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Love Bytes: The ShamWow Scandal

Love Bytes: three must click sex, dating and relationship links. Vince Shlomi, the ShamWow pitchman, is apparently better at picking up spilled liquids than hookers. [Huffington Post] Justine Lai likes painting portraits of presidents. Presidents and her. Together. Having sex. [Asylum] Three dates and too many text messages later, she feels smothered. But is he being overly eager, or is she being overly standoffish? [Dear Sugar] Between all the different forms of technology, I hear from him every single day, if not twice daily. How can I gently ask him to slow it down? I don’t want to embarrass him, but I don’t want him to totally kill the spark, either.

The Brassage Is A Scam

The Brassage Is A Scam

Intimate Health—a company owned by Christina Erteszek—created a Brassage. A Brassage is a normal bra with "massaging" cushions on the sides, which they claim eliminate all the nasty toxins and reduce one's chances of tissue abnormality. ABC News decided to get to the bottom of all this lymphatic toxic bra strap madness and find out if this is something we should really be deconstructing our underwear drawer over. "We really have no data that toxins are accumulating in the breast tissue every day, and that they are not being allowed to drain out because of people wearing bras," Dr. Susan Love, a professor of surgery at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles. Oh, and when the website says the bras are doctor-designed, ABC comes to find out this doctor is actually a chiropractor.

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To Settle Or Not To Settle?

In recent conversations the topic of settling has come up quite a bit. When a friend of ours e-mailed this article with a nudge, saying, "See? This is what I want. A partnership. A man who will vacuum, carry the kids around on his shoulders and hold down a steady job," we gave the topic a good read. In this article in The Atlantic, a woman finds herself, after bravely having had a baby on her own (with the help of donor sperm), pining for a traditional family similar to those surrounding her at the park, complete with ball-tossing Papas. She gives this advice to single women in their 20s and 30s: Settle already and go for Mr. Close Enough.

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Ex-Wife And New Husband Move In With Her Ex

A newlywed couple from Omaha, Nebraska have just moved in with the bride's ex-husband. Yes. Take a moment out to wrap your heads around that one. You get married, divorced, married again and what do you do? Move in with your ex!  It takes all types in this world. When Nicole Thompson-Arce married husband No. 2, Mathew Arce (her former mother-in-law was in the wedding, by the way) last July, he lost his job. She had just quit hers, and while he's gainfully employed now, the couple didn't have the funds to provide for her two children from her previous marriage. The two found themselves riddled with debt and unable to pay rent.

Mathematical Equation For A Lasting Relationship?

Mathematical Equation For A Lasting Relationship?

We raised a skeptical eyebrow when we saw a headline about an Oxford professor's mathematical model having a near perfect track record in predicting a couple's success. We've seen math models used in economics—which of course involve people and their actions involving consumption—but how is one to turn the whimsies of husband X and the moods of wife Y into a mathematical formula on their marriage's success? According to Professor James Murray, a math expert at Oxford University, it all boils down to a couple's argument style. After analyzing 700 couples and taping them bicker for 15 minutes about an important issue, he thinks he can pinpoint who's going to ultimately pay a divorce lawyer in the near future.

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Are You A Modern Goddess?

So say it loud and say it proud. "I am a modern goddess." Pronouncing this repeatedly, ideally from the top of a mountain, will point you in the direction of ultimate fulfillment.

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He Gives Love A Bad Name

The poor guy wants to make you his Juliet, but rather than climb down for a kiss, his serenade makes you want to punch him in the mouth to keep him from talking.

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No (Dialing) Regrets

Okay, this is just hilarious, and downright clever. Now that it's become clear that having the ability to contact anyone, anywhere and at anytime with the push of a teeny tiny "Send" button on our cell phones can lead to a few, ahem, embarrassing encounters and red-faced blunders, Apple has come up with an app...just for that. Its purpose is to keep us from dialing the numbers of exes, or even crushes, who we know, in the light of day, we should not be calling.