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Couple exasperated over bills

4 Ways To Avoid Fighting About Money

It's no surprise that the recession causes stress in people's lives. Pressure of any sort has a negative impact on relationships, but financial strain can cause even more of a burden between loved ones. While the recession is affecting relationships worldwide, for some reason it's having more of an impact on the marriages and relationships of American's than in other countries. Reuters reported that in a recent poll, 30 percent of Americans attested to the recession adding stress, strain, or ruining their relationship or marriage. This compared to only 23 percent of Canadians, 24 percent of French and 12 percent of Germans admitting that their relationships have hit a down cycle as the economy has done the same. While it may be interesting to dissect why Americans are suffering more than other nationalities, it seemed like a better idea to come up with tips to ensure your relationship doesn't fail because of economic woes. So here are four ways to recession-proof your marriage or relationship.

Fox's "More To Love": Exploitation Or Celebration?

Fox's "More To Love": Exploitation Or Celebration?

FOX's More To Love, which premiers tomorrow (July 28th), follows the typical reality T.V. dating show formula, except with one main difference: there's an added layer of vulnerability to the contestants, and dare-to-say-it a different shade of neurosis in these bachelorettes, which range in ages from 21 to 37 years and in weight from 180 to 270 pounds. It's a combination that sits in your stomach in different, sometimes conflicting ways; none more so then when the show bounces back and forth portraying its characters' weight as something to be celebrated, and at others times, something to be overcome (or worse, gawked at).

man daydreaming on couch

Men Caught Eyeing Their Girl's Friends

The results of the man survey (otherwise known as Askmen.com's Grate Male Survey) are in. And they have given us a rare, coveted glimpse into the male psyche. One of the questions, in particular, piqued our interest. It's semi cheating-related and reads as follows: "Have you ever fantasized about a girlfriend or wife's friend?" See how the men answered.


The Life And Times Of A Five-Time Female Bigamist

There's nothing wrong with being married five times. Just ask Elizabeth Taylor. Or Brigette Nielsen. Or, well, pretty much any middle-aged rock star. But between each walk down the aisle, we advise you to take some time out to do one little thing: divorce your previous spouse. Emily Horne, a 30-year-old woman in the UK, didn't bother to, and has now been sentenced to a ten-month suspended jail sentence because of it.

women becoming more beautiful

Evolution Making Women More Beautiful?

Several studies suggest that stunning ladies are not only more likely to have more children, but also more likely to have daughters. Thus evolution is causing an upswing in attractive women but not men.

red wine

Red Wine Linked To Strong Sex Drive

Apparently, red red wine does make one feel so fine and in more ways than a mellow '80s reggae hit would have you believe. In a recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, Italian researchers claim that levels of sexual desire are higher in women who prefer red wine as opposed to those who favor other alcoholic beverages.

Are You Emasculating Your Man?

Are You Emasculating Your Man?

Maybe the only reason women like Kate Gosselin treat their men like little kids is because their men act like little kids. Maybe if these men started behaving like men, their women would see them as men. Maybe, as Oprah has said multiple times, we teach people how to treat us. Askmen thinks so. And in a new article entitled, "Reverse Emasculating Trends," they tell their readers that if they want to stop being emasculated by their women, they'd better stop asking for it.

birth control pill

Best Birth Control Options

Often, a woman's birth control choice is based on word-of-mouth from friends (which pill relieved monster cramps; which procedure was covered by insurance), familiar routines unchanged since college (same old pink pill case) or even TV commercials (seen the ones that make taking birth control look like boarding a Caribbean cruise?). But as women cross over into the years beyond 30, there are new options that go beyond basic oral contraception and condoms.

well-dressed way

4 Ways To Let A Guy Know You Want Him To Kiss You

You couldn’t have asked for a better date. He chose a good outfit. He opened the door for you. He was funny and charming. He picked up the check. He walked you to your car or subway stop. You’re pretty sure he wants to kiss you, but he looks pretty nervous. Here are four ways you can help him muster up the nerve to take the plunge: