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9 Things To Say During A Fight

9 Things To Say During A Fight

Gretchen Rubin, Huffington Post blogger and author of The Happiness Project (forthcoming), recently compiled a list of 23 phrases that can help couples turn a verbal brawl back down to a constructive fight. Here are YourTango's top picks from that list and why we think they work so well.

Edward and Bella

Is Twilight Bad For Your Love Life?

Some of you told me I wouldn’t like Twilight, but I bought the book anyway just to see what all the hoopla was about. Well, I finally finished it, and…I appreciated the romance-factor, but I couldn’t help thinking it was giving girls the wrong idea about love and relationships. I did a feminist reading of Twilight and here’s what bugged me:

hairy guy

Would You Marry Into A Hairy Situation?

Last December, I briefly dated a guy who was on the hairy side (c'mon now, it was winter, and it was cold!). While I think that a bit of hair on a guy's chest and back is sexy, lots of hair -- we're talking fur -- is NOT. What I've found, however, is that some women LOVE hairy men.

Two professionals

Combining Work And Love: Is It Possible?

It's always tricky to mix up work and romance, but in this downturn, I couldn't ignore the very real tug of the rent, loans, bills piling up. So if I couldn't have Raj as my boyfriend, at least there was something else I might get out of this encounter: some much needed peace of mind.

having an orgasm

Sexual Arousal Oil: Helpful Or Hype?

All women deserve sexual satisfaction, and the good news is there's something on the market that will help you get it—no matter if the culprit is painful intercourse, loss of libido, or difficulty in maintaining arousal or achieving orgasm. (Of course, it's also good for kicking up the kink for any ol' vagina, orgasmically challenged or not.)

female arm with tattoo of papa

I Call My Lover "Daddy"—So What?

I am well aware that this predilection elicits a giant "ewwww" from most of the sex-having population, but I have always liked a little "daddy talk" in the bedroom. No, I don't want to have sex with MY father, but using the word, loaded as it is with connotations of power and taboo, gets me unapologetically hot.

dishes in sink

6 Unspoken Domestic Gripes Of Couples

While recently having dinner with a dear old friend who has joined the married lot, we just had to ask. Come on, we urged. Is there anything about living with your woman that drives you berserk but that you'd never tell her about?

Man playing video game

Best of Your Tango - Male-centric Edition

YourTango this week was all about your favorite dating accessory: Him! From men's tastes in music to their capacity to forgive, if you were paying attention this week, you now know a lot more about him. But, in case you were too busy falling ever deeper in love with your own man, here's this week's best, from YourTango.