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A Good Night's Rest Improves Relationships

Everyone always seems to be on the constant search for more sleep. But catching a little shut-eye can also be the first thing discarded and overlooked when "life" gets in the way. According to a new study, however, getting enough sleep and the quality of a relationship are very much intertwined. Basically, it was found that not sleeping enough negatively affects relationship quality the following day. Conversely, negative relationship interactions during the day have an adverse affect on the quality of sleep that night. A vicious cycle to be sure.

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Mate Selection: How It Works

In his recent paper, Mate Choice and Sexual Selection: What Have We Learned Since Darwin, evolution scientist and professor Adam Jones from Texas A&M University marvels that Darwin got it right with his theory 150 years ago that mate selection is anything but random chance.

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Is Narcissism Keeping You From Finding Love?

It's no secret that people are getting married later these days than in previous generations, and in this culture of hook-ups and "modern female dating anxiety," we're at no loss for theories that explain why. Some people say today's twentysomethings are delaying marriage to focus on careers and build close friendships instead, but another explanation paints a less flattering picture of young people: apparently, they're all just a bunch of narcissists. In an article on The Daily Beast this week, writer Hannah Seligson, explores this theory, writing: "narcissism, even in small doses, has shifted courtship into a high-stakes relationship culture. Now that people think more highly of themselves, expectations of what a relationship should be like have skyrocketed into the realm of superlatives. Twentysomethings not only expect to waltz into high-level career positions right out of college, they also expect partners who have the moral fortitude of Nelson Mandela, the comedic timing of Stephen Colbert, the abs of Hugh Jackman, and the hair of Patrick Dempsey." Read: Are You Narcissistic?

Free E-Book Attempts To Help Men Get Laid

Free E-Book Attempts To Help Men Get Laid

Dating website Casanova System swears it has the answer to that little lack of sex problem you suffer from—you don't have enough 'social proof.' Social proof is looking like you're popular, desirable, trustworthy and well-connected in any group.

Weeds, Mary Louise Parker

3 Things Weeds Teaches Us About Love

Even after 53 episodes, two towns and numerous romantic liasons, Nancy Botwin, played by the doe-eyed Mary Louise Parker, doesn't seem to have improved her decision-making skills. Same goes for the rest of the Botwin clan and their friends. But, everyone's blunders have made for great TV. In honor of the recent premiere of the 5th season, here are three things we've learned about love from watching Weeds.

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The Bachelor Party Lives Up To Reputation

In the newly released wedding flick ('tis the season) The Hangover, we get a glimpse of a Las Vegas bachelor party spent among four guys. We see them in the car, driving out to Vegas in a borrowed luxe car. We see them check into the $4,000-a-night party suite. We see them getting on their sleek going-out clothes (well all of them except for the one socially inept character who throws on jeans and a tee that his pot belly pokes out from).

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What Not To Do On A Blind Date

I screwed up last night. Bigtime. I had a date with the last of the eHarms batch. Mr. Grand Finale and I had been playing phone tag for months. Finally we nailed down a date and time. 8:00, Opia Lounge. But first I pre-partied at a Glamour BBQ in the West Village, and that’s where the trouble began. Here’s what went down on my blind date.

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Are You Looking To Date Yourself?

Everyone knows that there are lots of fish in the sea. Some fish travel in schools and enjoy the security of being identical to their underwater neighbors. I always preferred the beta fish, however; colorful and unique, the beta fish swims alone and exudes individuality. Just like the beta fish that attacks any gilled creature that resembles his reflection, Carbon Copy and I were doomed from the start. The pond simply was not big enough for the both of us.

Is The Recession Changing Men's Values?

Is The Recession Changing Men's Values?

"I feel like in the time that I've been laid off, I've become a family man," he continued as I listened while stuffing my mouth with sustenance from the hen. "Maybe I've been growing that way anyway, but being laid off has given me another level of awareness. It makes me want to be somewhere where you can hear the roosters crow—like back in Puerto Rico."