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Dating, Adventurist Style

Tired of the same old dinner-and-a-movie dating dance? If you're more of an outdoorsy type by nature why wait until later in the dating cycle to see if the person you're pairing up with shares the same passion for nature? Start off instead with an adventure date—hiking on the trails, kayaking down the river or sailing away into the sunset. Do so and you could be ginormous steps ahead in the compatibility game.

How To Tell A Virgin

How To Tell If He's A Virgin

As his hands were wrapped around my wrists, John looked me in the eyes and said “if you keep being a real cool girl, maybe something special could happen between us.” Those words will forever be burned in my brain. They were so cringe-worthy and so embarrassing, that I probably would have laughed had I not been worried about being date raped.


7 Ways Male Birth Control Will Change Everything

Researchers in China may have succeeded in developing what people have dreamed about for centuries: effective, reversible male birth control that has no serious side effects (at least in the short-term). If it ever reaches the market, how will this injectable male birth control change the world?

4 Ways To Rid An Ex From Your System

4 Ways To Rid An Ex From Your System

Maybe the relationship started off awesome. We don't doubt it. We're sure it traveled on an idyllic path for a hot minute or two, full of butterflies and starry-eyed evenings of dragonfly walks along the beach. We bet it did. But then it inevitably faltered and you probably stuck around longer than you should have (you did, didn't you?). It was tough, but now you're finally out (rejoice!).But it sort of sucks. All the good memories keep infiltrating your mind like sweet-smelling second-hand smoke. Suddenly your reviled ex is Goody McBoyfriend and you've made The Biggest Mistake Of Your Life. You want back in. Don't do it! Here's 4 tips to help you stay out. 1.) Make A Bad Quality List 2.) Don't Do A Cut And Paste 3.) Write A Bad Emotion List 4.) Wear A Rubber Band Around Your Wrist

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Give Us Your Best Love Advice

In honor of Mother's Day 2009, the YourTango staff collected love advice from our mothers. We also asked you, devoted YourTango readers, to share your best love life advice with us for the chance to win a McLeod's Daughters Season 8 DVD set. The caliber of your responses stunned us. Unfortunately, we could choose but one lucky winner: Qverb! Here's a sample of the advice he had to share with us:

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Is Technology Ruining Your Relationship?

Remember when dating simply meant a guy asking out a girl? Maybe he would call her up, maybe he'd do it face to face. Either way, the options were limited, the results easy to decipher. Even with this simplicity guys and gals everywhere still managed to lose at the game of dating a fair amount. Now with email, instant message, text, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and their brethren at our disposal, we have found plenty of new ways to communicate and even more ways to mess it up. Where there's a new technology, there's a potential relationship dissolving because of its (mis)use.

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Is It Better Or Worse To Marry Young?

It wasn't so long ago (1980, to be exact) that the average age of American women marrying for the first time was 22. Less than 30 years later, the average age for a first marriage has jumped to 26 for women and 28 for men. In a recent column for the Washington Post, Mark Regnerus argues that this trend is dangerous because women are putting off marriage during their most "marketable" years, before they have to "beg, pray, borrow and pay to reclaim" their fertility. He writes: "Marriages that begin at age 20, 21 or 22 are not nearly so likely to end in divorce as many presume," but he certainly fails to convince me, a 32-year-old woman not quite married for the first time yet.