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I Call My Lover "Daddy"—So What?

I am well aware that this predilection elicits a giant "ewwww" from most of the sex-having population, but I have always liked a little "daddy talk" in the bedroom. No, I don't want to have sex with MY father, but using the word, loaded as it is with connotations of power and taboo, gets me unapologetically hot.

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6 Unspoken Domestic Gripes Of Couples

While recently having dinner with a dear old friend who has joined the married lot, we just had to ask. Come on, we urged. Is there anything about living with your woman that drives you berserk but that you'd never tell her about?

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Best of Your Tango - Male-centric Edition

YourTango this week was all about your favorite dating accessory: Him! From men's tastes in music to their capacity to forgive, if you were paying attention this week, you now know a lot more about him. But, in case you were too busy falling ever deeper in love with your own man, here's this week's best, from YourTango.

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So Much For That: Gay Conversions Don't Work

Remember a while back when the crazy church in Connecticut exorcised a gay demon from a teen, and then put a video on it online and then members were surprised when people weren't fans of the exorcism? Well, apparently the also need to read the latest research from the American Psychological Association, CNN reports. Yes, the group that considered homosexuality a mental illness until the '70s, just released a massive 138-page report, which investigated 87 peer reviewed studies, and found that conversion therapy for gays and lesbians is not only ineffective, but also has potential to harm the individual.

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Men Ogle Women 43 Minutes A Day

Kodak Lens Vision Center conducted a survey of 3, 000 Brits and found that men check out on average 10 women a day eating up 43 minutes. Women on the other hand check out only 6 men a day and spend only 20 minutes doing so. Supermarkets ranked as the number one spot men check out women.

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Full Disclosure: His Finances, His Health

When you enter into a relationship with a man you want to know every last detail about him. His health: Is everything in check? What's his history? His finances: Is he in the black? What's his savings account look like? Is he signed on to the 401(k)? But is asking for full disclosure okay or might it suggest that you may not fully trust your new partner.

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Having Sex Vs. Making Love

Among my least favorite words and phrases in the English language are: 'date night,' 'panties,' and 'making love.' And among those, the worst offender is by far 'making love.' I've never understood why people can't just say 'having sex,' the sort of innocuous, less-pervy alternative. I mean, use whatever phrase you want with the person you're doin' it with, but in mixed company, 'making love' just reeks of things that are too private to share with others. (Am I the only one who immediately thinks of 'love juice' when I hear the term or is that a common word association?). Anyway, in case you were wondering what the difference is between 'having sex' and 'making love,' a sex-related Q&A column on MSN attempts to give the answer, after the jump.