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Dating In The Dark: The First Episode

Here's how the first episode of Dating in the Dark went down. Three single men. Three single women. They meet for the first time in the dark, all sitting at a conference table. Each single makes first impressions of his or her dating options based on voices, accents (there were a few foreign, Australia and England, in the mix) and question responses.

Final dissolution of marriage

Is Divorce Ruining American Society?

Coming from a divorced family, I have spent my life questioning the idea of a life-long commitment. Most of the adults I know have been divorced at least once, and of the couples who are still married, most of them (along with their kids) appear miserable. And so, while I would love to find a companion whose company I will enjoy "'til death do us part," I've learned from observation that this just might not be a realistic goal. And is it so horrible to think that maybe we weren't supposed to spend our entire lives with one person? Is traditional marriage the best—or only—way? Caitlin Flanagan, author of the Time article "Is There Hope for the American Marriage?" thinks so. But I just don't agree with the lady who claims that there is "no other single force causing as much measurable hardship and human misery in this country as the collapse of marriage."

Girls Crave Closeness, Boys Crave Competition

Girls Crave Closeness, Boys Crave Competition

Researchers for the National Institute of Mental Health analyzed the brain activity of adolescent boys and girls when confronted with possible friendship. The researchers found ladies automatically process information in a more emotional way, where with boys it's just the opposite.

love letter

Love Letter Reunites Couple After 10 Years

Like a plot ripped straight from a Nicholas Sparks novel, the BBC reports that a U.K. man finally married his ex-fiancee after a lost love letter he wrote to her 10 years ago was recently discovered behind a fireplace of her mother's villa.

daily rituals

Daily Rituals Make A Relationship Work

We've all seen them in the park. Those stooped over, wrinkled love birds still walking hand in hand after all these years. Sigh... What's their story? Star-crossed lovers? Perhaps—but maybe not, as studies show love may have little to do with it. What does make a marriage work, is work itself. You got it, practice makes perfect; and the best way to go about forging a strong marriage is through the establishment of daily rituals.

Can You Really Be "Just Friends" With An Ex?

Can You Really Be "Just Friends" With An Ex?

A lot of celebrities have recently been putting on friendly faces when their exes come around (Kendra Wilkinson and Hugh Hefner, Madonna and Guy Ritchie, Mandy Moore and DJ AM, and Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo, to name just a few). And many of us non-celebrities have, at one point or another, dumped someone with the parting words: "We can still be friends." But let's be realistic for a moment, shall we? There's no such thing as being "just friends" with an ex. Here's why.

cougar convention

National Single Cougars Convention

The first-ever National Single Cougars Convention will be held in Palo Alto, California, hosted by the Society of Single Professionals, the country's largest non-profit organization for singles. The event will be held at Dinah's Garden Hotel on Friday, August 28.

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How Often Do You Use "We"?

You know what else is funny about people you haven’t seen in a while? I was just talking to Suzanne, a friend I hadn’t heard from in months, and she busted out the "we." As in, "We’re great. He’s off to London tomorrow, so I’m trying to plan my weekend." I was like, "We? He?" It’s a little annoying when acquaintances bust out the "we" without first mentioning or naming the boyfriend.

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When A Relationship Turns Long-Distance

The discussion of the trials and tribulations of long distance relationships is not a new one. Some swear a couple can survive the distance while others refuse to entertain the possibility that two people can stay connected when there is significant mileage between them. I used to be a bit of a compulsive long distance dater. My first two serious relationships were with British boys, which would soon later develop into a habit of only getting involved with foreign guys. Until recently I never questioned if getting involved in a relationship which is destined to be mostly long distance was a good idea. In my mind, if I was in love it would be sheer madness not to stay together. If true love can overcome death in "The Princess Bride" than of course it can overcome a minor issue such as distance. A few years and broken hearts later, I am not so sure.