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Raised By A Single Mom? You May Be Doomed To Be Alone

When I announced on my blog that I didn't believe in marriage, I expected the typical reactions: Don't you want a ring and proposal? (No.) Will you ever trust your partner's commitment to you? (Yes.) What about children? (What about them?) I got those questions, along with some comments in support of my views. But what I didn't quite anticipate was that a random commenter would insinuate my beliefs were "f**ked up" because of the way I was raised.

Love Bytes: Two-Night Stands

Love Bytes: Two-Night Stands

Love Bytes -- 20 LINKS(!!!) from CafeMom, The Frisky, TresSugar, Asylum, CollegeCandy, Divine Caroline, lemondrop, Em & Lo, Huffington Post Living, Glamour, Glo, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Double X, Guyism, Aol Health, The Gloss, Betty Confidential, Reader's Digest, and an interview with Hydeia Broadbent.

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Don't Call Her Shirley! 6 Leslie Nielsen Love Lessons

Movie lovers everywhere were saddened this week by the death of beloved comic actor Leslie Nielsen, whose signature snowy hair and deadpan delivery made him an icon. Tributes to the funnyman have cropped up across the internet, and we've had a blast revisiting his amazing spoofs and parodies. Weirdly, the Naked Gun and other Leslie Nielsen movies offered great love advice.

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Would You Marry A Man With Two Months To Live?

Brett and his future bride, Laura, met in college and began dating in 2009. He was studying to be a doctor, and she is studying to be a nurse. He was diagnosed several weeks into their relationship, and the news was obviously devastating.

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Love Is An Addiction; Breakups Like Withdrawal

Breaking up is definitely hard to do, and researchers now know why that is. It seems that love is comparable to a drug addiction: It activates the parts of the brain associated with motivation, reward and addiction cravings, according to new research from Stony Brook University.

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My Abusive Ex Wants Me Back

It's tragic that he got sick just a few months after you met and you weren't able to realize the potential of your relationship. But that doesn't mean you should try to realize it now. It is, after all, a different relationship than what you had a year ago. The potential is no longer the same.

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Study Claims Attractive People Tend To Have Daughters

Bad news, ladies. Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa, an evolutionary psychologist at the London School of Economics, says that handsome men are a dying breed. According to research collected over a 53-year period, beautiful people are more likely to bear daughters, so as women populate the earth, the likelihood that the pretty ones will pass on their "attractiveness" genes to sons decreases.

Romantic Comedy Love Lessons From '90s Rom Coms

Romantic Comedy Love Lessons From '90s Rom Coms

In case you never noticed, romantic comedies from the '90s are chock-full of love lessons. It was a decade of blissfully enlightening cinema. We don't really care if these flicks are considered predictable and cliché; if you watch closely, you'll see they are brimming with life-applicable wisdom. Find out what we're talking about.