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7 Must-Read Sex Tips

A columnist for The Frisky takes a break from her regularly scheduled "Sex with Susannah" programming to bring you breaking news from the "everything your mother never told you about sex" front. During the course of writing her column, receiving reader letters and writing about sex and relationships, it's come to her attention that there are some basic sex facts it would behoove everyone to know... especially the ladies.


I Worked As A Dominatrix, But I'm Just Like You

"I specialized in pretty hardcore scenes—what we called corporal scenes. Sort of the meaner scenes," she tells Lemondrop. "Which was interesting, because it didn't seem to fit with my personality. I didn't like those sessions at the beginning. You start by doing the 'sensual sessions' that look like flirty behavior... but that just started to feel uncomfortable—too close to reality. I worked hard not to engage my sexuality in the job. So there was something thrilling about acting out this mean, violent persona. It was so far from who I was or who I'd ever been." Although we've only just met her, we believe her. It's hard to imagine this sweet-sounding professor ever trussing up a naked man like a turkey or, say, dunking his head underwater. But remember—those guys asked her to do it, they paid her for it, and all we have to say is, she worked hard for her money. As if her book weren't revealing enough—and trust us, it is!—Febos agreed to share even more. In her own words, below are 10 Things You Don't Know About My Life As a Dominatrix:

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You Might Be Married And Not Even Know It!

People are always asking how they'll know when they've found The One, when it's time to settle down for good and get married. But what I'm here to tell you is, you may already be "married" and not even know it. I've been in an unmarried long-term relationship for years, which comes with its fair share of marginalization. No matter how long you've been committed to somebody, most people won't really recognize the capital-S Seriousness of your partnership without the "legally binding" part. Look, guys—there are more things that bind two people together forever than a marriage license. As everybody who's been in a long-term relationship—married or not—knows, there's much more to being married than the piece of paper from the city hall. So I've prepared a some handy proof for us marrieds to keep on hand for the inquisitive and unbelieving. Caution—if you're in a loving, committed partnership, you may be more married than you think.

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4 Ways Employers Could Help Our Relationships

What if our employers catered to a shattered relationship like they did the flu? What if a philandering boyfriend or husband was treated like a heart attack, and your boss not only encouraged time off but shuddered at the thought of returning at less then 100 percent. In an ideal world, our employers could help our relationships stay healthy and strong.

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15 Signs Your Relationship Won't Last

The Frisky's “Mind of Man” columnist has argued that couples moving in together is the kiss of death for a relationship. This other writer thinks he's crazy—always, always, always move in together before you commit to marriage!—but there are other real kiss of death moments for couples. Check out "15 Signs You're Headed For Bed Death" below. Just don't be mad if you decide to dump your boyfriend as a result.

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5 Hair, Nail And Makeup Tips From A Guy

There are some makeup and hair habits guys just don't understand. We asked dating blogger Abraham Lloyd to weigh in on the beauty looks men don't get and can't stand. The upside? You get to spend less time primping.

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Lady Gaga Can Orgasm Without Touch—And So Can You

Some of you may have missed it, but buried amongst plentiful Lady Gaga gems lies an especially interesting nugget about orgasms. She explains to the author of a recent New York magazine interview that acting classes she took during her youth helped her to fine-tune her imagination. From drinking out of an imaginary coffee cup, to thinking herself to an orgasm. Says Lady Gaga: "I don't know if this is too much for your magazine, but I can actually mentally give myself an orgasm. You know, sense memory is quite powerful." And, there, Lady Gaga managed to convey what researchers and sex therapists have been trying to communicate for years: when it comes to sex, it's all in our heads.

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Meet Glo, Our New Best Friend

YourTango readers, meet Glo , a new women's website that is a collaboration between bigwig media companies MSN, Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S. and BermanBraun.