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Why Fibs Can Ruin A Relationship

In movies and media, a woman's lies are often something to laugh about. Who can't think of a wife who hides her shopping sprees or how much she charged on the credit card? We spoke with psychologists who say even the faintest of fibs can lead a relationship down a bad path. Even these little, laughable lies can erode the sense of trust and honesty in the relationship over time.

My Mom Is A Cougar

My Mom Is A Cougar

"He's fair game!" she insisted giddily, referring to my rule to not date anyone closer to my age than hers. I was more unsettled than reassured: I was a single, recent college grad at the time, and was well-versed in the ways that even the nicest-seeming guys could turn out to be royal jerks. I was afraid this young "stud" would tear my mom's heart out. But my concerns weren't all so benevolent. Wouldn't Mom's new fling be incredibly awkward for me? I got my answer the night my three younger sisters and I stopped by the party where Mom and her plus-one were canoodling in the corner.

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