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Homosexual Couplings Popular In The Animal Kingdom

Homosexual Couplings Popular In The Animal Kingdom

As reported in the journal Trends in Ecology and Evolution, same-sex romances have "evolutionary consequences" that may very well alter the species' structure. For example, one-third of the Hawaiian Laysan albatross bird community is lesbian and many male bottlenose dolphins have sex with each other before they move on to lady dolphins.

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Would You Take Dating Advice From A Celebrity?

Jennifer Love Hewitt is the latest celebrity to offer up her opinion on "the new landscape of modern dating." After breaking off her engagement to Ross McCall and rebounding with co-star Jamie Kennedy, it seems that Jennifer, or "Love" as close pals call her, wants to make the world a better place by enlightening women everywhere on "what men really want."

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3 Dating Excuses We Just Don't Buy

Hello there, single ladies. Yes, that's right. We're looking at you. Not to worry, though. We are fully on your side. But, we also did take silent note recently at a gathering of our dinner club, comprised of working women who are single, attractive, smart and successful (catches, one might say) who were sitting single in a room.

Best of YourTango - Essays, Videos And More

Best of YourTango - Essays, Videos And More

It's been a while since Natasha Beddingfield told us to "feel the rain" on our skin, but if you were in the Northeast lately, you might have swore the song was written this past week. However, just like the ground in Central Park, YourTango was saturated with juicy tidbits. From Rachel Greenwald sharing why he didn't call you back to YourTango's top dad of the year, there truly was something for everyone. But in case you were too busy running between the rain drops, here is this week's best, in case you missed it.

Vice Magazine Schools Us About Ladies

Vice Magazine Schools Us About Ladies

Vice magazine recently published their A-Z Vice Guide To Girls. We compiled a list of things we did and did not agree with, including B is for Blahnik, Manolo, N is for Nice Tits and S is for Sassy Magazine.

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Opposites Attract When It Comes To Spending Money

Money may be the root of all evil, but spending differences don't necessarily kill a relationship. Researchers have discovered that cheapskates and spendthrifts have an affinity for each other. Even so, marriages between the two have some rocky moments while they feel each other out financially.

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Is His Height A Deal Breaker?

While the average height for a man ranges between 5'8" and 5'11", high heels are stacked at 3", 4" and even 5" these days which means that if you're a single woman on the prowl, the chances are you'll be looking down at your next date.

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Miami Priest Marries Girlfriend

After the television cameras faded to black and the limelight went dim, Cutie and his lover quietly crept off to the alter to tie the knot and make their union official. On Tuesday, the displaced priest (who because he has not been formally removed by the Vatican is still technically a Catholic priest) married his long-time girlfriend of two years, Ruhama Canellis, reports the Associated Press.