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A Temporary Cure For Quick Shooters

A Temporary Cure For Quick Shooters

Researchers from all over are doing their best to improve everyone's sex lives, and one of its major offenders—premature ejaculation—has met its match. In spray form. A scientific study involving 300 European men, all suffering from a ghastly less than a minute romp in the hay, were divided into placebo and actual groups to see if the newest concoction of PSD502 spray does in fact increase lasting time. This magical spritz contains lidocaine and prilocaine, which are elements traditionally used for dermal anesthesia and numbing the skin before getting a tattoo or laser hair removal. Participants were asked to spray their nether regions five minutes before sex and abstain from masturbating or any other kind of genital stimulation for 24 hours before each sexual encounter. The men who got the spray increased their romp time to an average of 3.8 minutes, while ironically, the placebo group finally broke a minute. Hm. Might be worth looking into what was in that "placebo" bottle.

Love Bytes: Yes, You're Being Used

Love Bytes: Yes, You're Being Used

Love Bytes: three must click sex, dating and relationship links. This woman pays her boyfriend's bills, he lies about his spending, and for some reason she doesn't know what to do. Seriously, what's there to be confused about? [Smitten] He's an apprentice in school right now, so he's on government loans until he goes back to work. The funds are not enough to cover his bills, so I have been paying the rent in full, his insurance and truck payments, his phone and credit card bills, and giving him other spending money--all on top of my own bills. I absolutely don't mind helping him in his time of need. The problem is, ever since he started school he has started telling me lies. We liked it better when erectile dysfunction advertising wasn't interactive. [Buzzfeed] Eliot Spitzer expresses remorse for causing "excruciating pain" to his wife, tells Today Show "there are no excuses" for his former involvement with prostitutes. [Huffington Post]

blogger marries commenter

Wedded Bliss: Blogger To Marry Commenter

All the blogosphere was abuzz to discover that the rumors were true. A long-time commenter proposed to his favorite, bookmarked blogger; and, blogger accepted, reports Jan Hoffman for the New York Times. But don't be fooled. This was no casual, one-time-comment romance. It began some four years ago with a smattering of flirtatious e-mails on the part of a loyal reader and commenter named Meade who began hinting, in the comments section, about setting up a date with his favorite blogger.

single matchmaking event

Single? Join Us Wednesday For A Matchmaking Event

If you're a single lady in the greater NYC area, Harvard-educated matchmaker and best-selling author Rachel Greenwald is at your disposal. Wednesday, April 8, join us to glean dating tips and secrets from Rachel and the 1,000 men whom she interviewed for her book.

stripper pole dance

Backstage With Stripper Barbie

If you’ve ever cursed the woman who gave your guy a lap dance, listen up. She’s thinking the same thing you are. Back off. Behave. And get some manners.

beach wedding couple

To Change Or Not To Change Your Name

I don't feel a pressing desire to "prove" to myself or anyone else that I won't change, that I won't compromise anything, because at some point I'm sure I will. (Isn't compromise a big part marriage, after all?) But I'm also certain that while bits of my identity are bound to shift, just as I would expect them to with any big life change and new perspective, the core of who I am will remain the same. No new name, white dress, ring on my finger or any other traditional convention is going to change that. For better or worse, I am who I am and I'm pretty solid in my identity. So when I read a column in the Guardian recently by Abigail Gliddon, a woman who claims "when a woman takes her husband's name, she surrenders her former identity and adopts his," I wondered how she came to have such low expectations for other women.

girl talk

What Not To Say When A Friend Gets Divorced

Five years ago, one of my best friends got divorced. Her husband met another woman and left her and their two small boys. Heartbroken and alone, she and her kids moved in with my family while she tried to get her bearings. Oh, did I mention the jerk who left her was my brother? Until then, I had never seen divorce up close and personal. Most of the people I knew were in seemingly healthy marriages. When my sister-in-law moved in, I honestly imagined that home-cooked meals, some pretty new clothes, a bedroom makeover in feminine florals and oodles of babysitting would get her right back up on her feet. After all, "she'd be better off without him after what he did to her." She was smart, young and pretty. Why was she moping around? "Shake it off." I thought. "Get over it and move on."

Science Looking Into A Male Birth Control Pill

Science Looking Into A Male Birth Control Pill

Thankfully, if science has it's way, men may soon have their own version of a birth control pill. Hooray! Researchers at the University of Iowa have identified a gene—CATSPER 1—that is needed in order for fertilization to occur. CATSPER 1 affects the sperm's ability to maneuver it's way into the egg. When the gene is absent, sperm just sort of bump into one another but never seal the deal. Scientists figured this out after studying groups of men in Iran who were infertile. Researchers are now hard at work trying to dream up a way to mass produce an FDA-approved contraception that binds to the CATSPER 1 gene, thus making babies impossible. Right now, the team is apprehensive that the contraceptive may not be "effective, safe and reversible."