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Can You Spot A Jerk When You See One?

Watching this season's "The Men Tell All" special last night, two things were evident: First, this is the closest group of guys all vying for the heart of the same girl we've ever seen. Second, everyone—we're looking at you, too, Chris Harrison—really hates Justin. And so, as the debate of whether Roberto or Chris is the better man for Bachelorette Ali inevitably intensifies this week—the final rose ceremony is next Monday, after all—we'd like to draw your attention to another match up: Between Justin Rego and Frank Neuschaefer, who's the bigger jerk?

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Does Nipple Color Matter?

We've spent a lot of time here at YourTango talking about breasts: their size, how to support them, breasts that are au naturale versus those that have been surgically enhanced. In all this time, we've focused primarily on the heft of our boobage. The cleavage. The sensual roundness of our breasts in all of their glorious entirety. Who they belong to after having a baby. But now it seems as if we've been missing out on a crucial sector of the boobage debate: nipples.

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What To Avoid When Mixing Your Friends

You've met his friends; he's met yours. Now it's time to add fruity cocktails and mix. Short of introducing your parents to his, combining your two sets of friends—especially if they exist in very different worlds—is one of the most nerve-wracking milestones in a relationship. And since summertime is party time, it's probably going to happen in the next month or so. Here are a few steps you can take to make sure it's not a complete disaster.

Can Boozehounds And Teetotalers Date Successfully?

Can Boozehounds And Teetotalers Date Successfully?

OK, I know—bragging about how much you drank in college puts you one degree lower on the Sad-O-Tron than that high school friend who never moved out, gained 40 pounds on Chili's happy hour apps and tries to pick up perimenopausal social workers.

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Do Men Prefer Women In Sweats Or Heels?

You're getting ready for brunch with your guy: what do you put on to wow him? If you're reaching for your favorite thigh-grazing minidress, you might be surprised to find out he'd rather see you in swears. UK fashion sites My Celebrity Style recently polled 1,125 guys about women's fashion, asking them what they love and what they hate about our closets. Here are some of their surprising answers.

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Would You Trade Success For Love And Family?

Recently, during a weekly therapy session, my doc and I were doing our thing, talkin' 'bout boys, my frustration with the ones I have met, and my recent relapse into dreaming about my ex; I was telling her that sometimes, despite being a relatively solitary person who enjoys time alone, I get overwhelmed with loneliness. I miss something I don't have anymore, that feeling of deep companionship.

Is Lying For Sex Rape? A Jerusalem Court Says So

Is Lying For Sex Rape? A Jerusalem Court Says So

A guy lies about his ethnic heritage to get a woman into bed. Is it rape? According to an Israeli court, it is. This week a Jerusalem court found Sabbar Kashur, 30, who is Palestinian, guilty of "rape by deception" and sentenced him to 18 months in prison. First of all, his "lie" to the Israeli woman he slept with was, if anything, a lie of omission: He said his name was "Dudu," a lifelong nickname, and she assumed he was Jewish.

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Couples Lose That Loving Feeling After 12 Years

When do couples lose that loving feeling? How many weeks, months, years into the union do eyes and hands start roaming? A new study out of the Grant Thornton accountancy group, which was based on a survey of 90 of the country's biggest family law firms, says the average is 12 years.