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free honeymoon for those considering divorce

On The Brink Of Divorce? Free Honeymoon For You!

Malaysian officials are attempting to curb the soaring divorce rate with free honeymoons. An eastern state in Malaysia called Terengganu is fighting back at the divorce rate—one honeymoon at a time, says Reuters. The state's department of Welfare Community Development and Women Affairs is now offering couples who are in the midst of marital crisis a free three-day vacation valued at $440 (plus a little counseling).

online dating

5 Online Dating Red Flags Women Look For

Savvy online-dating women have learned to filter through the stream of floating heads, "wasssups!" and winks until we find someone worthy of a meet-up. If your newest online crush falls into any of the below, it might be time to throw him back into the online ocean.

positivity hurting love life

Is Positive Thinking Sabotaging Your Love Life?

Do you believe that anything you want will be yours if you just upgrade your attitude? Do you think that you can attract money, happiness and love just by rearranging how you look at the world? Do you — like millions of people around the country — love Deepak Chopra, believe in The Secret, and think that the universe gives back to you exactly what you give it? If so, then we suggest you steer clear of Barbara Ehrenreich's new book, Bright-Sided: How The Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking Has Undermined America. In it, she argues that our national obsession with positive thinking might actually be making us stupider, and perhaps worse, sadder.

How To Date A Tall Girl

How To Date A Tall Chick

I'm tall. I mean, I'm really tall. And I don't mean 5'10" tall. I'm 6'1". That's ridiculously tall. Kermit the Frog once said: "It's not easy being green." Well, it's not easy being a tall woman, either. Among the more common pickup lines we tall ladies hear: "Do you play basketball?" (No.) "What's the weather like up there?" (Icy.) "I'd like to climb you." (Really, I'd rather you wouldn't.) While some women think being tall is something worth writing a book about, other women perceive it to be a disability equivalent to a clubfoot. Mostly, it's a blessing and a curse. I can reach the highest shelves, but I'll never blend into the crowd. Dating? That's a whole other story. For guys who admire amazons, here's how to bag a tall chick.

woman wearing a bowtie looking up while holding a pipe

Steal These 7 Items From Your Guy's Closet

There are plenty of good reasons to have a man in your life. Sex. Opening pesky pickle jars. Um, sex. But let's not forget the added bonus of nipping into your guy's dresser drawers and claiming the loot inside for yourself. Here, 7 dude duds to "borrow" for your fall wardrobe.

bad sex

He Won't Satisfy Me: What Should I Do?

RH Reality Check (the website for "information and analysis for reproductive health") recently received the following letter from a reader named Jessica: "My boyfriend does not satisfy me sexually. He only lasts about ten minutes, he won't rub my clit because he doesn't want bodily fluids on his hand and he won't eat me out because he thinks it's nasty, but he thinks that I should give him head. We have been together two years and now it is really affecting me. What can I do?" We sound in.


3 Ways To "Size" A Man Up

OK kids, first things first. Size does not matter to every woman. Plenty of women are satisfied good and plenty and even preferably with some skillfull fingers and well-played tongues and a good battery-operated assistant. That being said, it does matter to some women and it certainly seems to matter to lots of guys who want to know if they measure up or not (as our many other articles on the topic might indicate). But how can a woman (or man) tell if a man will measure up (before the clothes are off, that is)? Are there certain ways a person can know for sure just by looking? We don't think there are definite 100% board-certified correct answers to these questions, but we do have some ideas of where a person may want to look, if this is a topic of importance to him or her.

What's the Longest You've Pined for Someone?

What's the Longest You've Pined for Someone?

In the world of competitive pining, it's not an exaggeration to say that I'm a legend. My journey towards greatness began in elementary school, when I nursed a secret crush on the lovely Naomi for five long years, an All Saints School record that remains unbeaten. By the time I got to high school, I was so good at longing lunchroom glances that I was named captain of the varsity unrequited love squad. And I'm sure most of you know all about my Crysman-trophy winning college career. My years as a pro have been marked by great triumphs--the candle I held for a woman with a boyfriend is in the Pining Hall of Fame--but also monumental struggles. To be perfectly honest, it's hard to pine in New York City.