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6 Secret Sex Dangers

6 Secret Sex Dangers

Emotional pain and heartache are risks we often take to experience the thrill of love and sex. However, recent findings have discovered that more than just your tender heart may be on the line. Dubious prophylactics and dangerous chemicals dot today's sexual landscape, threatening your physical health as well.

Tim Gunn Is Celibate. Could You Give Up Sex?

Tim Gunn Is Celibate. Could You Give Up Sex?

Tim Gunn reveals in his new book that he has been celibate for "decades." Though he claims that celibacy has not kept him from a "perfectly satisfied and happy" life, Jennifer Wright of TheGloss.com argues that a lack of sex, regardless of whether or not you feel it, means a lack of fulfillment.

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Want To Prevent Cheating? Try Prayer

Every year, countless couples consult books, therapists, friends, and websites for advice on maintaining happy relationships. At least two recent studies suggest, however, that couples approach a more divine source of answers: God. Scientists say that couples who pray together are less likely to cheat on each other, and more likely to experience satisfaction in their relationship.

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I Lost The Weight, But Still Felt Unloveable

In my early 20s, I wore size 24 jeans and my enormous boobs demanded an H-cup bra, a letter no woman should have to associate with lingerie sizing. I couldn't fit into restaurant booths or through the subway turnstile. I'd dropped out of college, didn't have any job prospects and I was in a serious romantic relationship with a man who was actually gay (and a little nuts). It was a dark, lonely time in my life mired in lots of bong-hitting and double-cheeseburgering. I certainly wasn't expecting Prince Charming.

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5 Style Trends Men Hate...That I Refuse to Give Up

Ladies aren't the only ones with opinions. We may hate his stupid tees and creepy turtlenecks, but our guys are just as puzzled by some of our style choices. That's fair—I'll keep my giant underwear to myself thankyouverymuch—but there are just some (admittedly questionable) beauty and fashion trends I refuse to give up.

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Why I Got Married On 9/11—One Woman Explains

On September 11, 2010, Jessica Dunne married her high school sweetheart, James Greilick. While the choice of date may be questionable at the very least to some if not many, Dunne and her then-fiancé had decided to give the numbers 9 and 11 a bit of their own personal significance—instead of letting terrorists decide for them the meaning of that date. On a day when much of the country was preoccupied with grieving, mourning, and furious, politically-charged shouting over religion, Dunne and Greilick happily took their wedding vows and honored the victims of 9/11 in their own beautiful way.

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Are You More Than Just Friends?

If you're wondering about the status of your relationship, today's list might help you figure it out. After the jump, 15 signs you're more than just friends (or friends with benefits).