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Kate and William

5 Royal Wedding Trends To Wear This Spring

From the moment I saw Kate Middleton step out of that car and make her way into Westminster Abbey, I knew I was witnessing an iconic style moment. Looking every bit as elegant and poised as Grace Kelly, the new princess was exquisite as she made the long walk down the aisle, donning an Alexander McQueen confection with lace sleeves and a ten-foot train, to meet her prince at the altar... OK, if the royal-wedding fashion didn't make you swoon, then we so need to find you a sense of sartorial romanticism. If you need a little help, allow me. Even beyond Princess Catherine's obvious trend-setting gown, there was a lot to love about the fashion at Friday's nuptials.

Love Bytes: American Weddings vs. European Nuptials

Love Bytes: American Weddings vs. European Nuptials

Love Bytes: 12 must-click love and relationship links. Ultimatums in relationships, women who don't regret cheating, and bad wedding traditions we'd like to see banished forever. Bartering sex for chores, dumping a booty call over text, and why women are repeating the vicious cycle of ending up in the same relationship over and over again.

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Study: A Man's Laziness Doesn't Mean He Loves You Any Less

In a new relationship, every kiss or cuddle is appreciated, cooed over, and dissected with girlfriends over brunch. But as time wears on, many of us begin to take small romantic gestures for granted, and instead focus on whether or not our partner is capable of ongoing thoughtful behavior. Does he call back when he said he would? Does he do household chores without being nagged? Does he put the toilet seat down? And if he doesn't, why not? "It's not that much effort!" we think. "Wouldn't he make it a priority to do those things if he really loved me?" Apparently, in some cases, the answer is "No."


Last Chance! Vote For YourTango Internet Week Panels

Get ready to vote. Internet Week, New York's annual collection of panels and events dedicated to the world wide web, is happening June 6 - 13, 2011. YourTango was invited to submit three panel ideas, and now we need your support. Panels are chosen based on user votes, so please cast yours now! Voting closes today.

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Poll: Can You Describe Amazing Sex In 10 Words Or Less?

YourTango.com and Zestra want to challenge you to do the near impossible: describe amazing sex in 10 words or less. I know, I know—how can one give justice to that sweat-filled moment the earth moved in such few syllables? That, dear readers, is the mega challenge but we do plan on rewarding you generously. The winner will receive $1, 000 and a trip to New York City. You have until May 23rd to shoot off your 10 words of brilliance in the comments section HERE.

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Breakups Are Like Divorce For Couples Who Live Together

Cohabiting is often thought of as a test of sorts—a chance to see if a relationship will work long-term before deciding to walk down the aisle. But even if a couple chooses not to take the plunge, entering Splitsville isn't any easier. Cohabiting breakups echo with that tough little d-word.