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Bachelor Pad: Down To 3 Couples (Yawn)

It looks like the Bachelor Pad is getting converted into a starter home. What started out as a highly competitive show with sexy challenges demanding prowess and skill, has quickly gone down the hot tub drain. Last night's episode was such a joke. It was the poorest example of a competition reality show I've ever seen. The definition of competition is to present a challenge where each person engaging in said competition has a fair shot at winning, right? Not on the Bachelor Pad, apparently.

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When Love Means Having To Say You're Sorry

It's Kiss & Make Up Day, and nothing kicks that party off like a good old-fashioned apology. It's the crucial get-down of patching things up. It's the spackle to your relationship wall. Whether you've wronged your man, your BFF, your mama or even your grand-mama, here's how you show them you're sorry, as painlessly and effectively as possible.

How To Navigate A One-Night Stand And More

How To Navigate A One-Night Stand And More

I'm 24 and finally had a one-night stand. I didn't bother leaving my number or any contact information (or even my name) in the morning for fear of coming off as clingy or naïve. But I accidentally left a couple of accessories at his place, and now I have no way to get in touch. Should I have just offered him my cell number and left it at that? Do I just cope with the fact that the guy and these items are lost forever? MC

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Buying My First Sex Toy? Not So Scary

Up until yesterday, I have always taken a manual approach to masturbation and my fingers have suited me just fine. But I couldn't help but think I was missing out on something by being sans sex toys. So I decided to be a big girl and set out to buy my very first vibrator.

Are You In Love... With Being Alone?

Are You In Love... With Being Alone?

Happily single people? Your islands sound like my island, wonderful places filled with books and wine and selfish Netflix choices. From time to time, sex happens. Sure, occasionally debris of sadness and confusion wash up, but I snap out of it much quicker than I used to. But here's the thing: I wonder if I'm starting to like this island life a little too much. Books are piling up in my apartment like totems of solitude. I've started leaving my apartment so little that, last week, a protracted battle with invading ants became the de facto email topic with my friends.

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Top 10 Cities For Online Dating

While some still find the good old-fashioned meet-a-guy-in-a-bar method works wonders, lot's of tech-savvy singles are turning to online dating websites to find love. In fact, studies show that these days, more and more of us are browsing the web, instead of the bars, to find our next date (or hook-up). So Forbes and the dating website, OKCupid, teamed up to pinpoint the cities where single men and women have the most luck finding love on the web. To see if your hometown is an online dating hotspot (or if you should consider using a different man-trolling method), read on for the ten best cities for singles surfing the web.

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Christian Sex Toys: Spicy Or Sacrilegious?

The Huffington Post recently published a short piece on Book 22, an online sex aid shop for married Christians. The store's name Song of Solomon, the Bible's famously erotic twenty-second book. We weren't sure what to expect before logging on — essence of frankincese and myrrh massage oils? Dildos shaped like the staff of a shepherd? The possibilities are endless, even borderline sacrilegious. The Best Sex Toys for Couples