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kendra postpartum depression

Postpartum Depression: How To Beat The Baby Blues

Kendra Wilkinson, the star of reality show Kendra, recently revealed her struggles with postpartum depression, a topic she plans on covering during Season 2 of the show. The baby blues: It's a condition that has been gaining greater visibility over the years and, hopefully, its inclusion on shows like Kendra will convince even more would-be and recent parents that it's something to be both watched our for and taken seriously. So how can you tell if what you're experiencing is more than just short-term blues and irritability?

Liar Liar! Why We Lie And How To Spot A Liar

Liar Liar! Why We Lie And How To Spot A Liar

When it comes to relationships, why do we lie? Plus, how to spot a liar. Despite the warning of countless children's stories, we humans still lie. Has the fear of growing long, wooden noses or becoming a wolf's next meal taught us nothing?

too tired for sex

1 In 4 Americans Are Too Tired For Sex

Sigh. It's been another long day and your feet hurt. By the time the TV is off, the dishes are washed, and you've donned a pair of baggy sweatpants, the only thing on your mind is making love. To your pillow, that is. Well, we know the feeling, and according to a recent study by the National Sleep Foundation one in four Americans who are married or living with someone do too. Yes, that's right; nearly 25 percent of the population is so sleep-deprived that they frequently find themselves skimping on sex in favor of slumber. What a shame. The Sleep In America poll focused on the differences in sleep habbits between ethnic groups. It sampled 1,007 adults aged 25-60, and respondents across the board confessed to frequently feeling too tired for sex. (21 - 26 percent of the time). Not Tonight: What's Behing Your Lackluster Libido What this really means is that we are a country of over-worked, over-tired, insomniacs who might as well sleep in twin beds. But that doesn't have to be the case! Your bed need not be forming icicles. With a few tweaks to your schedule, as well as your mind-set, you can have that queen bed rockin' once more!

open marriage myths

5 Open Marriage Myths

Whatever the case, the blogosphere is now abuzz with conversation about open marriages, which have been around for thousands of years, but have only reentered the spotlight thanks to marriages like Mo'Nique's and TV shows like Big Love. After combing YourTango's archives for first-hand accounts from couples in open marriages, we decided to shed some light on the most common misconceptions about polyamorous marriages:

ending fake relationship

Cutting The Cord In A Fakelationship

So what exactly is a fakelationship, you ask? If you've ever been in one, you know it. It's a "friendship" where you text, email, talk on the phone, and hang out pretty much constantly. Where if 48 hours goes by without some kind of contact, you feel like something big is missing from your day. In some fakelationships, you hook up while maintaining that you're "just friends." In others, it feels purely platonic, though the level of emotional dependence is way stronger than a typical friendship. Think "When Harry Met Sally," before the titular characters realize they're actually in love.

happy marriage

Which Wedding Anniversary Is The Happiest?

We've all heard of the honeymoon period—that time of sweet relief and excitement just after the wedding when many folks are thrilled just to be newlyweds. But what is the term for the two-year, 11-month mark? This point in a marriage (or, more specifically, two years, 11 months and eight days after having tied the knot) is reportedly when a couple's happiness reaches its peak. According to a recent survey, "Just under three years emerged as the point when couples feel completely comfortable with each other's bad habits and have a plan for their future." Is this really the rosiest time for the newly married? We asked eight wives and husbands—some just approaching the mark, some years (or decades) past it—to reflect upon their own spousal-happiness levels. Here's what we learned ...

kelly cutrone

Bravo TV Star Urges Housewives To Buy Sex Toys

Tonight, Bravo will air their latest episode of Kell on Earth, in which Kelly Cutrone takes a trip to Babeland, one of our absolute favorite (sex) toy shops. Bravo initially wasn't going to air that segment of the episode—supposedly because it didn't fit in seamlessly with the storyline—but Cutrone put her foot down and some quick editing was done. Because everyone's favorite fashion PR guru wanted women to know: shopping for sex toys is fine…and fun!

flirting vs sexual harassment

Flirting At Work: When Is It Sexual Harassment?

Asking your boss for sex clearly crosses the line from work flirting to sexual harassment, as one Australian former police officer learned. Is female success within the workplace making women more sexually aggressive? Are women so darn overworked they can't think of anywhere else to seek out some action? And—most disturbingly—are women more likely than men to get away with it?