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Why We Need To Rethink Romance

Ross Douthat wrote an interesting Op-Ed piece in the The New York Times titled 'The Way We Love Now' which analyzes the state of love, marriage and romantic contentment in 2009. Douthat wonders if we as a society have morphed into a culture of bed-hopping, cheating hearts and sexless, impossibly unsatisfied curmudgeons.

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Which 'True Blood' Couple Are You?

The vampire series is more than just sex and blood—it also reveals the human side of love. True Blood presents obvious metaphors for gays, minorities and anyone who has been hated for being different. The storyline present countless examples of people struggling with love and highlights the baggage that can abound when two people start a new relationship. For most, taking the intimate steps of revealing oneself and being vulnerable can be hard and often frightening


Does Marriage Make You Fat?

Just in case you needed another reason not to get married, scientists at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) have come up with a big one: marriage makes you fat. And not just a little bit. According to their research, married people are twice as likely to become obese as those who are merely dating.

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Average Is The New Hot

Think you know what type of figure men find most desirable? The answer, according to Australian researchers at the University of South Wales, may surprise you. According to a recent study in the journal Behavioral Ecology, men go for average female figures over shapely centerfolds, escorts and models, reports New Scientist.

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Sex, Drugs And Emotional Intimacy?

Journalist Jesse Kornbluth recently penned a rather sappy love letter to hallucinogens on the blog The Good Men Project. In it, Kornbluth thanks marijuana, LSD, peyote, and mescaline for allowing him to focus on the women in bed next to him.

Is America Ready For Gays To Be Equal?

Is America Ready For Gays To Be Equal?

In many ways, 2009 might appear to be a red-letter year for supporters of gay rights. In addition to being the year in which Iowa, Vermont and Maine will begin (or have already started) to allow same-sex couples to marry, it is also the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall riots (which served as the birth of the modern gay rights movement), and the beginning of a new era in the White House— led by a young president who's promised to repeal the policy barring openly gay people from serving in the military. But in the midst of this past week's annual Gay Pride celebrations, and in light of all the recent pro-gay rights statements that have been made by political figures such as Connecticut's Chris Dodd, it's hard not to notice the fact that Barack Obama has, in fact, done very little to further the rights of gay people in America.

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What's Your...DNA?

Can DNA predict that elusive quality in the love equation known as "spark"? According to Tamara Brown, founder of the website GenePartner.com, it can, reports Sally McGrane for Time magazine. The Switzerland-based company makes love connections based on genes, or one particular family of genes known as human leukocyte antigens (HLAs).