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If You Don't Like Me, Please Dump Me

Dear Gentlemen, When you know you don't want to see me anymore, I need you to do me a favor: be an adult and dump me. Don't text me pretending that you want to reschedule when you flake out on our plans, don't promise you'll call me later if you're not gonna, don't ask for my number if you have no intention of ever calling me, etc. If I wanted to date someone who mastered the disappearing act, I'd have schtooped a magician. But I didn't, I dated/boyfriended/made out with/dry humped on the dance floor/flirted with you. Now, I need you to breakup with me.

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Sexy Stupid Human Tricks

Tatiata Kozhevnikova is a Russian overachiever who has the world's strongest vagina. She can lift almost 31 pounds. The Puppetry of the Penis are a group of men who mold shapes out of their penis skin.

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How To Get Him To Eat Vegetables

Everyone knows that veggies are good for you but some people don't like broccoli and kale and all those other delicious, healthful foods. When you're in a relationship, this is problem, for two reasons. First, because when you live and eat with someone, you tend to consume the same things, so if your significant other isn't eating their veggies, chances are you aren't either. Second, if you love someone you want them to be healthy. Here's how to get him to love salad.

Is Twating (Twitter Dating) The Next Big Thing?

Is Twating (Twitter Dating) The Next Big Thing?

A woman named Laura thinks she's come up with the next big thing: finding dates with the help of Twitter. She calls it "Twating" (a mash-up of the words Twitter and dating) and she's using her friend Katie as the initial test subject for her experiment (which, thus far, has involved giving Katie the username "datekate," logging on as her, and then tweeting about how much she would like to be taken out on a date).

Facebook Decides To Control Your Love Life

Facebook Decides To Control Your Love Life

Technology has given us the ability to connect with just about anyone at anytime, instantly. Though this is often a beautiful thing, sometimes the all-powerful forces of technology make it a little too easy to reconnect with people you would much rather forget.MSNBC reports that Facebook is keeping some people from moving on after a break-up, even if both parties follow Facebook protocol and "de-friend" each other post relationship.

Prospect Park West: A New Sex And The City?

Prospect Park West: A New Sex And The City?

Amy Sohn—dating columnist for New York magazine—has penned a book, Prospect Park West, that follows the lives of four women living in Brooklyn's Prospect Park brownstone area. Sarah Jessica Parker has reportedly optioned this book and hopes to turn it into a television show.

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Can Marrying Someone Younger Make You Live Longer?

A study shows that men with much younger wives live longer. The study, which was based on the death rates of the entire population of Denmark between 1990 and 2005, says if a man's wife is 15-17 years his junior, his chances of dying are cut by 20 percent. Are cougars onto something?


She Wants To Be Dominated. He Doesn't Know How.

What do you do when your man doesn't know how to treat you the way you want to be treated in bed? In this week's Savage Love, a young woman writes to Dan Savage about her desire for rough sex and her new boyfriend's seeming inability to give it to her. In order to remedy the situation, the woman has hatched a scheme: have a threesome with her new boyfriend and her ex-boyfriend, so that the new boyfriend can learn the basics of bondage, rape fantasies, etc. The new boyfriend, she tells Dan, is totally on board with the plan. Nonetheless, she can't help but wonder: "Am I being a selfish bitch?" and "Is it a bad sign that he's not satisfying me sexually after three months?"