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dropped engagement ring

Oops: I Dropped Your Engagement Ring!

Attention Men: Make sure you get those rings insured! Props to this romance-inspired guy for pulling out all the stops on his wedding proposal. After celebrating his 29th birthday at a dinner with family and friends, Don invited his girlfriend on a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, reports NBC's Today Show, only to have the ring slip beneath cracks in the bridge.

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Genetics May Dictate When Virginity Is Lost

The newest study to surface in what we like to call, "No Way!" science is the age you lost your virginity might be genetic. Researchers at California State University think "sexual precociousness" is an innate personality trait, and that you may come from a long line of lost-it-at-18ers. Nancy Segal, the lead researcher in the study, admits that science will never be able to predict when one will lose their virginity by staring at cells on a microscope. Of course, it's much more complicated than guessing height or weight. Promiscuity and early sex, they note, can be pinned on a variety of environmental issues. After studying 48 pairs of twins separated at birth and 23 individual twins, researchers theorize genes explain a third of the reason why people lose their virginity at a certain age.

Love Bytes: Star Trek Porn

Love Bytes: Star Trek Porn

Love Bytes: three must click sex, dating and relationship links. Star Trek v. Star Trek porn. [Buzzfeed] Is there a limit to how loud you should be in the sack? [Lemondrop] She has crushes on other guys. Her boyfriend's just fine with that. [Em and Lo] It was my roommate's 21st birthday a few Fridays ago, so my roommates and I decided to throw her a massive birthday party at our apartment. My boyfriend opted to chill in my bedroom for most of the night, while I mingled with the throng of intoxicated co-eds crowding our kitchen. Several cocktails later, I found myself considering hooking up with four different guys and one girl. At least. And every time I had even the slightest urge to stick my tongue in someone else's mouth, I would go into the bedroom and slur to my boyfriend something along the lines of, "There's a cute boy/girl in the kitchen and I sooo want to sleep with him/her." He would respond by smirking, patting me on the back and saying, "Go for it."

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Netflix Rivals Remote As Thing Couples Spat Over

Chick flick. Action flick. Comedy. The Netflix queue can have them all, in some kind of order. With the economic downturn prompting more couples to stay home instead of go out in order to cut down entertainment costs, Netflix is rousing up a bit of household strife as couples tussle over the coveted list of must-see movies, reports Michael Wilson in the New York Times.

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7 Things To Distract You In A Dry Spell

Dry spells happen to the best of us. The only difference between you and that chick who says she never has them, is that she’s a fib-teller and you aren’t. So congrats. Lack of sex can be the result of anything. Perhaps the cruel planets have aligned in such a way that your sexiness has become astrologically veiled. Work is crazy and the thought of putting on lip-gloss and nice underwear just makes you tired. Or you've decided everyone you found tasty in the past is Satan-spawn and you're doing your vengeful part by not even allowing eye contact by possible suitors, let alone roaming hands. Ick. Whatever the reason, it doesn't matter. But we're here to tell you: ENJOY. Similar to a bad case of the flu or a never-ending winter, soon the clouds will part, the sun will shine, and you'll be back to dodging phone calls and figuring out creative ways to break-up it off again. You'll see.