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5 Mistakes Men Keep Making In Bed

Here's a secret: Women like having sex. A lot of them love it, and a few even think about it all the time. But their shortcoming is that they often want men to be mind readers. Many women aren't confident enough to ask for what they want in bed, so instead they accept a so-so sex life. Tonight, start a conversation about sex. Talk about the things that turn you on and ask her if there's anything she'd like you to do differently.

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4 Ways To Love Yourself (Without A Wedding)

Thirty-year-old Chen Wei-yih of Taiwan has her wedding all planned out. She has a dress, a guest list, a reserved banquet hall, a planned honeymoon to Australia, not to mention a wedding planner. All that's missing, or rather purposefully missing, is a groom. Uninspired by ex-boyfriends and unhappy with the binding nature of tradition, Wei-yih hopes to promote self-love by marrying herself. If the idea of marriage—to another person—just ain't your thing, like Wei-yih, here are four other ways to love yourself.

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Marriage Trend: Young Marriage Declining

If there is one thing younger couples have gotten smarter about since the recession, it’s at what age they decide to marry. A long-standing study reveals a marriage trend in which the percent of college-educated couples vs. not college-educated couples marrying before the age of 30 has evened out for the first time since 1990.

Are Ugly And Beautiful Dating Sites A Good Idea?

Are Ugly And Beautiful Dating Sites A Good Idea?

Should you stick to singles who are as attractive as you for dating success? Some dating websites think so. A couple who met on an ugly person's dating site recently got married. We wonder: are ugly and beautiful dating sites a good or bad idea?

Love Bytes: Do Guys Like Going Down?

Love Bytes: Do Guys Like Going Down?

Love Bytes: 10 must-click links -- Guys and Going Down on Girls, Oral Sex & Cancer, Moving In with Crushes, Tightening up those Kegel Muscles, Dating College T.A.s, Diddy Has 30-Hour Sex, 4 Persistent Relationship Myths, A Real Housewife on Cheating, Sharing Passwords, and F-Buddy Risks.

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Will Birth Control Gel Replace The Pill?

For women who need birth control, avoiding an unwanted pregnancy may someday come down to applying a little lotion. Researchers claim to have developed a topical contraceptive gel that works by rubbing it onto the arms, legs, shoulders and abdomen once a day. The gel's primary ingredients, estrogen and Nestorene, a synthetic form of progesterone, prevent the ovaries from releasing eggs once a month. Basically, it's like the patch, except that it's invisible and it doesn't come off.

Diagnosis: The Cheating Personality Type

Diagnosis: The Cheating Personality Type

We've recently watched several high-profile men publicly implode what appeared to be solid marriages thanks to infidelity. Can you define the term you've coined for these types of individuals, and explain your thinking behind it?

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Do Sisters Make Men Less Appealing?

A study out of the University of Texas at Austin concluded that girl rats are less sexually excited by male rats who grew up with a lot of sisters. Is there any truth to this with human men?