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How Can I Find A Friend With Benefits?

Here is a fact: I have never had a f**k buddy/friend with benefits. This is likely for the same reason it's become common knowledge that I am incapable of having a one-night stand without getting a case of the sadz—I cannot stop myself from associating sex with love. The nature of a f**k buddy situation is that the two people involved like each other as people and as sex objects, but not as boyfriend/girlfriend material. The difference between a friends with benefits situation and a one-night-stand, of course, is that usually in the case of FWB, the two people involved already know each other and, in theory, have ruled out any interest in the other person as a potential mate, at least for the time being. Well, here's a confession: I want one. Bad.

Oprah's Doctor: Sex Is The Fountain Of Youth

Oprah's Doctor: Sex Is The Fountain Of Youth

According to Oprah Winfrey's doctor of choice, Dr. Oz, the biggest problem facing Americans isn't obesity but a "sexual famine." What is sexual famine? Sex once a week. Dr. Oz took a survey and found that most Americans get laid roughly four times a month, which sounds outrageously generous, but he thinks this is far too little. In fact, this figure ought to be doubled. At least.

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How Long Should You Date Before You Get Married?

Love looks a lot different these days, and it seems that sex isn't the only thing worth waiting for. In fact, according to USA Today, more and more couples are putting off marriage, and extending their courtships by a number of years (and years, and more years). It used to be that a man who took too long to propose was considered a relationship slacker. Not anymore. Why are people waiting longer to take that walk down the aisle. What's running through their heads?

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5 Things Men Don't Like About Single Women

Although remarkably little ink in men's magazines is devoted to making over women or determining whether oft-cited flaws are terminal, guys have their own (mental) list of women's undateable traits. Men from around the country put these at the top.

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Would You Ever Hide Your Interracial Relationship?

When it came to dating, my parents had two rules. The first involved age—no going on dates until I turned 16. The second was about sex—no boys allowed in my bedroom. Those two rules were easy to abide by. Dating prospects didn’t come around until college. So did a third (and final) parental limitation on dating. “Don’t come home with a black boyfriend,” my dad said in a raspy whisper as he pointed one finger unintentionally at my heart and gestured towards my co-ed dorm.

5 Fashion Trends Men Hate

5 Fashion Trends Men Hate

You might want to a consider a sturdy lock for your closet. Dating blogger Abraham Lloyd breaks down the five fashion choices your man just doesn't get. When he "accidentally" donates them to the Salvation Army, you'll know what really happened.

Try A Vacation State Of Mind For Your Dating Life

Try A Vacation State Of Mind For Your Dating Life

A few years ago, I stumbled out of a tent camp into the heat of the South Asian jungle, wearing somebody else's tuxedo jacket and the residual perfume of a gorgeous young stranger. Over the course of the preceding few days, I'd charmed this girl by being strangely confident, relaxed and laid back. Basically, I had become a better, bizarro version of myself.

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Don't worry... you're gonna be great!

How To Prevent An Awkward First Date

Getting ready for a first date is never easy. Between the expectations, nervousness and excitement it usually doesn't go as planned. Instead of worrying about the possibility of the date going wrong, take a look at 16 easy ways you can make your first date less awkward and more of a success!

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When A Younger Sister Marries First

Growing up, I was never the girl who dreamed of her perfect wedding gown or envisioned where the ceremony would take place. Instead, my future consisted of covering concerts and stalking bands for an interview. There's nothing wrong with that, right?