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Why You Should Remain Facebook Friends With An Ex

Bridges are built, burned down, and built up again only to see more destruction before you are finally done with your ex. You know why you shouldn't delete his phone number, but what about Facebook? We're all guilty of FB stalking (don't deny it). We could win prizes for our undercover investigations via wall-to-wall post and photo albums. While we certainly advocate un-tagging him in all your photos, there are very good reasons not to cut yourself off from him completely by removing him from your list of Facebook friends. After the jump, check out 5 reasons why you should never defriend an ex on Facebook.

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I'm Engaged, Why Don't I Feel Happier?

For five years, Deidre Walker, 32, had dreamed of her boyfriend proposing. But when he finally pulled a ring out of his pocket and said, "Will you marry me?" during a romantic gondola ride in Italy, she didn't say yes right away.

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What You Don't Know About American Singles

Let me tell you, the numbers on unmarried people are so surprising. I am one and I couldn't believe 'em! Check out what the census and other studies have shown about us unwed Americans. Hey, it might help you get your Grandpa to STFU with those spinster jokes!

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10 Summer Trends Men Hate

Summer is a season of extremes -- it's the stickiest, hottest, humidest part of the year; there are tornadoes and thunderstorms; cold beer tastes colder and beer-ier; and women -- you wonderful, insane women -- start wearing next to nothing at all. You know what men love? Half-naked women.

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Why Your Relationship Needs A Coach

A dating coach acts in the way any other coach would such as helping you to strategize, stay motivated, and if need be, overcome challenges. Relationships are hard work and if the Google CEO uses a coach, all relationships could probably benefit from them, too. ProConnect can help you find one for your relationship.

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Are You A Victim Of Textual Harrassment?

The Washington Post this week reported on this disturbing trend of electronic paper trails left behind after a series of teenage murder cases. In fact, textual harassment is the new term. Violent text messages were discovered after a string of teenage murders.

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9 Couples That Can Help Or Harm Your Relationship

A funny thing happens when you become part of a couple: You start looking for like-minded pairs to spend time with. Rubbles to your Flintstones, or Mertzes to your Ricardos. But one couple does not meet all needs (and some couples are not desirable to have in your address book). Here, four couple types to seek out, and five to weed out.

Famous WWII Kiss Photo Star Edith Shain Dies

Famous WWII Kiss Photo Star Edith Shain Dies

There's nothing like your significant other sneaking a kiss when you least expect it. It's thoughtful, romantic. In 1945, Edith Shain, then a doctor's nurse, received one of the most surprising kisses in history when an American sailor took hold of her in Times Square to kiss her in celebration of the end of World War II. Shain died on June 20 in Los Angeles at the age of 91.