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bad breakup timing

12 Inappropriate Times To Break Up

I've gone through breakups on the day before Valentine's, on Yom Kippur, and once even naked. Actually, that was probs the best one, strangely enough; it felt so honest and, hey, at least I spared myself bad sex. Anyway, as someone who dates a lot—pretty unsuccessfully—I know about breakups. They're a fact of life, love. So, if you're planning on dumping your boo, here are some times you're gonna have to carry that weight just a little bit longer. Otherwise, you might wind up in a situation similar to this tragic Dater X Christmas story. As they say, timing is everything!

male birth control might never be a good idea

Why Women Can't Rely On Male Birth Control

Yesterday, National Geographic ran a piece designed to once again whip us up into a frenzy over the possibility that a male contraceptive might finally be developed and released unto the world. Color us unconvinced. Similar pieces seem to run every few years, yet our prayers are never answered. And, now that we think about it, this initiative's continued failure might actually be a good thing.

pep of salt n pepa dating show vh1

Pep's New TV Show: The Next 'Sex and The City'?

For someone who recorded a song called "Let's Talk About Sex," Sandra "Pep" Denton, (of Salt-N-Pepa fame), isn't getting a lot of it. In fact, she hasn't gone on a date, let alone done the deed, in over four years. After suffering a series of bad boyfriends, Pep removed herself from the market in hope that she would magically meet her soul mate. Surprise, surprise, he never made an appearance. "I've had my share of relationships," Pep, 45, laments in the trailer for her new show, Let's Talk About Pep. "But believe it or not, I'm still single! And now I'm ready to get my feet wet again."

How To Master Commitment

How To Master Commitment

One of the most complicated aspects of life is romantic relationships. People stumble through so many before they find the one and settle down. But how do you have a successful relationship? What is the secret?

bad boy

10 Men Not To Date In 2010

Is it just us or was 2009 filled with screwy dates with men you'd never want to, well... Anyway. Right here, right now, it's time to throw down and end this vicious cycle of bad dates. Now that a new decade has dawned, here are 10 fellas I'm going to downgrade from black book to blacklist—and never allow to grace my single life again.

man woman scrabble

Can A Relationship Get Cozy Too Quickly?

Recently, my boyfriend expressed some fear that we had moved too fast. While it's only been four months, it feels like way more. Not quite a lifetime, but certainly a few years. We had clicked almost instantly, and while I was less than a year out of a nearly five-year relationship and he was, um, not quite divorced (a whole other topic), it seemed too good to pass up. I felt ready to be totally vulnerable and open to someone new, no matter where that might lead me. It has been (mostly) awesome.

Porn Surfing

Porn Use Around The World

A pair of recent studies tracking the porn-consuming habits of populations around the world generated some numbers that depending on your point of view, are either shocking or yawningly obvious.