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5 Sexy Summer Fashion Trends Men Love

5 Sexy Summer Fashion Trends Men Love

Harem pants, baby-doll tops, maxi dresses...men don't always understand our favorite fashion and beauty trends. But we checked the fashion forecast, and this summer is going to be hot. Here, the five summer fashion trends he'll love seeing you in.

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Breaking Up Made Me More Independent

Two years ago this June, my whole world turned upside down. During the course of a few weeks, my boyfriend of over three years broke up with me, I had to find a new apartment (a result of the breakup), and I started my first full-time job in New York City.

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How The iPad Will Change The Dating Game

Last week Time.com interviewed a group of online dating/techie types who told the publication the iPad will absolutely change the face of online dating. Experts foresee hook-up maps and online dating suggestions based on subconscious physiological responses. New-fangled iPad applications aim to help out daters. But will they?

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31 Ways To Maintain A Healthy Sex Life

Your doctor probably never told you this, but it's true: Most people can and should have sex well into old age! While menopause in women does affect sexual drive and function somewhat, there is no reason healthy men or women can't experience sexual pleasure at any stage in life. Sure, the nature and intensity of the sex may change, but the love and pleasure don't! An active sex life is good for your health at any age. Here's how to boost your libido.

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How Science Can Help Couples Stay Faithful

New York Times blogger Tara Parker Pope's book, For Better: The Science of a Good Marriage, attempts to scientifically answer why many of us cheat and some of us don't. Here are 3 ways science can help couples be faithful to one another.

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A 3-Step Guide To A Sexy Summer Fling

There have been many things I've always wanted but never had. Money. Jason Bateman's hair. A French girlfriend. A neighbor who grows pot. Skill with a ninja throwing star. I'd trade all of that, however, for a genuine summer romance. A real one—not a regular relationship that happens to begin in summer. A sweaty blur of sex on warm-weather materials (inflatable raft rubber, grass, slip-n-slide, baseball field dirt, etc), a fling that involves crisp white wine, sun-burnt shoulders, and the weird pride that comes with getting sand your orifices. Here's the thing, though! The type of summer romance I'm talking about is actually pretty easy to have, with a little coconut-scented elbow grease. And before you marrieds and coupled-offs think I'm once again giving you the shaft, what I'm about to propose includes you as well. If you're willing to get creative and get a little bit uninhibited, this ride has seats for you and your wedding vows.

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Is Infidelity In Our Genes?

Getting married can seem like such a crapshoot: Will you wind up with someone like the stalwart, not-found-anywhere-on-Earth hero of a Nicholas Sparks novel—or a guy who, down the line, reveals himself to be a total cad? And what part does genetic predisposition play? This week, the Well column in the New York Times examines the scientific factors determining the likeliness of a partner to cheat. One hot topic indeed. Specifically, reporter Tara Parker-Pope compares a handful of new studies, including one that seems to debunk the influence of what's previously been called the "infidelity" gene, a variation in the gene that regulates vasopressin—a male bonding hormone. This new study says that possessing such a glitch might lead to a less stable partnership, but it doesn't necessarily mean you're cozying up to a Tiger.