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Love Bytes: When The Lights Go Out

Love Bytes: three must-click sex, dating and relationship links. Do your heads have to hit the pillow in unison? [Dear Sugar] Is it okay for single parents to have sleepovers? [Yahoo Shine] Could it be that - given the situation is safe and the kids never know - that having a partner over for some private time behind closed bedroom doors could be an expression of self-care and maybe even happy and healthy? Too tired for love? [Sirens Magazine] To get to that point, single women need to get out of the office—or get off the couch—and devote time to finding a mate, dating experts say. No one’s going to come knocking at your door.

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Why Women Shouldn't Say "I Love You" First

If I have a daughter one day, among the many things I'll teach her will be how to tie her shoes, to look both ways before crossing the street, to never end a sentence with a preposition, and to always let the man say "I love you" first. I'll give her plenty of other relationship tips, too, like how it's perfectly okay to ask a guy out, to make the first move, to even propose, but when it comes to the "L" word, the ball's in the guy's court.

It's Written All Over His Face

It's Written All Over His Face

Jean Haner, a supposed "expert in understanding facial features" and author of The Wisdom of Your Face thinks she's can tell by the structure of someone's mug what kind of significant other and lover they'll make. Haner claims your face is a "blueprint for who you really are inside" and somehow makes the case for one's outer genetics innately traveling inward. If you're looking for "sensitive guy who is emotionally available" scan the next crowded bar for a lad with a large mouth and full lips, she says. But, ladies, don't even take the number of a guy who's lower lip is larger than the upper -- he's a shameless womanizer. "It's a sign they're more hedonistic and have a tendency to be unfaithful," she says. "Maybe one woman isn't going to be enough." Where if a man's lips aren't even visible, that means he "doesn't care at all."

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The Venus Butterfly Technique

The mythical one-hour orgasm. Does it exist? According to some experts interviewed by Yvonne K. Fulbright on FoxNews.com it certainly does. With a technique called the Venus Butterfly practitioners can experience orgasmic contractions over and over.

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When To Give Your Ex A Second Chance

Loads of couples breakup and then make-up and sometimes things work out great. But knowing when, and under what circumstances, to forgive and forget is key, and most of us won't know until we're thrust into that situation. Here are six scenarios to consider…

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How To Protect Yourself Against A Cheating Spouse

Before no-fault divorce laws, the courts considered sex something that was exclusive to marriage. A wife was protected from the negative consequences of adultery by criminal law, specific divorce laws that addressed adultery, and, in some cases, alienation of affection laws. With the introduction of no-fault divorce laws, the courts, for some reason, decided they had no business being involved in the issue of whether or not a husband was faithful, or the right of a wife to be compensated for a husband's cheating ways. In these times, what is a jilted spouse to do?

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Cross-Cultural Couples: At Higher Risk Of Divorce?

Academic research on cross-cultural couples has tended toward the negative, said Kyle Killian, an associate professor of psychology at York University, Canada's third largest, in an Alumni Matters article. But time has brought an increase in the number of intercultural couples as well as an increase in social acceptance.