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4 Things Happy Couples Know

4 Things Happy Couples Know

The 2009 report on the national state of marriage in America is out from the National Marriage Project. Check out tips from the country's leading marriage academics. Hint: none of them involves cleaning the kitchen in stilettos!


How Diamonds Became The Stones Of Love

Newly engaged women flaunt their "rocks," Marilyn Monroe sang about "a girl’s best friend," and being "iced" is the style on the streets. Diamonds have become American icons of wealth and refinement, and while there’s no question that the little gems are something special—diamond is the hardest natural substance known to man—their status today has much more to do with marketing strategy than any inherent quality, and being aware of their history will help you sparkle with both intelligence and style.

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No-Fail Fashion Staples For A First Date

While a first date is like an interview in many respects, you certainly don’t want to dress like you're preparing for one. The key to dressing for a first date (or the first few) is to put thought and effort into your ensemble, but not look like you did. Don't overdo it! The result? A classy and stylish outfit that reveals a little about yourself without giving it all away at once. The destination, time of day, and expected weather will no doubt have some impact on your wardrobe selection, but you might consider using these guidelines to help you when making that decision, shopping for a new outfit, or when you're trying to avoid the last-minute "I have nothing to wear!" stress fit.

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Male Perspective: Women, Grow Out Your Pubic Hair

Ladies, let your pubic hair grow. Allow it to run riot like a wild, verdant jungle. Shave not your delicate triangle of womanly power. Not all dudes demand a shorn 'gina. I know that many do, and I apologize on behalf of those creeps. And it is creepy – I can't help but think a lot of dudes drool over the bare look because it's infantilizing. This might not be a conscious kink, but it's true. I'm not so into the pre-pubescent look. In fact, I'm all about '70s porno bush.

5 Ways Love Prevailed in 2009

5 Ways Love Prevailed in 2009

The last year of the '00s was marred by a drawn-out healthcare debate, a staggering celebrity death count, a nasty unemployment rate and more scandals than a season of Dallas. Ah, 2009. We've compiled a list of 2009's more hopeful love fests.

Don't Get Lost In His Eyes: The Mouth Says It All

Don't Get Lost In His Eyes: The Mouth Says It All

People often say that the eyes are the windows to the soul...the best way to tell how a person REALLY feels. But the mouth can be just as important a signifier when it comes to true feelings, and its messages are much harder to mask...

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Why You Shouldn't Text Before The First Date

Now love interests are texting/IMing/emailing, and, good lord, Facebooking each other. There are so many opportunities to be misunderstood! If I've learned anything from sex scandals, it's that texting somebody you're hoping to sleep with can be dangerous.


Don't Settle For Pleasure-less Sex

If an orgasm is proving to be too elusive for your liking, it might be time to buckle down, call in sick, turn off the phone, and try your hand (or vibrator) at these "Big O" tips provided by Clare Cavanah, sex educator and co-founder of adult toy shop, Babeland.