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traveling as a couple

Tips To Travel Happy As A Couple

I love to travel, but my man stresses out if we go anywhere not reachable by subway. So after six years of togetherness, I tend to either travel by my lonesome or extend the rare trips we take together for a few days after he's gone. But we're going to Puerto Rico in a couple weeks. And as I feared, the bitching has already begun.

finding love online

How Online Dating Led Her To The One

Megan Capone, 34, had some experience with online dating when she first messaged now-husband Jim Capone on Match.com. "I thought he looked like a model," said the social media and marketing consultant and blogger. "I wrote, 'I'm impressed, how about you?'" Jim, 37, had been on Match for about six months and was taking a break from the site when he got Megan's message. "I wasn't even looking at the time," said Jim, who works for a financial software company. "She kind of tracked me down." The duo discovered they lived only five minutes from each other in Dracut, Mass., and grew up in neighboring towns with rival high school football teams. They started emailing almost daily and chatting on the phone after a week. Even though he was interested, Jim made Megan wait for a date. "Something I learned over the years is to be patient," he said. "We paced ourselves." When they met in person, they went to Barnes & Noble, then to an ice cream shop. It was while eating their treats that an endearing goof made Megan realize Jim was something special.

google search

To Google Or Not To Google A Date

You knows the scenario, you meet somebody new, finagle a first and last name, go home, let it gel and then your computer screws it all up. "Find out more!" it hisses "C'mon. Don't you want to...google?" To google or not to google a date? 4 guidelines to follow.

ashley madison

Why One Newlywed Wants To Have An Affair

When it was time to tie the knot, we decided to elope, rather than have a big wedding. We were both in agreement on that. Then, pretty soon afterward, he started traveling for work more often. I started to realize that marrying a highly motivated person means you also marry someone who's... busy. I first heard about Ashley Madison on the radio.

just married newlywed car

10 Pros And Cons: Changing Your Name For Marriage

Changing your last name for marriage is a big decision, here are 10 pros and cons to help you decide. Many of us spent our childhood years doodling our names with the "Mrs." pronoun into the margins of our diaries. We experimented with our crushes' names, imagined ourselves with famous names (Mrs. DiCaprio, anybody?), or dreamed up names that were completely random altogether. Now that we're a little more seasoned and—hopefully—more in tune with our sense of individuality, we figure that changing our last name for marriage isn't newlywed protocol.

dating disaster vegans anorexia

Dating Disaster: Vegans Like You Cause Anorexia

Online dating is hard enough without all the risks of what could go wrong. From deceptive pictures to insincere motives, Jessica Adams has gone through it all. She shares in this hilarious account how one prospective match, a promising sociology student, turned out to be less than desirable.

being a man

Secrets Of The Male Mind: Ogling, Emotions And Sex

Why, we all seem to ask, do men always seem to zone out when we tell them about a bad day? And better yet, why do they say that they can't get enough of us and then ogle longingly at the next barely-dressed stranger to pass him by like she's a piece of meat? According to Louann Brizendine, M.D. and her new book The Male Brain, it's all part of the male mind, and he is NOT alone. Maybe mom was onto something during those times when all she had to say about your father was a grumbled, "he is such a man". Male minds do, indeed, work different than their female counterparts.

defending judy blume

Judy Blume: Crucial Sex Education For Young Girls

As a young girl—ovaries yet to ripen and hymen still in intact—reading Judy Blume books were like porn for me … educational porn. These were the pre-internet days, before I could Google "funny feeling down there" or "penis, hard-on." All I had was my imagination and my canon of Judy Blume books to aid my highly curious pre-teen mind. They were a permanent Sharpie mark on my burgeoning deviant mind.