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A Crash Course In Autoerotic Asphyxiation

A Crash Course In Autoerotic Asphyxiation

Fox News' FOXSexpert Yvonne Fulbright gave us a crash course in the whos, whys, wheres and whats of autoerotic asphyxiation. WHAT IS IT: The act of cutting off yours (or your partner's) oxygen during sex or masturbation. It's also known as "scarfing" or "terminal sex." 2.) WHY PEOPLE DO IT: It is supposed to intensify an orgasm. As Fulbright writes:Practitioners say it makes for a much more intense orgasm. The people who engage in such activity feel like they're having a thrilling "high" while having sex with themselves. For couples, the power play, role playing, and trust components are a turn on — they love the feeling of being dominated, and the comfort of being with someone with whom they feel safe. The giddiness and euphoria it creates has been likened to a good alcohol buzz or drug high. 3.) WHO DOES IT THE MOST White males, aged 12-25 and women on the receiving end.

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Why The New iPhone Is The New wePhone

Yesterday, Apple premiered the latest incarnation of its smart phone line, the iPhone 3G S. Featuring a faster processor, more space and a bevy of new capabilities, the public is already buzzing about the June 19 release date. However, if you're still hesitant on whether or not to take the technological leap, here are five ways having a new iPhone may even improve your love life.

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4 Obama-Inspired Date Ideas

Another week, another date night for the First Couple. Last week President Barack Obama took his wife Michelle out on the town. And by out, he flew the two of them (and a few security) to New York City. "On the town" included a limo ride to dinner and a stop on Broadway where they saw the play Joe Turner's Come and Gone. This week the entire First Family was in Paris to commemorate, with the leaders of France, Britain and Canada, the 65th anniversary of D-Day. The Obama family was able to visit Notre Dame Cathedral on a private tour where the president lit a candle while a children's choir sang for them. Read: Obama Girls Dating? Not Without Secret Service

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Rent A Wedding Guest?

Think the tab for the typical US wedding is high? Imagine if you had to tack on an additional $200 bucks each for a group of 20 or 30 guests, whom you've never met before. It's high wedding season in Japan right now and the new trend, in the name of saving face, is to rent out wedding guests if you don't have enough real names to add to your list, reports Yoko Kubota, for Reuters.

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Why Strong Women Fantasize About Being Dominated

Imagine a woman: She has a college degree and a job, she pays for her own house and car, and she's not intimidated by any man for any reason. She's smart, independent and strong. Isn't it a puzzle, then, that she has sexual fantasies of being dominated? Actually, researchers say, it makes perfect sense.

Arranged Marriage: Not So Bad?

Arranged Marriage: Not So Bad?

The New York Times' Modern Love had a rather charming essay yesterday ("An Arranged Marriage, Then And Now") where the narrator discusses his situation in the same cool, detached Western way in which we discuss all of our bodily exchanges. He (Farahad Zama) is a "well-brought-up boy" of Indian descent who went the traditional route and agreed to marry his neighbor's daughter after only spending 45 minutes with her.I Hope My Daughter Marries... When she was presented to him, he describes her as "cute" (cute enough, we presume) and "nodded in approval." It all sounds horribly romantic. Almost in the same vain as us Westerners nod in approval to whomever we're seated next at our neighborhood bar once it reaches witching hour. So they married, have two sons, and the arrangement has (dare we say) worked splendidly. Do they disagree? Sure. Do they have their differences? Absolutely. But if given a second shot at it, would the narrator have done anything differently? No.

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7 Mistakes That Prolong The Misery Of A Breakup

In her new book, Getting Past Your Breakup, Susan J. Elliot says that a rule of No Contact with your ex is necessary to fully heal and grieve after a tough breakup. Although she understands how difficult this notion can be (she has personal experience in the department of contacting exes), she says, "in order to truly get past your breakup, you need to separate emotionally, physically, and psychologically from the relationship, and the primary way to do that is to stop talking to your ex."Read: Stay Together or Break Up? How To Decide Now

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Who's Choosier: Men Or Women?

The answer as to who, in the romance equation, is pickier when it comes to selecting a mate may come down to a question of who's doing the approaching and who's being approached, regardless of gender, finds a new study from researchers at Northwestern University.