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5 Silly Girl Habits That Get In The Way Of Dating

Now ladies, before we do some playful poking (all in the name of tough love, of course), we want to first express how highly we think of you. Or rather, us. We (women) really are the superior sex in many ways. We're more articulate, sensitive, civilized and make maturity look easy. (Most of the time). Now if we could just fine-tune the below, we'd pretty close to perfect. 1.) Silly Body Obsession. 2.) Silly Jealousy 3.) Silly Question Asking 4.) Being Silly About Silly Guys 5.) Silly Second Guessing.

Sonia Sotomayor and President Obama

Sonia Sotomayor Makes Supreme Court History

President Obama, after a weekend of reflection, nominated Sonia Sotomayor as the next Supreme Court Justice. The seat opened when Justice David Souter retired, and if confirmed by the Senate, Sotomayor's presence will help the Court reflect the demographics of this country more accurately. If confirmed, Sotomayor may be best known, demographically speaking, as the first Hispanic (Puerto Rican) and the third woman to be a Supreme Court Justice, but she also stands out because she is single, divorced and has no children.

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Couple Celebrates 81st Anniversary, Shares Tips

They met at a YMCA dance in the St. Bordeaux area of Plymouth, England in 1926. They were teenagers at the time. Two years later, on May 26, 1928, they tied the knot at a nearby registry office. It was the same year penicillin was invented. Since then, Frank and Anita Milford have survived the Blitz (with one bomb even landing on their house), separation from their two children during the WWII evacuation, and 81 years of ups and downs. Now living together in a nursing home in Plymouth, Frank, 101, and Anita, 100, will soon be the longest married couple in Britain. And while they say there is no "magic secret" to a happy marriage, they do have some wise insights that they've shared with the BBC over the years.

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Contraceptive Sponge Makes A Comeback

A new distributor is bringing the female contraceptive known as the sponge back to store shelves. The Today Sponge is expected to appear in thousands of CVS and Longs Drug Stores locations across the nation this week, and Walgreens this summer, reports Natasha Singer for the New York Times. Since appearing in 1983, the sponge has been here-again, gone-again. Manufacturing problems spotted by the FDA in 1994...

More Evidence Opposites Attract

More Evidence Opposites Attract

Words may fail us when attempting to explain away the intense carnal pull you feel for some but not others. a group of Brazilian researchers certainly think this may be the case and claim their latest work will prove this theory even more so. Professor Maria da Graça Bicalho, head of the Immunogenetics and Histocompatibility Laboratory at the University of Parana, Brazil, says people who have contrasting histocompatibility complexes often end up marrying and having more children than those who don't. Histocompatibility complexes, in layman's terms, are a bundle of dense genes that aid in immunity, reproduction and autoimmunity. Like pheromones, differing histocompatibility complexes (which shows itself through body odor), can be added to the list of never ending theories for those illogical pangs of attraction.

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Worst Places To Get Married

The officials of Wisconsin Memorial Park cemetery in Brookfield, Wisconsin have decided that it's time to expand their business. With five chapels, a reception hall, and kitchen, they've realized that their facilities are suitable for far more than funerals. In fact, they can't imagine a better place to hold a baptism. Or Bar Mitzvah. Or for that matter, a wedding.

My Husband Is A Pornographer

My Husband Is A Pornographer

"Hi, Honey!" I said as I poked my head out from the kitchen. "How was the gangbang at the bowling alley?" My husband swung through the front door lugging film equipment. "Pretty whatever," he said. "Four massive dudes and two roller girls." We were newlyweds. Ours was not your typical greeting.

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Intern Who Had Affair With Kennedy To Write Book

If you haven't heard, Monica was not the first. A few years ago, a biography on John F. Kennedy was released that included mention of an 18-month-long affair between a White House intern, Mimi Beardsley Alford, and the president. At the time, New York's Daily News found the woman,

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Say One Thing But Mean Another? Welcome To Dating

I recently read Jeff Mac's very funny book, Manslations (Sourcebooks), which is basically a phrase book for ladies to help us decipher the Language of Lads. It's certainly a time-saver for those of us used to spending hours IM'ing our friends, dissecting last night's date's behavior. But the fact is, men aren't the only ones who say one thing and mean another . . . some miscommunications transcend gender lines. Here are eight…