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Why Self-Imposed Isolation After A Divorce Helps

When I tell other women about my hour of self-imposed isolation, they seem to become anxious. Some feel that the desire to be alone, without the company of others, is unnatural and maybe even too self-indulgent. I've had women tell me they could never choose to take an hour of isolation because they have too many responsibilities.

Does No Cuddling Mean He's Just Not Into You?

Does No Cuddling Mean He's Just Not Into You?

Em and Lo's Wise Guys column—a regular feature asking three guys a sex/dating question—tackled hand holding, cuddling and the men who claim they don't like doing either this week. A worried reader wanted to know if a cuddle-phobic man she recently started dating is as he says or (those dreaded words) "just not that into me." The straight married guys says get rid of him, the married gay man says it's no biggie and the single guy says to look for other signs of he's not interested.

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The Real Housewives Report Card: Who Gets An "A"?

The "housewife" title's a misnomer, as only three—Ramona, Jill and Alex—are actually married and Suzy Homemaker-style housewives they are not. But, Season Two of the show's been aflurry with relationship activity: the Countess divorcing, Bethenny on the prowl andevery "wife" tripping over herself for the chance to share dating tips. Here, we've created a Real Housewives report card with grades based on their own relationships and/or the love advice they dole out to others (er, Bethenny).

Sasha Grey The Girlfriend Experience

Sex And So Much More. The Life Of An NYC Hooker.

"Sex is everywhere in The Girlfriend Experience, except there's no sex," one critic commented. "We come to understand that Soderbergh is less interested in sex work than he is in work." And so it seems The Girlfriend Experience really is a movie based upon the relationships, not the raunchy bits, of Manhattan's highest paid hookers.

Things She Can't Handle

5 Things He Doesn't Think You Can Handle

Don't tell us your face is more complicated than the entire female body combined. If a woman can run a plastic razor up her leg while balancing on one foot, don't you think she can handle a battery operated Norelco? The female hair removal system revolves around a single blade and a smoldering pot of wax. Where's our flex and pivot technology?

Swine Flu Scare Kills Lebanese Kissing

Swine Flu Scare Kills Lebanese Kissing

Nevermind that the Swine flu has yet to claim a life in Lebanon (or even make an appearance, no Lebanese have fallen ill), Health Minister Mohammad Khalifeh isn't taking any chances. In an effort to cut down on the Swine flu outbreak, Lebanon has put a temporary end to their three kiss on the cheek greeting. They've decided the touchy, feeling custom is a bit too germy in this volatile environment. "If you visit someone, don't exchange kisses... Let's stop the social kissing habit," Khalifeh said during a news conference yesterday.