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Must Your Best Friend And Boyfriend Get Along?

I love my best friend, I love my boyfriend. These two people who hold such special places in my heart should love each other like I love them. In theory, if I have enough in common with both of them to have such a strong bond with each, shouldn't the two of them also have the potential to form a real relationship with each other? It should be an all out love fest whenever the three of us get together...except it's not.

Step-By-Step Guide To Having The Money Talk

Step-By-Step Guide To Having The Money Talk

They say you’re never supposed to talk about money, but in the recession, it’s kind of hard not to. Despite a growing savings rate, there has been massive income loss and a dramatic devaluing or even obliteration of assets. For a lot of us, money is forefront and ever-present on our minds.

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For Love Of Country, Please Shag Your Partner

This July 4th, perhaps the focus for Mr. and Mrs. Politician should be more on the fireworks happening between their sheets (or lack thereof) rather than the one’s overlooking the Washington Monument. That’s right, this holiday, if you love your country then please shag your partner.

When Self-Help Books Backfire

When Self-Help Books Backfire

However, new research has surfaced that those who truly suffer from low self-esteem may not benefit from self-help books and thinking. In fact, psychologist think it makes self-esteem problems worse.

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A Day In The Life Of A Stay-At-Home Dad

When you picture a military couple, one going off to fight a war, and the other taking upon the role of the stay at home parent, society typically envisions the man going off into battle and the woman staying home to raise the children. But with nearly 20 percent of the Air Force consisting of women, men are quickly learning the challenges of being a stay at home parent. And with the military, dads aren't forced to take care of their children on their own from 9 to 5 but rather for months at a time while their wives are away on leave.

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Is 3 Months Too Soon To Move In Together?

Gollum slithered around the picnic tables in a bald wig and a loincloth. Bilbo Baggins manned the barbecue. An elf with pointy ears asked if we had any veggie burgers. My boyfriend, David, and I had not come dressed for the "Lord Of The Rings" theme for his family's annual group vacation with their friends. But costumed or not, I knew I'd be under scrutiny: I'm the first woman he'd brought along to introduce to everybody in his 26 years of attending. As Gollum lumbered by towards the card table full of key lime pies and cookie burgers, I turned to David and grinned. "Real love," I said, "is spending the weekend with your parents and their friends when everyone is dressed like Hobbits." He grinned back and we kissed. Forty-eight hours later, David and I decided that we would move in together, waking up next to each other every morning and falling asleep together every night.

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Why You Don't Have To Fear The Libido Dip

As her sister edged toward her 40th year, Deidre Fishel noticed a panic slowly building and taking hold of her. She feared the dip in libido that comes along with age. Fishel wanted to see if there was real reason to fear, or if there were older women out there bucking the myth, that they were sexless, cranky old things.

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Best of YourTango - Summer Edition

YourTango this week was busy helping you with everything from technology to marriage to death and everything in between. But in case you were too busy planning that Independence Day picnic, here's this week's best from YourTango.