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When It's Best To Keep A Secret From Your Partner

How much do you really need to know? Sure, if I strongly suspect a boyfriend is cheating and lying about it, I'll poke around, but by that point it's just to confirm what I already know. I trust my current man, but I also know there's a lot about his past (and probably present) that is a complete mystery and I'm fine with that. Discuss: I snooped! Which was worse - snooping or his lying? Can't seem to move on...


5 Wacky Sexual Fetishes To Start Your Day

Our sexual fetish curiosity was piqued when we read about The Human Carpet last week in The New York Times. This got us thinking: what other odd fetishes do people enjoy? We got a little pervy on the Internet and found out. The Crush Fetish, Anthropomorphic furry fetish, Paraplegic Fetish, Omorashi Fetish and shoe fetish all make the list.

misery poker

Is "Misery Poker" Poisoning Your Relationship?

When your spouse comes home from work and tells you his boss yelled at him in front of three colleagues, do you one-up him with tales of the client who reamed you out in a meeting—and later spilled his coffee on your shirt? If this sounds familiar you may be getting sucked into "misery poker." In a new relationship-focused Wall Street Journal column called Bonds, author Elizabeth Bernstein explores the phenomenon of funereal one-upmanship: trying to outdo each other with tales of woe.

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5 Fake Love & Sex Websites That Fooled The World

In recent days, the online world has been shocked and enraged over "April's Mom," a woman who has blogged for months about her supposedly doomed pregnancy with a terminally ill daughter-to-be— only to be revealed as a hoaxster in desperate need of attention. But should Beushausen really be sorry? And should her readers really be angry? Don't we all know better than to believe everything we read these days (especially when it's on the web)? You'd think so. But Beushausen isn't the first person to draw criticism from the masses for creating an elaborate online hoax. Below, we've listed 5 Fake Love & Sex Websites That Fooled The World.

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Unmarried Partners To Get Government Benefits

"The benefits are amazing." This may be a phrase soon heard from unmarried partners of government workers, straight and gay alike. That's because today, President Barack Obama is expected to extend benefits for federal workers (including healthcare) to the unmarried domestic partners of those workers, Reuters reports.

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6 Wedding-Themed TV Shows To Watch

Wedding season has officially hit, and TV networks are making sure to give viewers their fill of wedding hijinks, bridal drama, and newlywed “bliss.” Here’s a list of just a few of the wedding themed shows TV has to offer.

Trick Yourself Out Of Relationship Boredom

Trick Yourself Out Of Relationship Boredom

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh have figured out a way to outsmart your inner want baby to be happy with the sex partner, spouse, sandwich, clothing item or music you already have. The root of this problem lies in "variety amnesia." We're inwardly very greedy little children and tend to forget how much we actually have been exposed to and instead dwell on whatever it was we're sick of.

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50% Of Women Regret Marrying Their Husbands

More than half of women recently surveyed by AOL Living and Women's Day magazine say their husbands are not their soul mates, that they sometimes regret marrying their husbands, and that they have considered leaving their husbands at some point or another. A part of us finds all of this a little surprising. Another part thinks, well, duh.