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Celebrate Earth Day: 5 Tips For Outdoor Sex

Ah, spring. Sweat, sunshine, Earth Day and jacket-less evenings of pasty limbs and exposed toes always makes us think of…outdoor sex! Here's a handy list to ensure the romp doesn't turn into a nasty public nudity ticket or unfortunate rash. How better to celebrate Earth Day than with outdoor sex? Here are 5 tips.

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I Dated My Therapist For All The Wrong Reasons

If you had brain cancer, would you date a neurologist? Would you sleep with a chiropractor to ease your chronic back pain? Around my twentieth birthday, I was hit with a sudden onset of crippling depression and anxiety. After two years, several doctors and a veritable rainbow of colored mood-altering capsules, I still felt hopeless. With no cure in sight, I fell for a psychotherapist.

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Kissable Lip Gloss: 6 Splurge Or Save Glosses

Lip gloss addiction? We're with you, but we're betting your guy wishes you would drop the sticky habit. Swap your favorite gooey gloss for one of these slick, no-stick lip glosses instead. Save or splurge on these 6 favorite kissable lip gloss picks for your pout.

9 Signs You're A Good Matchmaker

9 Signs You're A Good Matchmaker

Matchmaking is equal parts fun and tricky. One the one hand, you'd think that the equation of two lonely people plus springtime would equal eternal bliss; on the other hand, when working with two people who have a slew of separate histories, tastes and intentions, you might as well be a puppet-master attempting to manipulate Chucky and his bride. Here are our tips for playing matchmaker, so you can get two compatible people to meet without pressuring (or embarrassing) either one of them.

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Is Your Body Type In Right Now?

Two studies say Hollywood and Playboy subconsciously sculpt their ladies to fit a mold depending on the economy. According to two studies analyzing the faces and body shapes of famous actresses and models throughout the years, tough times call for ladies who look more "mature," taller, sturdier, and a bit heavier then when the economy is booming.

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The Hair Down There Was His Deal Breaker

On our first date, we ended up making out in a bar on the Lower East Side. Our second date, I invited him up to my apartment. Maybe I was moving too fast, but I didn't care. After a tough breakup, I wanted to let my hair down. Which, I discovered over the next few weeks, wasn't Tobey's thing. One night I mentioned it jokingly, and he said, "I don't mind doing that at all. If a woman is well-groomed."

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A Man's Perfect Date

On top of my general gripes with what is Wrong with dating, dates and the whole dating scene, I've thoroughly plumbed the depths of my own depravity, trying to suss out what is perhaps Wrong with me, and fully explored what is Wrong with you. But today I'm going to paint a picture of the perfect date. I don't want perfection, nor do I strive for it, but I think it could be a helpful exercise to look at what I would deem an ideal situation, from how we meet to our first date. Perhaps we'll find out I'm hopeless or unrealistic or simple in my desires and tastes. I've never really thought about exactly what I'm looking for, I've only known when I haven't found it. But I think this is what it looks like ...

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7 Things You Must Do Before A First Date

Congratulations! The upbeat, All-American-esque cutie you met last week has asked you out on date. You're pretty darn happy for yourself, but let's face it, you're also dying on the inside of nervousness. Never fear — luck is on your side, as are we. Follow our six tips for first date preparation and tell us how your night turned out:

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Everything You Need To Know About Online Dating

Online dating. Yes. We said it. And, as it so happens, we've done it, too. The once super taboo, let's-come-up-with-another-story-about-how-we-met form of meeting people is becoming ever more popular in a culture that has less and less free time and fewer real opportunities to be introduced to the right people. We do everything else online—so why not meet people there, too? To all you single-and-looking ladies out there who might think, "Uh, I'm not sure if I'm ready for that," hopefully we can help ease you into it. Because as weirded out as our parents (and even our own friends) may be by the idea, the Matches, eHarmonys, and OKCupids of the dating realm will only become ever more prevalent in the coming years, especially for working—and over-worked—professionals. What's more, your pool of singletons has grown even larger in the past year, thanks to an economy-in-shambles. With less money to spend on entertainment (and let's face it, more time at home for those unlucky enough to have lost their jobs), people are spending more and more time online than out and about. Instead of their local watering hole, singles are perusing the online personals for dates. What does this mean for you? It means you've got more talent to choose from than ever before. And when it comes to finding your match, choice means the difference between swooning and settling.