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Love Bytes: Wear Red, 11-Year-Old Mom & Super Bowl

Love Bytes: Wear Red, 11-Year-Old Mom & Super Bowl

10 must-click love and relationship links: National Wear Red Day 2010, 6 unique places to hold a wedding, 9 year-old gives birth, meet guys at a Super Bowl party, sperm infographic, Charlie Sheen's car plunges over a cliff, 8 hairstyles men love, abstinence-only education may be effective.

Win Back An Ex With Jessica Alba Plastic Surgery?

Win Back An Ex With Jessica Alba Plastic Surgery?

While Facebook users play with the celebrity Doppelganger application that matches their face with a famous guy or gal's, one woman in China is taking it to another level: getting plastic surgery to look like Jessica Alba... with the intended purpose of winning her boyfriend back. Xiaoqing, a 21-year-old from China, wants to get plastic surgery to look like Jessica Alba in order to win back an ex-boyfriend who is obsessed with the Hollywood actress.

tired woman

Are You Ever Too Tired For Sex?

While resentments in marriage, poor body image, lost attraction, and underlying medical reasons can cause a woman to lose her libido, the #1 culprit women blame is being too tired for sex.

playing cupid

Are Mom And Dad Meddling With Your Love Life?

That's because, during his acceptance speech, the "proud" dad announced to the world at large that his daughters, Ayla Brown, 21, a former "American Idol" finalist, and Arianna Brown, 19, were "available."Of course Brown could do a lot more damage if allowed to go on at length—say, in a filibuster on the Senate floor—but the issue raises an even thornier question: Should your parents be allowed to intervene in your love life at all?

sun aphrodisiac

Sunbathing & Other Natural Aphrodisiacs

A recent Australian study says sunlight is a natural aphrodisiac, raising testosterone levels in men and boosting libido by as much as 69 percent. Other odd sources? Pumpkin pie, frog juice and garlic. How low-maintenance! And no Viagra necessary! Are they going to start installing sun lamps in dingy bars?

Bad Relationships Are A Waste Of Time

Bad Relationships Are A Waste Of Time

Really, the biggest fallacy of dating is the idea that every single date or relationship better prepares you for this mythical Soul Mate. A jerk who dumps you for your best friend, or someone who lies to you, or a man who hits you — they are all supposed to teach you some big, valuable lesson. It's a very can-do, optimistic, American idea. "Make lemonade out of lemons!" "Find the silver lining!" If you don't find the silver lining, you're not trying hard enough.

how to talk to your husband

How To Prepare For A Loaded Conversation

Ever found yourself circumventing a conversation you know you need to have with your partner? Or maybe you've rehearsed precisely what you want to say only to have it fall on deaf ears, or worse, defensive ears! Every relationship encounters its share of tough issues. An unexpected change in circumstances, or feelings of dissatisfaction, or a desire for change, for example, may trigger an issue. How you view them depends on a number of factors including your stage of life and your ability to effectively manage the issues that arise in your relationship.

valentine's day twitter

Valentine's Day Tips And Quips On Twitter

Oh Twitter, how we love thee. You bring us the best content and the breaking news. You make the day fly by (it often flies by so fast, that we...um...forget to actually get any work done). And you bring the funny. Will you be our Valentine? For those of you who are feeling a bit lost this year when it comes to Valentine's Day, Twitter has something for you, too. Below, some of the quips, tips and holiday specials you'll find around the Twittersphere.