search for love, it can be difficult to determine whether it should be something we find or something that we decide to do. Many people experience the romantic love story. But a lot of couples find love to be something more learned and practiced. For people who are still hunting, it's difficult to decide whether to view it as a noun or a verb. Louise Rafkin has been interviewing couples and telling their love stories in a weekly column in the San Francisco Chronicle for the past couple years. As someone who is still searching for the one, she pondered the question of love and how to attain it in Modern Love in the New York Times.

Couple smiling

Loving Your Husband More Than Your Children

In Bad Mother, author Ayelet Waldman encourages women to aspire to be "not bad" mothers and resist the pressure to meet the extremely high standards of success that society has for women and motherhood. Waldman wants women to stop trying so hard and just be. She argues that mothers can and should be honest, flawed, and, yes, selfish sometimes—your ability to care for your children will not suffer. Discuss: Which is harder: marriage or motherhood?

parents fighting

Parental Violence Affects Kids' Mental Health

Children whose parents treat each other violently are more likely to have mental difficulties as adults finds a study from the National Institute of Health and Medical Research in Paris, France, reports Science Daily. When researchers carried out in-person interviews with more than 3,000 adults they measured intimate partner violence, violence against children, lifetime suicide attempts and current level of depression.

wedding cake

Dumped At The Altar

June is upon us. You know what that means: Wedding bells are ringing. But not in all cases. As if there was any shortage of reality television shows, one more has been added to the list. We recently stumbled onto the premier episode of "Hitched or Ditched," a new reality TV show from The CW, the network that brings us Gossip Girl and America's Next Top Model.

Dating Tips Recession-Style

Dating Tips Recession-Style

First dates at Le Cirque and second dates in St. Barth’s are out (for me, and maybe you, they were never in, but you get the point). Everyone’s feeling pressure on their wallets, and so for a lot of folks, that means pressure on the dating budget. What are the dating experts advocating in the downturn?

dirty divorce tricks

10 Down And Dirty Divorce Tricks

10. Moving the spouse to a different country in order to obtain a more favourable divorce settlement. This may sound far-fetched but, as I have noted in a previous post, it happens more frequently than one might think.The trusting spouse does not realize that the promised life of sun and fun is never destined to materialize. Instead, a divorce looms in a country in which financial settlements are far more modest than in rainy England.

Gay Couple And No Kids

Gay Or Straight, No Kids Means No Marriage

It seems quite silly really. Deny heterosexual couples the right to get married? Not in this country. But aha! We could be headed there very shortly if definition is to be followed and conservatives are not to be questioned.